An Outline of Events for the Next Few Years

The final battle for the last Islamic State held areas in Syria is now underway, while the US backed rebels are remaining in agreed safe havens protected by ceasefires. 

  1. In the foreseeable future, is an Israeli election call, bringing a new peace inclined government to Israel, and,
  2. An Israeli attack to destroy the Gaza militants,
  3. Escalating into the Israeli destruction of Hezbollah,
  4. Opening the way for the US backed Syrian rebels to flood out of their sanctuaries and overthrow the Assad regime,     
  5. Alongside these events the American Coalition is expected to demolish the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and bring a “made in America” change in that country,
  6. Russia may or may not respond asymmetrically in Ukraine. 
  7. A Trump call for a summit of Egyptian, Arab, Palestinian and Israeli leaders is expected to reach a Middle East security and borders agreement, as the initial phase of a peace deal. 
  8. Instability in Europe and the actions by Trump will push key European nations towards a New Federal Europe system outside of the present EU, which EU might fail or continue as a trading block. 
  9. At God’s appointed time a Catholic pope will be empowered to do miracles  and he will use his influence to call on the nations to join this New Federal Europe system, and ten nations will choose a common leader.   
  10. Within about 75 days of being empowered this New Europe will come together and the Roman Pontiff will visit the Holy Mount.  His visit will trigger the occupation of Jerusalem and the beginning of a quick fall for the Jewish State as the Jewish Settler Movement will sabotage the peace deal. 
  11. Because of sin God will remove his protection, for possession of the land is contingent to wholehearted obedience to every Word of God (Deu 28);  and the surrounding nations will flood into the Jewish State and a great bloodbath will ensue (Psalm 83). 
  12. The New Europe will enter the fray in the name of peace, to secure the massive supplies of weapons in the region and to stop the blood shed. 
  13. The Jews will then be confined to ghetto’s for their own safety and many will be deported out of the region as a proposed solution to the problems. 
  14. The New Europe will align with Turkey and the Arab States, as well as her natural allies in the predominately Catholic nations of Latin America, and they will reject the Petrodollar.  Most of  the rest of the world will also reject the dollar; and the remaining dollar dependent nations will collapse in severe economic, political and multiple other crises. 
  15. Russia – China will then dominate Asia, as India, Japan, Southeast Asia and Iran enter their orbit, while Europe will dominate the rest of the world.   
  16. The New Federal Europe and Asia will then clash, and as that war climaxes Messiah the Christ will come. 
  17. From the time that this man is set up doing miracles there will be 1335 total days until the Kingdom of God is set up over all the earth (Dan 12).
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