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The Immediate Future in Prophecy

As we approach the first of January 2018, the Netanyahu coalition is shuddering under corruption scandals and Israel may see a change in government, while a regional Middle East war is looming with Israel preparing a spring summer blitz on Gaza.  The war is expected to escalate to include Hezbollah and Iran.  President Trump and the Arab nations are pressuring the Palestinian Authority to accept a Grand Bargain for Middle East peace once the regional war is over.    

The American Financial, Military, Industrial  Establishment  wants to present the nation with a Trump [Republican] victory against Islamic Extremism including Iran, and the achievement of Middle East peace before the 2018 November mid term elections. 

What is really going on in the Middle East and where is it leading?



To properly understand what is happening in our world today and what will happen in the near future, it is essential to provide some background. 

In ancient times God led the twelve tribes of Israel out of Egypt and gave them the land of the Canaanites which we call Palestine today.  Before they entered the promised land, God informed Israel through Moses [the whole book of Deuteronomy] that possession of the land was entirely dependent on the people continually living by every Word of God. 

Some parts of the land were never fully controlled by the Israelites when they entered the land under Joshua. There is even the promise by God that some people would never be driven out if this was not accomplished by His deadline. 

Later Israel’s exclusive right to the land was lost through unbelief, and rejecting the theocratic rule of God and not keeping the law God gave them.

Judges 2:2 describes God’s message to sinning Israel. “you have not obeyed my voice, why have you done this?” The punishment is found in Judges 2:21, “I will not henceforth drive out from before them any of the nations which Joshua left when he died.” And that specifically was the Gaza Strip the area of Philistia, and the Canaanites in Lebanon.

The first verses of Judges 3 detail the peoples who would remain. “Now these are the nations which the Lord left, to prove Israel by them, even as many of Israel as had not known all the wars of Canaan.  Namely, five lords of the Philistines [the Philistines are not Canaanites], and all the Canaanites, and the Sidonians, and the Hivites that dwelt in mount Lebanon, from mount Baalhermon [Mount Hermon] unto the entering in of Hamath.”  

Others like the Hittites also remained in the land for a time.  Heth the second son of Canaan was the father of the Hittites [later called Franks by the Romans].  The Hittites lived in Hebron (Gen 23:18-20) until most of whom were driven out of Canaan by Nebuchadnezzar and eventually migrated to Asia Minor, finally founding an empire with the capital city of Troy.

Later during the reign of Solomon of the Dynasty of David, Solomon turned aside from God and fell into many sins.  Because of his sins of idolatry  God took ten tribes of Israel away from the line of David, giving them to a king from Ephraim, Jeroboam; leaving only Judah and Benjamin to the Dynasty of David in Jerusalem. 

From that time on there were wars between Israel and the Jews with the Ten Tribes of Israel falling further and further into many sins (the books of the Kings), while Judah had many bad kings and some good kings.  Finally God had had enough and according to his promises in Deuteronomy 28 God removed the Ten Tribes of Israel from off the land by the hand of the Assyrians (2 Kings 17). 

God had sent his prophets [including Elijah of Ephraim] to warn the Ten Tribes and some people would have heeded the warnings and would have fled south where they were assimilated into Judah, but the vast bulk, nearly all of the Ten Tribes of Israel, were deported from off the land by the Assyrians.   

Later the Assyrian tribes were defeated and driven north by the Babylonians of Nebuchadnezzar.  They migrated north and west into central Europe where they became know as the Allemagne, after the name of a major Assyrian tribe.  In French they were called,  “la République fédérale d’Allemagnea”  (in German they called themselves Deutschland and later “The  Bundesrepublik Deutschland”. 

Migrating with them were the Ten Tribes of Israel. 

Without going into great detail [see our articles on the subject here] the descendants of Ephraim became the modern Anglo Saxon [with some Normans] British peoples of England, Canada [with the Quebecois being from the tribe of Reuben], Australia and New Zealand; and the American Anglo Saxon Norman peoples are descended from the tribes of Manasseh and Reuben. 

Then God gave the land north of Jerusalem to a people from Mesopotamia (2 Kings 17:24),who began to be called Samaritans by the Jews since their main center was in Samaria.   

