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This post will cover news items and the general trends in the Middle East as they move towards the fulfillment of the biblical pre tribulation signs.  These are not predictions,  they are items that bear watching, based on the present circumstances.


French President Francois Hollande was greeted with a warm welcome and exceptional honors on arrival in Israel Sunday when he arrived for a three-day state visit, at the head of large retinue for key talks with Israeli leaders mainly on Iran and the signing of cooperation accords.  He is accompanied by his partner Valérie Trierweiler and seven senior members of the French cabinet, including Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Minister of Finance Pierre Moscovici. 

The 5+1 Iran Geneva talks are scheduled to resume on Wednesday Nov 20th.  The US is maintaining that a deal with Iran is almost made, however they have no way of knowing this for certain.  Such claims have all the earmarks of propaganda aimed at raising western hopes in order to blame any failure of talks on Iran.  In fact they did have an agreement with Iran, until the document was presented by the west for signing with over half of its content revised and hardened. 

America is blaming the new western positions on France and Israel’s Netanyahu; even though this is a behind the scenes American orchestrated hardening on Iran.   

It seems that Hollande and Netanyahu are being made American scape goats  in a good cop [America] versus bad cop approach to Iran, with America saying take this deal or things will get much worse.  Hollande and Netanyahu are playing the tough cops with gusto, perhaps not realizing that both may be on their way out.

Hollande is now at 20% popularity in France, the lowest in modern French history, and calls for his resignation are resounding throughout France.  The Netanyahu situation is covered under the Israel Section,  and more in reference to Europe at the European Union Section. 

While Iran may be so backed into a corner that they could possibly agree to the new tougher deal, it is also possible that they cannot agree and will then be blamed for the failure; which would be used as a propaganda tool to justify even harsher sanctions now before the Congress.   Iran is now very close to the brink of economic collapse and further sanctions could push them into an economic disaster in a matter of months.

The western plan seems to be to bring Iran to the point of economic collapse and then bring out mass demonstrations organized by western NGO’s to topple the regime. 

The main pillar of the Iranian regime is the Revolutionary Guard which controls most of the economy and is a military force at least as strong or stronger than the regular military.  No one can resist the Revolutionary Guard and a major bombing campaign to take out the RG before launching the “made in the USA,  Grass Roots” revolution will probably be necessary. 

How this may begin is not clear although Israel may attack Iran, or Iran does have a mutual defense agreement with Syria; which may result in any action against Syria escalating to Iran and bringing about the Americn dream of regime change in Syria and Iran, resulting in western control of the Middle East.

US Secretary of State John Kerry travels to Israel Friday to discuss the situation and the Israeli Palestinian peace talks.


Syrian chemical weapons are expected to be removed from Syria by Dec 31 2013; which will then prevent Syria from using them against Israel in any potential conflagration.

Syrian forces are now deep in battle with Al Qaeda linked forces in Aleppo and outside Damascus.  While Syria and the Islamic Extremists are crushing one another, the American controlled Syrian National Congress is coming together as a government in exile to pick up the pieces.

When the time is opportune, an incident may bring on western aerial attacks on the remaining Syrian and Islamic extremist forces, opening the way for a takeover by the Syrian insurgents allied with the US.

Something as simple as a claim that Syria has hidden chemical weapons, or even the actual use of chemical weapons by the opposition and blamed on Syria, would bring an almost immediate western attack.  Syria has always declared that if they were going to fall, they would bring Israel down with them, and any western attack would escalate to include Israel and Iran.


Israel has just completed a dress rehearsal for war in the north and is now beginning a full dress rehearsal for an invasion and reoccupation of Gaza.  Expensive dress rehearsals usually take place just before the opening of the real thing, however it appears that the actual war may not begin for a few months yet.


Negotiator Livni has made considerable progress in peace talks, however Netanyahu has consistently sabotaged the talks progress to maintain his coalition of  extremist Settler Movement party’s and centrists. 

