Ukraine; Black Eye Coming for NATO?

UPDATE 14:15  EST:   The navy high command called on all ships to defect to Russia last night and resigned.  Then the Ukrainian coup President Aleksandr Turchinov; made Rear Admiral  Denis Berezovsky the new Navy Chief.  This morning the new navy chief fled to the Crimea. 

The newly appointed head of Ukraine’s navy has now sworn allegiance to the Crimea region,  Admiral Berezovsky appeared in Sevastopol before cameras alongside Sergiy Aksyonov, the pro-Russian politician elected by Crimea’s regional parliament as local prime minister.

PM Aksyonov announced he had given orders to Ukrainian naval forces on the peninsula to disregard any orders from the “self-proclaimed” authorities in Kiev. Sunday, he said, would go down in history as the birthday of the “navy of the autonomous republic of Crimea”.

Russian forces are massing at Ukraine’s Senkovka border crossing about 130 miles from Kiev as anti coup demonstrations rage in the city and across Ukraine. 

UPDATE 12:00  EST:  

SOURCE:  Ukraine’s Navy flagship, the Hetman Sahaidachny frigate, has reportedly refused to follow orders from Kiev, and come over to Russia’s side and is returning home after taking part in a NATO operation in the Gulf of Aden flying the Russian naval flag.

The move comes after the Ukraine Navy high command, ordered the Ukraine navy to defect to Russia and then resigned Friday.   The ship captain and the head of Ukraine’s contingent in the NATO Med Sea exercise, Rear Admiral Andrey Tarasov disobeyed orders from  Kiev and defected to Russia..

Self-appointed Ukrainian coup President Aleksandr Turchinov then made Rear Admiral  Denis Berezovsky the new Navy Chief, a statement published on the  President’s website Saturday said.

A Russian senator has confirmed to Izvestia daily that the frigate defected to the Russian side.

Ukraine’s Navy flagship the Hetman Sahaidachny has come over to our side today. It has hung out the St Andrew’s flag,” Senator Igor Morozov, a member of the committee on the international affairs, told Izvestia daily.

A grave Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) “urgent action” report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has ordered “additional elements” of the much feared 76th Russian Shock Troops Division into Ukraine after this mornings sudden attack upon Crimea’s Interior Ministry by Western-backed forces which left, at least, 10 of them dead in their failed mission.

Putin’s concerns relating to Obama’s mental stability, this report says, are related to the American leaders “stern warning” to Russia yesterday about interfering in Ukraine, which was followed hours later by his levity in responding to a heckler who accused him having a plan for a “nuclear war with Russia” to which Obama quipped that since it was after 5 p.m. on Friday, he was using his executive authorities to declare it officially happy hour with the Democratic Party” and that the heckler “thought happy hour started earlier.”

The call for Russian help to protect the Crimea, it must be noted, came from their Prime Minister, Sergey Aksyonov, the State Duma Council also urged Putin to take measures to stabilize the situation in the Ukrainian region of Crimea and use “all possibilities” to protect the local population, its speaker said.

This Russian MoD report further notes that the Russian warships Minsk and the Kaliningrad are “rapidly returning” to their Black Sea port in Crimea along with their estimated 2,000 Alpha Group commandos who have been engaged in the Syrian conflict against Western-backed Al Qaeda forces seeking to, likewise, topple that nations government.

Critical to note about this “escalating crisis,” this report states, are that the American people are not being allowed to know that the Obama regime is backing the Neo-Nazi government in Ukraine and has, in fact, paid over $5 billion of the American taxpayers dollars to engineer this fascist coup,

Ukraine; Black Eye Coming for NATO?

The Great Game being played out in this century is the struggle for resources, pipeline routes and transit routes.  the west has micro managed the split of Darfur and South Sudan from Sudan to gain control of massive mineral petroleum and gas resources.  They went into Afghanistan and Iraq for the same purpose, and western establishment eyes have been on the Ukraine for years.

Western NGO’s carried out the 2004 Orange Revolution which faded with the gross corruption of ; recently they carried out a reprise of the Orange revolution.

