Month: July 2017

Events Trending Towards Mideast Crisis

21 Sep:  A series of events is now taking shape in the Middle East.   Iran is in full compliance with the nuclear agreement and Donald Trump, seeking an excuse for war, is preparing to declare Iran in non compliance with the spirit of the agreement on Oct 15th.   The Israeli Knesset is expected […]

Iran’s Master Plan to Destroy Israel

Iran’s Master Plan Rather than seeking a decisive victory, the plan is to draw Israel into a three front war which will be so bloody, expensive and exhausting that large numbers of Israelis will emigrate out of the region and Israel will agree to terms.   Iran has been busy sponsoring training and equipping a […]

News Blog, July 2017

See:   Iran’s Master Plan to Destroy Israel  to understand today’s Middle East.   Israel government fall and regional war could come as soon as November 2017  Events Trending Towards Autumn 2017 Mideast Crisis 31 July:  Trump’s “hit man”  Scaramucci resigns after ten days as communications director answering directly to Trump; having successfully removed White House […]

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