Trump, Syria and Where Events are Heading

Now that they have fulfilled their purpose, Donald Trump is planning to withdraw support for the Syrian Al Qaeda groups which have been supported by the Obama administration. This will allow the Russian backed Syrian forces to destroy Al Qaeda [the Al Nusrah Front] in Syria.

On Sunday Nov 20 Hezbollah sent  two brigades [5,000 men] to Aleppo for the coming offensive. Once Aleppo is liberated, Idlib and Homs provinces are next; to be followed by the rebel occupied areas of the Golan heights.  While this is going on Trump will concentrate on eliminating the Islamic State.  

This process will probably take a number of months yet and the plan has already been agreed between Putin and Trump by phone.  

Once the Islamic State is on the ropes and Syria has liberated its territory, Syrian forces will push south with Hezbollah to clean up the Israeli backed rebels on the Syrian Golan sometime next year.  This move is highly likely to bring Israeli action against Hezbollah and Syria allowing the moderate rebels to change the regime in Syria.  Trump may use this occasion to eliminate the Revolutionary Guards in Iran and effect regime change in that country as well.  

The reset of regional realities in the Middle East will bring a regional peace deal and a pope will be empowered to do impressive miracles to aid in the rise of a New Federal Europe.

The loss of Syria and Iran may bring Russian countermoves in Europe, resulting in severe crisis in Europe with the eventual rise of a New Federal Europe – brought about with papal endorsement – to act as a counterbalance between East and West.  

This New Federal Europe as heir to the massive military assets of NATO, will become an instant superpower; while the US will think that they have managed to shed the heavy financial responsibilities of NATO and ensured world peace at the same time.  

America will be at its peak but will come crashing down when the Settler Movement Extremists in Israel sabotage the Mideast peace deal – about 75 days after a pope is empowered to do miracles he will go to Jerusalem triggering the subsequent events – and the surrounding nations will pour into the Jewish State.  

The New Federal Europe will go into the Jewish State in the name of compassion to save the Jews from slaughter while securing even more weapons – including nuclear weapons – stored in that country.  For their own safety the Jews in Palestine will be confined to ghettos under arduous conditions and over time deported from Palestine until Messiah the Christ comes to save them, 42 months after Jerusalem is first occupied.  

Meanwhile the Muslim countries except Egypt will turn to Europe and abandon the Petro-Dollar; and the US dollar based economies will come crashing down as the European currency replaces the dollar.

America will descend into violent chaos with millions dying of violence, starvation and disease epidemics until she too is humbled to the point of turning to God in sincere repentance and is saved by the coming of Christ, 1,335 days after a pope begins to do miracles.  



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