The End of Islamic State

Iraqi forces have the remnants of Islamic State surrounded at the Mosque in West Mosul’s Old City.  The battle which was expected to end within days is being slowed by large numbers of civilians still in the area.  Elsewhere in Iraq, Iraqi forces and militias have liberated most of the countryside with only the immediate area of Haditha remaining in ISIS control.  

As the ISIS crumbles in Iraq the final push against them has begun in Syria.  

The US Special Forces have set up a forward base at Al-Zukf in the Syrian Desert 70 km  (36 Miles) northwest of the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border triangle and the Al Tanf crossing into Jordan, which is controlled by US, Western allied and Jordanian special forces, together with a US-trained Syrian rebel unit, which calls itself the Revolutionary Commando.  

This combined Coalition army is a blocking force inside Syria on the Jordanian border to prevent the escape of any Islamic State people to the south.  The second US objective is to liberate the key town of Abu Kamal, 200 km (120 miles) northwest of Al-Tanf, from Islamic State control.  

Syrian forces are also moving in against the ISIL  The Syrian Army’s 4th armored division has entered the southern Syrian town of Daraa. The division is equipped with Russian-made T-90 tanks and accompanied by its high command, headed by Bashar Assad’s younger brother, Gen. Maher al-Assad.

Further north, Iranian al-Qods chief, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Syrian and Iraqi militias, crossed into Syria from Iraq along with his operations staff. They joined the Palmyra-based command and control of a large Syrian force, which is heading out of the town in two columns for  – Deir ez-Zor, which is surrounded by Islamic State forces, and Abu Kamal, which is under ISIS control. Elements of Russian elite forces and Hezbollah are fighting along with the Syrian troops.  

As the [Kurdish] Syrian Democratic front and US forces advance from  the East, North and  South to the  east bank of the Euphrates,  Syrian forces are advancing from the West towards the Euphrates River which is the agreed separation line between the advancing armies.  

How long this final battle against the ISIS in Iraq / Syria will take is not clear, what is clear is that the ISIS is now at the point of total defeat in Iraq / Syria, although with the head cut off various international tentacles may react convulsively.   This battle might grind slowly for a few more months but the Islamic State might also suddenly collapse under the weight of coordinated attacks from all sides.


The Aftermath

Donald Trump is waiting for the anti Islamic State campaign to mature in Syria / Iraq before presenting him Middle East Peace Initiative.  

Once the Trump initiative is ready it is unlikely that the far right parties in the Israeli coalition will support it and Netanyahu could call an election in the hopes of gaining a more stable mandate while postponing any serious peace talks during the election process.

During this election process which could take up to four months Netanyahu is expected to follow up on the defeat of the Islamic State with a move against the Gaza militants  and Hezbollah to the north.  With the destruction of Hezbollah and much of Syria’s remaining strength destroyed, the US – Sunni – Israeli rebels will be in a position to rush out of their safe havens and overthrow the Assad regime.

At the same time the American Arab Coalition is at the ready to demolish the Iranian Revolutionary Guards freeing the moderates from IRG domination.  That Coalition has already begun its anti Iran move by sealing off Iranian ally Qatar.

The coming Israeli  war is likely to be expensive and bloody for Israel and whether Netanyahu retains the premiership or not the new coalition will be a peace making coalition and will engage in a genuine dialogue for peace as per Trump’s Peace Initiative.  

As peace and safety is achieved a charismatic religious leader will appear in the Vatican calling for the countries of Europe to join a New Federal Europe.  The plans for this New Federal Europe are already in existence only the will to come together is needed.  

To bring this New World Order to life there will have to be a growing crisis especially in EU – US relations.  To accomplish this US President Donald Trump is doing all he can to antagonize Europe.  

At the right time a miracle  religious leader will be set up in the Vatican (Dan 12:11-12)  and will use his influence (Rev 13:14)  to call for the nations to join this new system and ten nations will join a New Federal Europe  as a counterbalance between East and West; in the name of peace.  This miracle worker having brought the long awaited New World Order into existence will then go to the Temple Mount at Jerusalem about 75 days after being set up, and the 400,000 or so far right Settler Movement folks will sabotage the peace deal.  At that point a 42 month occupation of Jerusalem will begin followed immediately by the occupation of the Jewish State (Psalm 83, 1 Thess 5:3, Dan 12:7 times, time and half a time is 1,260 days).  

As the Arab States ally themselves with the New Europe and abandon the US and its dollar, economic collapse will come to the United States and dollar dependent countries.  

In the third year of its existence the New Federal Europe will go out to attack Russia and Asia;  Asia will parry the strike and counterattack,  This time of Great Tribulation will end with the coming of Messiah the Christ. 

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