Today the native Canaanite tribes remain in Lebanon, but the bulk of the Palestinians are descendants of the Samaritans now converted to Islam or Catholicism. 

A that time God allowed Benjamin and the Jews to remain in their tribal homeland which included Jerusalem and the land south of Jerusalem.  Benjamin and Judah remained in their land for more than one hundred years longer, before God finally had them removed in the Babylonian Captivity in the days of Zedekiah. 

Later some of Benjamin, Judah and some of Levi [Levi being the Tribe of God, was scattered throughout all of Israel/Judah]  returned in the Ezra/Nehemiah restoration and from Judea sent out colonies to other areas in Palestine like Galilee, while most of these folks either remained in Babylon or spread abroad to Egypt, Greece, Rome and elsewhere. 

Finally those Jews in Palestine rebelled against the Romans in the first century and were defeated, [the Romans destroying the Temple and the city of Jerusalem for its second time] with many fleeing for safer lands, many being killed and only a few scattered communities surviving. 

From that time Judah was dispersed among the nations. 

Mohammed began preaching in about 610 A.D. and Islam swept through the Middle East and beyond.  During that time most of the Samaritans [Palestinians] who had been given the land north of Jerusalem by God, converted to Islam, while a very small number continued in their traditional religion to this day.   

Today these Samaritan people who were given the land north of Jerusalem by God to replace the apostate Ten Tribes are called Palestinians, their history confused after their conversion to Islam. 

We now come down to modern times where a great influx of adherents of modern Rabbinic Judaism have flooded into Palestine, and are struggling with the Palestinians [Samaritans] over ALL of Palestine. 

In 1947 the United Nations called for a Palestinian State and a Jewish State to divide the land of Palestine.  In 1948 Judah declared their state and was quickly attacked by Egypt and Jordan, with Jordan occupying the Palestinian West Bank and denying the Palestinians their state.  In 1967 the Jewish State took control of the West Bank from Jordan and instead of giving the Palestinians their state, began massive building of Jewish settlements on Palestinian land.


The Coming Regional War

In the coming months Israel plans a blitzkrieg against Gaza to totally destroy the Gaza militias this time around thereby opening the way for a peace deal with the Palestinians. 

This war is expected to escalate to Hezbollah resulting in the destruction of that militia and opening the way for the American backed Syrian rebels to rush out of their safe havens and overwhelm the Assad regime.

At the same time the Shia militias opposing Israel will be demolished and the American Coalition will crush the Revolutionary Guards in Iran with an intense aerial bombardment.  This conflict will be vicious, expensive and bloody but it will set the regional conditions for a grand Peace Bargain.

A great victory will be achieved over organized Islamic Extremists, while a Grand Bargain for peace in the Middle East which is heavily in Israel’s favor is concluded.  Meanwhile crises in Europe will grow until the solution of a New Federal Europe is taken seriously. 

At the appointed time a miracle working person will be set up in the Vatican and he will use his religious influence to call on the nations of Europe to join this United Europe and ten nations will respond selecting an overall political leader.


The Peace Deal

The peace deal is planned to bring great prosperity to America through internationally financed massive economic help for Israel and the Palestinians and a tremendous rebuilding project throughout the region planned to be conducted by major American Establishment companies throughout the Middle East.  The reconstruction is to be financed using donor money, most of it from international donors particularly the oil rich Arab Nations, which would flow into the coffers of American based multinational corporations. 

The plan of the Establishment has been to inflict as much damage as possible in Syria and Iraq by sponsoring the fighting, to enable major American companies to cash in by engaging in massive rebuilding, financed by international donors; which would then, along with the regular economic activities;  drive the American economy to great heights of prosperity. 


A prophecy and a sign

The whole region will rejoice and most of the world along with them, as a genuine peace resolves this intractable conflict and promises prosperity for America and much of the world.

Then, because of the wickedness of the nations, Almighty God will withdraw his blessings and protection and allow the Judeo Anglo American people to be corrected as per Deuteronomy 28, one last time.   

