Israel Preparing for Multi Front War

Israel to hold nationwide war exercise from Sunday to Wednesday to prepare the public for an expected multi front war. 230,000 rockets aer expected to strike Israel as she destroys the Hamas Military Wing, Gaza militants and Hezbollah.  The war is also expected to involve Iran and quite possibly bring an east west confrontation if Russia responds by action in Ukraine. 

This conflict will be followed up by a big peace push and the setting up of a pope in the Vatican doing miracles and bringing a new federal Europe to life.

Hundreds of Israelis are expected to die in the looming conflict and the exercise is preparation for all out war including attacks on multiple fronts simultaneously, namely Gaza, Lebanon, the Syrian Golan Heights and Iran.  

Russia and the US have now agreed to ceasefires with the many militant groups in Syria in order to focus on destroying the Islamic State and the Al Nusrah Front. 

Obama took the decision for this agreement because he has reportedly committed himself to demolishing the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria by the end of the year. 

The final anti IS offensive is scheduled to begin in October, and as they go down the IS is expected to launch attacks on Israel from Gaza and do what they can to attack in the US and Europe. 

Israel is preparing for a massive multi front regional war which could now begin at any time as the Islamic State collapses. 

The long expected Israeli regional war appears to be coming in a matter of months if not weeks, depending on how quickly the ISIL strikes out at Israel. 

When the Islamic State attacks Israel from Sinai and or Gaza, Israel is at the ready to enter Gaza and totally demolish all militant groups there.  That conflict will quickly spread to Hezbollah in the North and the US Coalition is expected to bomb the Revolutionary Guards in Iran and facilitate a revolution in that nation.

Even before Israel and America signed the defense aid deal in Washington Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu visited the Gaza border region on Wednesday morning and received intelligence and operational briefings from the IDF chief of staff, Lieut. Gen. Gady Eisenkot, as well as the head of the Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir, and the commander of the Gaza Division.

The prime minister was accompanied by members of the Security Cabinet  Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

Israel has been bombing Syrian forces on a regular basis in support of Israeli backed rebels inside Syria recently and the situation is deteriorating. Syria – with Russian consent – has now warned Israel that will shoot down intruding aircraft. 

Moscow tells Israel to back off on its attacks on SyriaThe Israeli attacks have come after an Israeli backed militia fired mortars into Israel to be blamed on Syria and used to justify Israeli bombings of Syria. 

On Tuesday two US warplanes headed towards Iran were contacted and told to change course or be shot down. 

On Wednesday the US flew two B-1 Bombers to South Korea over the NK nuclear weapons program which is a surrogate Iranian program.  

Thursday Israeli soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade, currently stationed in the north, conducted a large-scale combat exercise in the Golan Heights intended to simulate an operation on the Syrian side of the Golan

After this conflict a big peace and safety (1 Thess 5:3) push will begin. 

There is going to be a military crisis in the world which will bring a plan for a New World Order, placing a strong independent Europe as a balance between east and west. This has been plotted by the Judeo Anglo American establishment for decades now, and they expect to control this new entity; however God will intervene and the scriptures will be fulfilled.

The New World Order plan already exists, at least on paper, but it will be this miracle worker which will cause the nations to agree to the plan.

The New Europe will probably be given the massive quantities of American military supplies already prepositioned in Europe, making Europe an instant superpower while seriously reducing American military strength.

A pope will be seen as a great man of peace and will be looked to as an ultimate moral authority by nearly all religions including Muslims, mainstream Judaism and professing Christians.  He will call for a new order in Europe and bring together 10 nations in a new federal Europe system.

This new Europe being a Catholic creation will be allied to all the Catholic nations including Latin America, and will also quickly become allied with Turkey and the Islamic nations (Psalm 83) except for Egypt which will remain in the Judeo American orbit for a very short time longer.

Along with the rise of Europe there will be a general peace deal which will include the Middle East. This peace deal will bring many peacekeepers into Palestine and around Jerusalem from various nations including a strong Turkish contingent (Psalm 83).

When peace and safety is declared and this pope goes to the temple mount approximately 75 days after being set up in the Vatican doing miracles, the Settlement Movement Jews will sabotage the deal.

Mainstream Judaism will approve the peace deal but the minority Settler Movement people will sabotage the peace.

The Fifth Book of Moses tells us plainly that possession of the land is entirely dependent on living by every Word of God, which neither Israel nor the Jews do today.

God tells us that because of our sins God will give us over to the enemy for our correction.

When the peace is broken the Turks and neighboring nations will pour into Jerusalem and Judea, because God has given them over to severe correction (Psalm 83).

There will be a tremendous bloodbath as Palestinians enraged after decades of mistreatment give out much more than they received.

The New Europe will be forced to act in the name of peace to secure the Israeli nuclear weapons and main military sites, and the mainstream Jews might well beg Europe to stop the blood bath.

European forces will secure areas and herd Jews into those ghettos for their own safety, and will begin to deport them from Palestine to other nations at the insistence of the Palestinians, Turks and local nations, completely reversing the Jewish movement into Palestine of the past one hundred years.

Despite the slaughter and deportations, many Jews will remain in Jerusalem and Judea when Messiah comes 42 months after Jerusalem first falls.

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