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Dating the Coming of Christ

Over the coming months I will be updating the prophecy books studies at our Bible Studies site.  In this post I will be placing links to the three articles Daniel 8, Daniel 9 and Ezekiel 4 – 5 which have already been updated.  The Daniel 8 study on the 2,300 Day prophecy reveals that  Messiah […]

The Syria Situation Today

Update:   16 Apr:   OPCW inspectors are waiting in Damascus for the necessary UNSC Resolution authorizing their inspection and access to the alleged site.  So far the UNSC is deadlocked with Russia vetoing the US proposal for a very limited mandate to only determine that chemicals were used; and the US vetoing  a much more robust […]

The Immediate Future in Prophecy

As we approach the first of January 2018, the Netanyahu coalition is shuddering under corruption scandals and Israel may see a change in government, while a regional Middle East war is looming with Israel preparing a spring summer blitz on Gaza.  The war is expected to escalate to include Hezbollah and Iran.  President Trump and […]

Will 2018 Bring Middle East War?

A very warm welcome to all our visitors!   TheShiningLight family of sites began on 7 July 2008, and since then has been  growing continually.  This is our World News and Prophecy site featuring daily news and explanations of the prophetic meaning of that news.    Our School of Biblical Studies site features daily verse by verse studies through the […]

An Outline of Events for the Next Few Years

The final battle for the last Islamic State held areas in Syria is now underway, while the US backed rebels are remaining in agreed safe havens protected by ceasefires.  In the foreseeable future, is an Israeli election call, bringing a new peace inclined government to Israel, and, An Israeli attack to destroy the Gaza militants, […]

State of The World Analysis, October 2017

A series of events is now moving rapidly towards war in Asia, crisis in Europe, and a New World Order.  Gaza:  In 2014 Israel went to war against Gaza militants invading that territory.  After Israel invaded the strip and indicated that they would eradicate the Gaza militant groups, Hezbollah warned of an intervention by them […]

Trump to Abandon Central Asia as Part of Economic Plan

30 Aug:   Trump provokes extreme anti US sentiment in Pakistan.  Pakistan moving towards China  Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary met China’s special envoy on Afghan affairs on Monday, a foreign office spokesman said, a day after Islamabad canceled a scheduled visit by a top U.S. official. The decision by Pakistan to postpone the visit of Alice […]

Events Trending Towards Mideast Crisis

21 Sep:  A series of events is now taking shape in the Middle East.   Iran is in full compliance with the nuclear agreement and Donald Trump, seeking an excuse for war, is preparing to declare Iran in non compliance with the spirit of the agreement on Oct 15th.   The Israeli Knesset is expected […]

Iran’s Master Plan to Destroy Israel

Iran’s Master Plan Rather than seeking a decisive victory, the plan is to draw Israel into a three front war which will be so bloody, expensive and exhausting that large numbers of Israelis will emigrate out of the region and Israel will agree to terms.   Iran has been busy sponsoring training and equipping a […]

The End of Islamic State

Iraqi forces have the remnants of Islamic State surrounded at the Mosque in West Mosul’s Old City.  The battle which was expected to end within days is being slowed by large numbers of civilians still in the area.  Elsewhere in Iraq, Iraqi forces and militias have liberated most of the countryside with only the immediate […]

US Mideast War Preparations and a Kurdish State

17 May:   Islamic State is in a state of collapse in Mosul and expected to be defeated in the next few weeks,  meanwhile strong advances have been made against Raqqa Syria. Russia has declared four safe zones for American sponsored fighters inside Syria.   The Israeli government is expected to fall soon bringing a […]

The Gathering Storm Part 1: A New Federal Europe Rising

Thread One: the Islamic State Unannounced President Donald Trump has approved efforts against the Islamic State which include more troops and the removal of restraints on commanders.  Besides Iraq Syria, a sustained attack is underway against extremists in Yemen. The United States is continuing with several days of heavy aerial bombardment of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula […]

School of Biblical Studies

For line by line studies through the entire Bible including daily chapter Bible Studies and extensive in depth studies into the doctrines of Holy Scripture  and much more,  please click this link to visit our free internet  “School of Biblical Studies.”   Our published books may be found here.

Coming a Peace Deal for Israel

Parisian government officials involved in preparing for the January 15, 2017 Paris Middle East Peace Conference told Maariv’s Gideon Kotz that the Paris conference will determine the major principles for the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, before we the possibility of a solution fades entirely. Netanyahu is boycotting the event, but Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will come, […]

Israel Preparing for Multi Front War

Israel to hold nationwide war exercise from Sunday to Wednesday to prepare the public for an expected multi front war. 230,000 rockets aer expected to strike Israel as she destroys the Hamas Military Wing, Gaza militants and Hezbollah.  The war is also expected to involve Iran and quite possibly bring an east west confrontation if Russia responds […]

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