US Mideast War Preparations and a Kurdish State

17 May:   Islamic State is in a state of collapse in Mosul and expected to be defeated in the next few weeks,  meanwhile strong advances have been made against Raqqa Syria. Russia has declared four safe zones for American sponsored fighters inside Syria.  

The Israeli government is expected to fall soon bringing a war on Gaza, Hezbollah and Syria with the US coalition destroying the Revolutionary Guards and bringing regime change to Iran.  Once Syrian Hezbollah  strength has been crushed the US sponsored rebels will be ready to pour out of their safe zones and overthrow the regime. 


Update 08:00 9 April:

Russia and Iran issued a joint statement today say that the recent US missile strike on a Syrian airfield in response to an accusation of a Syrian chemical weapons attack crossed “red lines,” and threatened to “respond with force” to further American military efforts in the war-torn country.  

A new joint command center of the forces of Russia, Iran and the pro-Iranian Shiite militias supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad accused America Sunday of waging aggression on Syria and crossing red lines.

The center issued this warning: “From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is [against the Assad regime] and America knows our ability to respond well,” said the statement. It was issued in response to the US missile attack Friday on a Syrian air base.

The joint command center also said the presence of U.S troops in northern Syria where Washington has hundreds of special forces helping the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to oust Islamic State was “illegal” and that Washington had a long-term plan to occupy the area

US State Secretary Tillerson is headed to Moscow this week.  


The Islamic State is all but destroyed in Iraq and preparations are underway in Syria for the end of Islamic State and a major regional war with restructuring of boundaries.  

The United States has placed a blackout on the numbers of troops headed to Syria, but several thousand are already there or in route.  In addition the US has been busy refurbishing and extending five airports into large military air bases in the Kurdish area of Syria.  

Hajar airport in the Ramelan region and two air fields in Qamishli area have been converted to military use, another military air base has been built in the Kurdish town of Kobani and a major central base is now being completed at Tabqa. Tabqa is the main assembly-point for the joint US, Kurdish, tribal Arab force that is coming together for the final Raqqa offensive.

When the work is finished, the complex of air bases will enable America to deploy twice as many warplanes and helicopters as the Russians currently have in Syria.

Trump and allies have chosen the Kurds over Turkey because of the unreliability of Turkey and the present  political situation there, as well as for other political and military considerations.  

The US has chosen the Kurds and promised them a national autonomous homeland in Syria / Iraq for their help against the Islamic State but there is much more to the calculation.  

The Kurdish region is being set up east of the Euphrates in Syria and once the Islamic State is defeated the US will oversee a referendum in northern Iraq  to establish a unified Kurdish independent state with Syrian Kurdistan.

The new Kurdish State will act as a  block between Hezbollah in Lebanon  and the Iranian Shia – while controlling nearly all of Syria’s, and much of Iraq’s oil; the Kurdish autonomous region is to be protected by a permanent American force.  

Once the Iranian regime is changed the small Kurdish area of Iran may also join the new independent Kurdistan.  

The Turkish constitutional referendum giving more powers to the president is currently scheduled for April 16th.  Regardless of the political events in Turkey, Turkey may soon be facing a new American protected, substantial and oil rich Kurdish State on her borders.

The 2,500 American airmen stationed at Incirlik Turkey are moving into the new Kurdistan air bases in Syria for the operations against the Islamic State and are to remain there permanently.  

Due to the American move out of Turkey, Germany is urgently seeking alternate bases in Jordan and or Akrotiri, Cyprus. Subsequent to this week old report Germany is now exploring talks with select countries on basing German forces.  In view of NATO forces leaving Turkey and EU unhappiness with Turkey, Turkey has threatened to withdraw from NATO.  

While Turkey may leave NATO in its present American dominated configuration, ultimately Turkey will ally with – but not be an integral part of – the now rising New Federal Europe (Psalm 83).

To establish this new Kurdish State, destroy the Islamic State and to bring regime change to Syria; a large American military force is massing in Syrian Kurdistan which will – along with the nearly 100,000 strong American trained Kurdish force – move against Raqqa and the Islamic State.  


Syria Chemical Attack  

The US Congress is very concerned about the Trump missile attack on Syria in response to the Trump claimed Syrian use of chemical weapons.  They should be, as there has been no investigation and there is absolutely no proof of responsibility yet.  

In fact the UN WMD people have been receiving reports for months that shipments of poison gas from Libya have been transported to the Al Nusrah Front by Western proxies through Turkey and Irbil, Iraq.  The Syrian claim that they bombed a Nusrah munitions depot not knowing that it contained poison gas some of which escaped; should at least be looked at in a proper investigation considering the multiple reports of such activities to the UN over the past year.

In reality the American strike had little to do with chemical weapons and was a warning demonstration to Russia not to resist the coming events while setting a precedent for further future American strikes on Syria; the chemical incident merely being a convenient excuse to strike.

Trump reported the strikes to Congress on April 8 and warned that further strikes on Syria could take place at any time.

Russia is responding by beefing up the Syrian air defenses and the Admiral Grigorovich frigate, armed with cruise missiles, has entered the Mediterranean for Russia’s base at Tartus.  


Regional War

Once US preparations are completed, the full onslaught against the Islamic State will begin and that entity should quickly collapse.

Israel will soon be ready to take out Gaza and Hezbollah with American support from its new Kurdistan bases if necessary, while the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is demolished by the US Coalition.   Also watch to see how the May 19 Iranian presidential elections and aftermath play out.

The Trump administration could easily use another accusation of chemical weapons use by Syria to deliver a very powerful blow to the Assad regime bringing a major crisis with Russia, to which Russia could respond asymmetrically; possibly in Ukraine to avoid a direct military confrontation with the US in far from Russia, Syria.

After this regional war a peace will finally be achieved, but the Israeli Extremist Settler Movement people will sabotage the peace deal and the surrounding nations including Turkey  will be moved with outrage and occupy Jerusalem and Judea [for 42 months] one last time before Messiah comes.  

It remains to be seen how the new Kurdish State and the Turkey situation will work out in the process of occupying Judea with help from the now rising New Federal Europe.

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