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Facts on the Calendar

  The Church of God has always taught that we are to use the Biblical First Light Observation Calendar, as the first visible light of the new moon is observed from Jerusalem, now we have gone astray. Their definition of the Biblical Calendar and  New Moon can be found and verified in this Good News letter. Link: […]

The Israeli Rabbinate Fights: Mosaic Sanhedrin, Biblical Calendar

God tells us through Ezekiel that Messiah will soon come and that when he does the Millennial temple will be built. Then Messiah will yet chose physical priests of the sons of Aaron and also chose Levites, to help in restoring the temple system.  Then physical sacrifices will be renewed as object lessons of the spiritual. Based […]

The History of The Calendar of Israel

Admissions on the Calculated Rabbinical Calendar The following excerpts, from various Jewish and CRC-observant “Church of God” sources, document the truth concerning the gradual development of the calculated calendar, the tenth century A.D. origin of the current CRC, the errors of the CRC, and the historical reckoning of the new moon and new year. “The […]

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