Dating the Coming of Christ

Over the coming months I will be updating the prophecy books studies at our Bible Studies site.  In this post I will be placing links to the three articles Daniel 8, Daniel 9 and Ezekiel 4 – 5 which have already been updated. 

The Daniel 8 study on the 2,300 Day prophecy reveals that  Messiah the Christ would come to cleanse the sanctuary and build the Ezekiel Temple 2,300 years [at a day for a year] after the empire of Alexander was divided into four parts.  That happened in approximately 280 B.C. and counting forward 2,300 years brings the coming of Christ in early 2022. 

The problem with this date is the word “approximately,”  because in fact pin pointing the precise date that Alexanders empire was divided into four parts is impossible and with the start of the count not precisely known, any count could be in error by a year or more.  Therefore the coming of Christ in early 2022 is only a general, vague, ball park date, and is not a set in stone firm precise date.  it is an approximation only.

We must now look for confirmation of the Daniel 8 2300 day prophecy in holy scripture and we find it in the Ezekiel 4 – 5 forty year prophecy. 

God reveals to Ezekiel that in the latter days he would protect the Jewish state for forty years before giving her over to severe correction.  we all know that independence came in 1948 which is much longer than forty years ago so what does this forty years of protection mean? 

In October 1978 a peace treaty was agreed between Egypt and  the Jewish state with the United States [the Anglo Saxon peoples of America being one of the ten tribes of Israel]  guaranteeing the security of the modern Jewish state against all enemies.

The treaty was actually signed on ‎26 March 1979, and became effective ‎January 1980.  IF this peace treaty is what is meant by the 40 year prophecy, then the tribulation could begin in either late 2018, 2019 or 2020 depending on the date used; either the agreement, or the signing date or the effective date. 

Daniel 9 tells us that this tribulation or Time of Jacob’s trouble will last for 42 months; if we add forty years plus 42 months for the tribulation to the peace treaty between the Jewish state and Egypt we arrive at 2022, 2023 or 2024 for the coming of Christ. 

This week US president Trump has declared the DPRK nuclear threat resolved.  Next on the agenda is Iran to be followed by his Middle East peace plan. 

After the dust has settled from the looming Mideast regional war and new governments are in place, Trump is to release his peace plan which will be a call to a genuine dialogue for peace guided by a list of parameters put together by the Trump team. 

The peace talks could then take months to reach an agreement.  Together with the regional war it could easily take a year or more [from today] for a peace deal to be concluded.

Since the date of 2018 for the onset of the tribulation has almost arrived and the required Mideast peace deal (1 Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15) is still many months away, it is fair to say that the tribulation will not begin in 2018 and that Christ will not come in 2022.   

That leaves us with very little time before a peace is achieved and the 42 month tribulation begins,  Messiah the Christ will come 42 months later.

The Fall of America-  Once the Middle East peace deal is made after the looming Middle East conflict, God will withdraw his blessings and protection from the Judaeo Anglo Saxon peoples for our wickedness and the man of sin will be set up in the Vatican. 

Then when the man of sin goes to the holy place (Mat 24:15) within three months of being set up doing miracles, the extremist Jewish Settler Movement folks will sabotage the peace deal triggering a massive Palestinian uprising in both the West Bank and by Palestinian residents of Israel. 

Beginning with the occupation of Jerusalem, the armies of local nations [Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the Arab nations and Turkey] outraged by the collapse of the peace plan, will rush in, and the Jewish State from which God has withdrawn his blessings and protection will be in extreme jeopardy. 

Besides Jerusalem, the uprising will likely begin with a Palestinian uprising against the settler outposts that the Settler Movement refuses to give up and then will envelope Israel itself.  These outposts will fall like over ripe fruit with massive bloodshed, which massive bloodshed will quickly spread. 

The Jewish State may then elect to implement “The Sampson Option” [see more here] by nuking the Middle East.

Remembering that the King of the South is Egypt AND Judah; this Israeli move towards a nuclear attack is the provocation against Europe (Dan 11:40) that will bring an essential intervention by the New Federal Europe in the name of peace.  To stop the bloodshed they will have no choice but to intervene 

The New Federal Europe and its spiritual leader will be seen by all the world as a wonderful peace bringing entity, and will convince the whole world to look to them as great moral leaders of a new age of peace.  

When Europe helps them and saves them from a nuclear nightmare; the nations of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the Arab nations will joyfully enter into an alliance with Europe (Psalm 83). Then the present trade war tactics that Trump has been using will come back on him big time. 

Even if the present US EU trade war is resolved at next week’s G7,  once the now rising New Federal Europe occupies the Jewish State and the Middle East nations head towards Europe, Trump is likely to try to save the Petrodollar by trying to resume economic pressure against Europe.

Trump’s Middle East peace plan will fail, and coupled with his “trade war” on Europe, Trump’s policies will result in the downfall of America.   

Because the Europeans will run out of patience with Trump’s bully boy tactics, the deliverance of the nations of Psalms 83  by Europe [Assur (Germany, Austria and Hungary)] will open the door for Europe and the Middle East to abandon the Petrodollar and rally around the Euro or whatever currency that the New Europe adopts. 

To do business with the European Middle Eastern alliance, or to buy energy from the Middle East or products from Europe, other nations will jump on the bandwagon also abandoning the US Dollar. 

The US and the Anglo Saxon nations based on the US Dollar will quickly fall into economic collapse and escalating cascading catastrophes over the next 42 months (Dan 12:7) until they have been humbled and are ready to accept the King of kings when he comes.

We must be very careful not to get carried away when this war comes, because a peace deal still has to be made and ratified which might be very quick or it might take many more months. 

As always be vigilant and also be careful to wait for all the signs. 

  • When a Mideast peace deal is being finalized,
  • When this man of sin is set up and doing miracles in the Vatican,
  • When he calls for a New Order in Europe and
  • Then schedules his trip to Jerusalem and
  • God’s two are set up after the abomination is set up;

When these key signs are fulfilled, we can know that the tribulation is imminent.  While we wait, it is extremely important that we prepare by seriously studying doctrine of Holy Scripture and by turning away from idolizing men and corporate organizations to live by every Word of God; in the hope of being chosen for the resurrection/change.

Please visit the many articles at this site for more on these last days, the coming of Christ and the glorious new age he will establish. 

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