Donald Trump, Economics and the Future of America

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American president Donald Trump is about to sign an executive order to build a 2,000 mile long wall on the border with Mexico, using shrill rhetoric to claim that the wall is needed to stop hordes of illegal Mexican immigrants.  

What are the facts?  

More than 90% of Mexican illegals enter the US with valid visas and become illegal by overstaying their visa period.  Only a very tiny fraction enter by land.  

With the advent of NAFTA [the North American Free Trade Association] Mexican immigration to the US has trickled to a virtual halt with more Mexicans leaving the US than entering for the past ten years.  On balance there has been virtually NO Mexican immigration to the US for the past ten years.  Why?  Because NAFTA resolved illegal Mexican economic immigration by creating jobs in Mexico and removed the immigration incentive.  

Trump is demanding that Mexico pay for the unneeded wall and if they refuse he will place a a 20% tax in imports from Mexico.  Who is really going to pay for this boondoggle?  Just think; who will actually pay that 20% import tax?  Why the importers, the American taxpayers; NOT the Mexicans.  

Why the wall?  

The expenditure of upwards of ten billion to 20 billion dollars will put many Americans to work and give an impression of prosperity; and billions of dollars will pass through the hands of Trump’s establishment friends.  

The wall is not because of any need now, the wall is to stem the flow of migrants AFTER Trump trashes NAFTA.  

Trump has already demanded a renegotiation of the Trans Pacific Partnership which is already highly advantageous to America, not a very bright move because the other parties are now seriously thinking about forgetting the US and opening up the Pacific to China.  

Trump is also planning to demand a renegotiation of NAFTA which already is highly advantageous to America, and the other parties will have real problems giving Trump what he wants; complete domination by Trump. 

Trump is trying to use the same  bullying domineering tactics he used in his business affairs but they will not work on the international scene.  When he says that others must respect America he means that everyone must bow to him.  

Trump is trying to apply his previous business practices to save an unsavable economic situation in America and is only making matters worse.

When Trump went bankrupt in the US all sides used the same dollar currency, but in international affairs this will not work.  As soon as an alternative to the petro-dollar is available, other nations will refuse to bow to bullying and will simply abandon the dollar, and Trump’s bullying will  ultimately isolate and bring America to her knees.  

Remember that America is a debtor nation owing trillions to other nations who would be only too glad to find an alternative to the petro-dollar.

Trump may bring an illusion of prosperity to America for a year or two, but watch for a crisis in the Middle East and Europe resulting in the rise of a  New Federal Europe, which will enter alliances with the Latin American and Islamic nations, creating a powerful system and currency which will replace the US Dollar and bring the US to economic collapse in a very few years.  

Woe is America if a state of emergency is declared and Trump becomes dictator; as has happened again and again in nations through history.

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