The Coming Mideast Regional War; Plans and Consequences

UPDATE 26 JAN 2013:  The insurgents have set up enclaves in northern Syria,  the Patriots are now operational in Turkey; the Israeli elections are a virtual tie with Netanyahu calling for a broad unity government, in preparation for a pre-emptive war on Hezbollah, to destroy that entity before the confusion surrounding the collapse of Syria makes WMD unsecurable.

Update 22 Nov 2012:   The Israeli elections are now scheduled for Jan 22nd and the parties are holding their primaries to decide candidate lists. If the coming war breaks out before Jan 22nd, Israel would postpone the elections for a month or two.

War preparations are now accelerating with Patriot missiles due to be operational in Turkey by mid December and US forces being rushed into Sinai to seal off the Egyptian border with Gaza and Israel. US forces are also being built up around Syria.

At this juncture it appears that the plan is for the new Syrian government in exile to be moved into Northern Syria in mid to late Dec and to be declared under the protection of a No Fly Zone defended by the Patriots.

The US and allies may then respond to a request by the new government of the “liberated” areas, as in Libya, and launch air strikes against Syria, which would result in Syrian missile retaliation against Israel.

In that case Hezbollah and Hamas would be caught up in a massive Israeli response, while the US and Allies complete the job in Syria and change the regime in Iran.

However this unfolds; the regional realities will be changed to bring a genuine dialogue for peace as per 1 Thess 5:3.

The Coming Mideast Regional War; Plans and Consequences

The war with Iran will likely begin with foreign intervention in Syria. Iran has repeatedly stated that the alliance of Syria, Hezbollah, Palestinian Militants and Iran; will attack Israel, and those attacking Syria, in response to any foreign attack on Syria.

Yesterday’s UN General Assembly vote on a symbolic resolution condemning Syria was meant to set the bulk of world opinion in favour of the soon coming attack on Syria.

While the vote appeared to pass by an enormous majority, if one examines the countries voting, one immediately finds that those nations voting against the resolution, or those abstaining for fear of repercussions from the West; represent a very large majority of the world’s population.

Those voting for the resolution were largely US allies or those dependent on US aid and support.

An attack on Syria could come soon after the UNSC Observers leave Syria on Aug 19th.

The attack on Syria will follow the similar pattern of all such attacks, with the demolition of Syrian communications and air defenses along with its heavy weapons systems and probable Special Forces seizing WMD sites.

The Syria Iran alliance will then respond and a vicious regional war will begin

The attack on Iran will use the excuse of “self defense” because everyone knows that these allies have the right to attack Syria with impunity, right?

The attack on Iran is planned to begin with massive bombing of missile launching sites; and scores, perhaps hundreds of Tomahawk missiles attacking Iran’s defensive concentrations, command and control facilities, and intelligence capabilities.

They say “We will attack from everywhere in the globe from which we can field such weapons including bases in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and ships in the Mediterranean. The weapons will be precise and highly lethal. Casualties among bystanders would be minimal [!]”

The attack on Iran will be an open ended attack designed to destroy the Revolutionary Guards hopefully within one month. The IRG are the main pillars of the regime; of course using extreme caution not to harm Iranian civilians.

When the IRG have been properly reduced, a national “grass roots” revolution is planned which has been organized by the American “National Endowment for Democracy” and other such groups over the past several years.

The Iranian regular military may be forced to take over in the power vacuum left by the IRG and then sue for peace in the same manner that WW 1 and the war against Serbia ended.

IRG installations and symbols of the regime will be attacked, as well as regular military heavy weapons, air defenses and the air force. Included as targets in the first wave of attacks will be Iranian infrastructure including power generation and water supply. The oil industry will also be a primary target. The destruction of Iran’s infrastructure is intended to lead to the fall of the regime.

Strategic weapons will be next: including the recently upgraded 30,000 pound GBU 57 bunker buster (including 5,000 pounds of explosive) that can, presumably, penetrate 300 feet down.

Attacks by marines on coastal defenses with a possible invasion of Khuzestan province opposite Kuwait may take place.

The American goal will be to change the regimes in both Syria and Iran while the Israelis destroy Hezbollah and the Gaza militants.

An attack exclusively targeting Iran’s nuclear program will only set it back a year or two; therefore a new regime that will bow to US demands and allow itself to be dominated as part of the US alliance system is the goal.


While the conflict is ongoing, no civilian shipping will want to be anywhere near the Strait of Hormuz or the Persian Gulf. That will produce an economic crisis in Asia, that will spread to Europe and around the world, with the US in the best position to weather the storm as they have long been preparing.

Together with the already serious Euro crisis, this new crisis will push Europe to an economic precipice, resulting in a political crisis that will beg for a strong man with answers.

A new Pope is expected soon in the RC church who will be empowered to do miracles and who will use his religious charisma to call for a new order in Europe amounting to a revival of the Holy Roman Empire system.

The New Europe will look much like the United States; with semi autonomous countries [states] and one leader having control over the military, foreign policy and the economy.

At the same time an Israel stunned by heavy missile attacks on her main cities, will be ready for a regional peace deal, which will be feasible because of the destruction of the Palestinian militants and the new regimes in Syria and Iran being willing to sign on to such a regional peace.

Then come the peace enforcers to protect all sides and enforce the deal. The defeated Palestinian militants will be out of the picture and all the people of the region will want peace: Except one group!

The far right Jewish extremists!

They will sabotage the peace; resulting in the fulfillment of 1 Thess 5:3!

Regardless of who this abomination is, or what year he is set up; the tribulation will begin in about 75 days from the day that this wicked man appearing as a great peace maker, is set up in the Vatican. When he goes to the Holy Mount and the peace is sabotaged; the peace enforcers will go to work against Judea, Jerusalem and their allies.

Once he is set up, this final climactic false prophet will be destroyed by Jesus Christ at his coming, at the end of 1,335 days, Dan 12:11

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