Iran’s Master Plan to Destroy Israel

Iran’s Master Plan

Rather than seeking a decisive victory, the plan is to draw Israel into a three front war which will be so bloody, expensive and exhausting that large numbers of Israelis will emigrate out of the region and Israel will agree to terms.  

Iran has been busy sponsoring training and equipping a strong force of Shia Militias which has been fighting the Islamic State in cooperation with Hezbollah.  

Once the now collapsing Islamic State is largely defeated, these militias along with strong elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are to be positioned alongside Hezbollah on the Israeli border.  It is planned to supply them from Iran through a Shia corridor from Iran to Lebanon cared out by these militias in their anti IS fight.  

To counter this the United States is building up a blocking force in the Syrian Iraqi Kurdish areas including no less that five major air bases and thousands of Kurdish militia fighters accompanied by hundreds of American Special Forces.  

Meanwhile Israel has been training and preparing for this multi front war for years.  As many a 180,000 rockets are expected to fall on Israel from Gaza and Lebanon in addition to thousands of powerful missiles from Iran.  To counter this Israel has been put under the American European Missile Defense Command and a massive missile defensive system is at the ready.

The Islamic State is now at its breaking point as the Syrian Army is set to liberate Deir Ez-Zor and the Homs IS occupied area, while the US backed Kurdish force complete the liberation of Raqqa City.


Phase One 

Phase one is a Palestinian uprising or Intifada, to draw Israel into committing tens of thousands of troops – perhaps as many as one hundred thousand – to hold the West Bank.

This Phase appears to be in the beginning stages, as Israel is approving the building of large numbers of illegal Jewish housing units in locations which will interfere with Palestinian neighborhoods access to the Temple Mount.  

Recent Temple Mount security measures after a terrorist attack – apparently that attack was designed to get these events moving –  has brought the anticipated demonstrations by the Palestinians and sympathy demonstrations in Gaza, Turkey and Jordan.


Phase Two  

Once a large number of Israeli troops are occupied in the West Bank and Jerusalem, war between Israel and Gaza is planned.  An attack is anticipated by Gaza in sympathy with the Palestinian demonstrations, which will fulfill the needed provocation for the coming invasion.

There is no hope of an immediate victory by Hamas or the Gaza militants, instead the operation is designed by the Iranian, Hezbollah, Syrian, Hamas joint headquarters, to tie down another one hundred thousand or more Israeli troops.  


Phase Three  

Once a very large number of Israeli troops are tied down in the West Bank and Jerusalem and tens of thousands more Israelis are occupied in Gaza phase three is to begin.  

Phase three is war in the north where tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters backed by many thousands more Iranian supported Shia militias, both battle hardened from fighting the Islamic State will descend on the Galilee under cover of tens of thousands of rockets.

Israel has not been sleeping and is prepared, the rocket defense systems will not be able to handle all the incoming projectiles and plans are in place to evacuate the Galilee since Aug 2012.  See:  Israel Ready to Evacuate Coastal Plain Vulnerable, to Shomron

While Israel defends the Galilee and invades Lebanon and the Syrian Golan to destroy Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Shia fighters, the American and Kurdish forces will block further reinforcements from Iran.  

The American led Coalition is also expected to bomb the Revolutionary Guards and Shia militias inside Iran, breaking that nation’s government free from IRG domination.  

Once Hezbollah is shattered and the remaining power of Syria is crushed the US backed rebels will be in a position to take over at least a large part of Syria; either changing the regime or forcing it into a Shia enclave around Latakia. 

This war will be very costly, dramatic and bloody, but victory over the Gaza militants, Hezbollah and the Shia militias is certain.  

In the circumstances Russia  will be able to do nothing, and may consider pressuring Europe or Ukraine as a countermeasure.  

Along with this conflict a change in government is being planned for Israel as Lapid and Gabbay negotiate a deal to bring down the present coalition and form a new peace making government; at the same time the Palestinians are also likely to form a new government.

This along with new governments in Syria and Iran will open the way for a regional peace agreement as prophesied by Daniel (Dan 8:25) and Paul (1 Thess 5:3).  


Of course Israel will have her own plans designed to nullify the opponents plans.

Look for this war to possibly take place in the spring/summer of 2018.

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