Month: September 2012

Pope Benedict Flexes Political Muscle, Calling on Christian Democrats to Work for the Coming New Europe

Pope Benedict guided by his Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone, addressed a meeting of the Christian Democrats in the Vatican on Friday.  Besides referring to Protecting the Family, he called on the Christian Democrat parties to work tirelessly towards the solution of Europe’s problems. The word “Christian” in Christian Democrat reveals [and it has never been any […]

Vatican Calls For Bold New Evangelism

The hour of Roman Catholic dominance as the world’s moral authority is fast approaching and will quickly fade.  God has given the final Pope exactly 1,335 days from the time he is set up working miracles, before the true Holy Father in heaven will send Christ to take over all the kingdoms of this earth, Dan […]

Pope Benedict Reaches Out to Muslims and Jews

The Vatican is rapidly overpassing all religions and movements, as the world’s ultimate moral authority and peace promoting organization.   Pope: Christians and Muslims united against war  (Vatican Radio) – It is time for Christians and Muslims to come together in a decided and sincere witness against divisions, violence and war: This was Pope Benedict XVI’s […]

The Vatican and a United Europe

Pope Benedict is now coming out as a champion of religious freedom and diversity in the name of peace. The only sin will soon be any criticism of the doctrine of any religion or of “religious” freedom itself. When we understand that “religious freedom” means the freedom to decide for ourselves what is right or wrong, […]

Vatican Assumes World Moral Leadership

As the Islamic world is outraged by the anti Mohamed film produced by an Israeli in the US, Pope Benedict arrives in Lebanon as a great man of peace and  friend of all peoples. The shift towards the Papacy and away from America, for moral leadership, could not be more dramatic and obvious. The Vatican is […]

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