Catholic Push to Force Europeans to Work on the Biblical Sabbath, Observe the Day of the Sun

Greece must introduce a six-day working week, or lose its bailout money,
Greece’s creditors said, according to a letter leaked to the Guardian
and published September 4.

The Guardian reported that the letter “orders the government to extend
the working week into the weekend.” It was sent last week to Greece’s
finance and labor ministries. An excerpt from the letter published by
the Guardian called on the government to “increase the number of maximum
workdays to six days per week for all sectors.”
The letter is from the “troika”—Greece’s three main creditors who
oversee its bailout program: the European Commission, the European
Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. They also called for
Greece to take several other steps to make working hours more flexible
and to cut labor market regulation.
Their demand for a six-day week would mean that workers would be pushed
to work on Saturday, not Sunday. Greek law already forbids working on
Sunday. It states: “Employees are entitled to a minimum continuous
period of rest of at least 24 hours per week, including Sunday as a
rule, depending on the labor law provisions in force for each category
of employees,” according to the European Commission’s website (emphasis
added throughout).
If the working week is extended to six days, this law will almost
certainly remain in force. Government and major private employers                                                                    could soon be demanding a six-day work week to include the Biblical Sabbath                                                        from most Greek workers. If someone tries to stick to his religious
principles by working on Sunday and resting on Saturday, it would be

THis must be taken with the understanding that a revival of a Roman Catholic                                                   church state, Holy Roman Empire style of governance, is fast rising in a central                                                  core of Europe which will be surrounded by satelite nations
Catholic bishops have been working to introduce similar laws across the
EU, robbing Europe’s citizens of the choice of which day they rest. They
have tried several times to change Europe’s Working Time Directive,
which says that all European workers must have at least one rest day a
week, to say that all EU workers must take that rest day on Sunday.
They continued this push in July, when European religious leaders held
their annual meeting with the presidents of EU institutions. Monsignor
Gianni Ambrosio, vice president of the Commission of the Bishops’
Conferences of the European Community, called for the EU mandated Sunday
worship to encourage stable families and help combat Europe’s
demographic crisis. “Especially for the family, for the spiritual life
of its members and for human relations, both inside the family and with
relatives and friends, the common Sunday rest is of fundamental
importance,” he said.
In March, the Catholic Church and trade unions across Europe joined up
in what the church called a “holy alliance” to call for governments to
enforce Sunday observance.

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