Preparing the Way of the Lord

The Great Tribulation

A Playlist of talks on events leading up to the coming of Messiah the Christ. Our book “Tribulation and Deliverance” is an excellent comprehensive study of key tribulation and millennial prophecies.

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Underscoring the volatility of the region, within hours of posting Track 1 on 11/11/2018, Israel broke the ceasefire with Hamas.  

A general Middle East War is expected sometime soon, which conflict will reset regional conditions enabling a genuine peace dialogue. 

The “Peace and Safety” track is mainly current events between Israel and Hezbollah/Syria, the inevitability of conflict and the achievement and immediate failure of the prophesied peace and safety. 

Regular posting is presently scheduled to begin in summer 2019.

Follow up to Track 1: Netanyahu and Trump’s plans for the Middle East.

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