After president Yanukovych rejected  a deal to associate Ukraine with NATO, weeks of western sponsored street protests brought an agreement which was signed and sealed on Feb. 21.  That evening the president and his backers in parliament felt at ease, because Russia and America and certain EU NATO countries had helped negotiate and guaranteed the deal. 

The next day they discovered that after the majority in parliament had left, the minority held an illegal session and fired the president and his government in breach of the agreement made only hours before. 

In a deal with president Viktor Yanukovich, brokered by the German, French and Polish foreign ministers; was a unity government, an early election and a new constitution curbing the president’s authority. That deal was endorsed by Moscow as well as Washington.

Then the  pro NATO proxies of the western establishment jumped the gun and staged a coup, possibly without western instructions.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday shamelessly condemned Russia’s “incredible act of aggression” in Ukraine and threatened “very serious repercussions” from the United States and other countries including sanctions to isolate Russia economically.

“You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pre-text,” Kerry told the CBS program “Face the Nation.”

Last evening US President Barack Obama spent 90 minutes of intense dialogue with the Russian president Vladimir Putin in which Putin declared that he was unshakably fixed on the course he has set concerning Ukraine and had no intention of withdrawing the Russian troops he has positioned in the Crimean peninsula.

In fact, Putin was clearly on the offensive. He let it be understood that unless the US and Europe rid Kiev of the “fascist gangs,”  which had taken over, Moscow would move forces into additional parts of Ukraine to uphold its interests and “protect the Russian citizens and compatriots living there” for as long as the interim regime remained in Kiev.

The fight is over control seeking, and the expansion of NATO over the huge wheat lands of Ukraine and the Russian bases in that country.  There is no way that Russia can afford to let those bases go, or to have NATO bases in Ukraine on the Russian border.  Putin will fight this band of thugs who took over in Kiev, and the western establishment cannot afford to lose face by backing down now.  Yet by not backing down and inevitably losing, NATO credibility will be put under great stress.

The US-EU-NATO tactic of turning the heat on Moscow is not just an exercise in futility; it is proving to be a major strategic blunder stemming from situational weakness, which now threatens to bring real violence and bloodshed; and is making NATO, America and the EU look foolish and powerless.

Britain will suspend its participation in preparations for a G8 meeting in Sochi after Russia violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, British Foreign Minister William Hague said on Sunday.

“The United Kingdom will join other G8 countries this week in suspending our co-operation under the G8, which Russia chairs this year, including … meetings this week for the preparation of the G8 summit,” Hague told reporters before boarding a flight to Kiev.

“We call on both sides to ensure that there can be a reduction in tensions and the avoidance of conflict.”

Earlier Sunday, a source in President Francois Hollande’s office said France had suspended participation in the meetings as well, while the United States is considering the move.

The Interim government’s security council chief Sunday, March 2 announced a general mobilization of Ukraine’s 1 million reservists after placing the army on a combat footing. This step was virtually useless in practical terms while providing Putin with further impetus to continue his military expansion. 

Putin knows that the Kiev administration is broke, and that the west cannot afford to bail them out, so how can it feed, equip, arm and provide transport for hundreds of thousands of troops? And does anyone know how many are loyal to the new regime?

Yesterday thousands took to the streets across Ukraine including Kiev to demand the resignation of the coup government.  In Kiev and western Ukraine people were demanding the coup government resign and a national referendum be held on march 30 to determine the way forward;  in the East many provinces are threatening to break away from the coup government and invite the Russian military to come in and protect them.

The only thing clear is that NATO and the EU have been caught in a very bad place by the thugs who overthrew the legitimate government in Ukraine.

As this continues to embarrass NATO, the EU and the United States; a regional Mideast war is also on the horizon.

All of these escalating events and the severe financial crisis accompanying them, are rushing towards crisis in the EU and NATO in the near future; this will lead to an economic and political crisis in Europe, that will be fertile ground for the setting up of the biblical man of sin, the abomination that brings desolation. 

This man will appear lamb like and harmless, but he will deceive people with miracles performed by the power of Satan, into following him as their ultimate moral authority, contrary to following the word of God. 

When he is set up doing miracles he will call for a revival of the Holy Roman Empire church state system in Europe s a third in a balance of powers between east and west, Rev 13:11-18.

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