When the miracle working Roman Pontiff visits the Temple Mount and to the great surprise of everyone, the Extremist Jewish Settler Movement will sabotage the peace and the surrounding nations will flood into Jerusalem and Judea. 

Heavy fighting will ensue as the Palestinians, Gazans, Jordanians, Syrians, Arabs and Turks flood into Judea (Psalm 83) and the New Federal Europe will send in their forces, in the name of peace,  to secure Israeli weaponry and prevent a nuclear holocaust and to stop the bloodshed.

The Jews in Palestine will be separated into ghetto neighborhoods awaiting deportation and the people of the surrounding nations (Psalm 83) will be so grateful that they will ally with the New Europe and abandon the Petrodollar. 

Suddenly America will lose the vast rebuilding projects which will go to the New Europe making them immensely wealthy while American and the nations dependent on the Petrodollar slide into economic collapse.


As for America

  1. The Arabs will join with Europe and abandon the Petrodollar while hiring European countries to do the unimaginably massive and very lucrative rebuilding throughout the region.
  2. With the collapse of its currency and the loss of its expected huge earnings; during the first winter America will lose economic traction and conditions will begin to decline,  
  3. Then during the first spring/summer as the economy fails, a severe drought will gripe the nation,  
  4. Large numbers of recent immigrants – many very wealthy – from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and elsewhere, will leave the country taking their wealth with them,  
  5. During the second winter a population weakened by a lack of proper nutrition due to the drought and the inability to import provisions, will be susceptible to epidemic diseases greater than the Spanish Flu and other such disasters.  
  6. The second summer will be worse than the first, and riots over food, race and other issues will set America ablaze. 
  7. In the third year the New Federal Europe will attack the nations of Asia and they will counterattack sweeping through the Middle East to Jerusalem.
  8. The third winter will be worse than the second with even greater malnutrition and many more dying.  
  9. Then after the sixth seal has been opened, the first 144,000 [see the 144,000 article] will be called out; 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, to witness that the Eternal is God and if they would only trust and obey him, he would save them.  
  10. This 144,000 scattered throughout the nations of Israel will be witnessing as the New Europe goes to attack Asia and the Seven Trumpet Plagues are poured out according to the preaching of God’s Two Witnesses, sometime into the third year.  
  11. Then after the final winter God will allow his Two Servants to be killed and then the seventh Trumpet will begin to sound and these two along with all God’s chosen, will rise to life eternal as spirit.
  12. This will be seen by all the earth and the Gentile rulers will be angry, but the nations of Israel will remember the preaching of God’s Two Servants and the preaching and witnessing of the first 144,000, and they will see the plagues and heavenly signs; and they will humbled and will be ready to turn to the Eternal seeking his deliverance.  
  13. A few days later after the Wedding Feast of the resurrected, in heaven (Rev 15, 19), and the pouring out of the seven last bowls of plagues, Messiah the Christ will come WITH his chosen (Jude 1:14) and will deliver both Israel and all of humanity from bondage to Satan and sin.  
  14. Then Judah and Israel will again be united and will welcome their Deliverer with great rejoicing; and the resurrected king David will rule a united Israel/Judah!  While Messiah will be King of all kings over all the earth!

This 42 months of famine, disease epidemics, riots and economic collapse will be accompanied by other natural disasters, one of the chief being great earthquakes which will be so great as to change the surface topography of the earth. 


The Aftermath 

When Messiah comes he will gather Israel and Judah back to Palestine where they will be ruled by the resurrected David. 

All of the land from Egypt to the Euphrates will then be given to a reunited Israel which will return to the land to live under the righteous king David, and the surrounding nations which had afflicted Judah for 42 months will become protectorates of the united Israel.

The Palestinians [Samaritans] who remain after the Asian armies have flooded through the land will be a very few and the problems will be solved by Messiah the King of kings; because all Israel, all Judah and all of the Palestinians will obey him and will turn to live by every Word of God the Father, being filled with the Holy Spirit of God (Joel 2:28). 

Indeed all humanity will turn to live by every Word of God  (Zech 2:11, 8:22-23).

Zechariah 14:16 And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles.

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