Because a settler movement party which controls the Housing Ministry has tried to destroy the peace process, and because it is clear that no deal can be reached that will pass the Israeli coalition, the peace talks have deadlocked and president Abbas cannot find any support for continuing the talks. 

Nimer Hamed, the political advisor to Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, has expressed optimism in the success of peace talks – but only in the event that the PA and Israel can agree on matters related to security, including the crucial Jordan Valley region. 

Netanyahu is rejecting any foreign peace keepers including Americans, while Livni and the other moderates welcome international peacekeepers.

According to Reshet Bet, Hamed also claims that the PA cannot move forward with negotiations unless Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu changes the current extremist coalition government.

A senior Ramallah official told Israel Radio on Monday.,that despite the resignation of Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat and his team – who quit the talks in protest of Israel’s continued construction [and announcements of 24,000 more illegal housing units] in West Bank settlements – talks could still resume between the parties, Israel Radio reported.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will use the next two weeks to try to find replacements for the negotiating team, according to the official.  The Palestinian negotiating team has resigned over continued Israeli illegal  settlement construction, while several Israeli right-wing ministers called to halt talks over a string of isolated  attacks against Israeli soldiers and citizens.

Abbas met in Ramallah Sunday night with Martin Indyk, the American envoy to the peace talks, Israel Radio reported.  Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians will continue for the full nine months, “regardless of what happens on the ground,” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told AFP on Sunday.  Abbas needs the incentives offered by the US for sticking, even when there is obviously no hope.

“We have committed to continue the negotiations for nine months, regardless of what happens on the ground. We are committed and we will go to the full nine months, and then we will take the appropriate decision,” Abbas told AFP.

 Hamed added that the PA expects “concrete steps” from Israel following meetings with US Secretary of State John Kerry – but the PA refuses to give any details publicly about what those steps may entail.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who facilitated the talks, politely stated  that the current coalition government has made negotiations with the PA difficult.

Because the Palestinian negotiators have resigned and the talks are deadlocked, the United States is developing the parameters of a peace deal based on the Clinton plan; which is to be tabled by John Kerry in January. 

Since the Settler Movement portion of the coalition would violently reject such a plan, it cannot carry the Israeli Cabinet.  This seems to leave the only realistic way out for Bibi, as calling another election in Israel. 

If the peace minded centrists accept the plan; the hard liners will walk; and if the hard liners reject the plan, the centrists and other peace minded officials will walk. 

Bibi is caught between a rock and a very hard place; in the Coalition, in his own party Likud, which is threatening to expel him and which may will split, and in the Knesset.

An election call made in late Jan or early Feb would see a probable date in May for the election.  Such an election call would delay the US peace plan until a new government was formed. 

Netanyahu would most likely invade Gaza and then attack Hezbollah after the election call and before the actual elections; calculating that a strong security victory would influence voters to give him and the far right a strong mandate; and that from a position of victor he could force a deal of his own choice on the vanquished.  This two front war has been planned and prepared for, for many years now. 

Netanyahu’s calculations are mistaken, as a powerful response form the enemy including not two or three, but hundreds of missiles striking central Israel daily for the first time, would turn Israelis off on war; and the voting public is likely to turn to a peace agenda after the conflict.  Then the world would get an Israeli government sincerely interested in achieving real peace for the first time since the Jewish radicals assassinated Rabin.

The New World Order

This war, especially if it escalates to Iran would bring crisis to the world economy. 

The Persian Gulf shipping lanes would be obstructed for a time, bringing exonomic chaos to Asian markets which would spread to markets around the world.  This would then panic most of the world’s nations into agreeing on a new international financial system which was agreed at the St Petersburg ecomonic summit. 

This would replace and save the US dollar by simply renaming trillions of US International Dollars as Special Drawing Rights and would also free the world from dependence on the dollar.  The Fed has been recklessly inflating dollars in anticipation of this very thing.

The European union

The Eurozone, already facing economic problems, and an EU that has a coming election in June; will see much deeper economic problems as the world markets go into free fall, mass anti war demonstrations take place, including demonstrations by Muslims; and mass demonstrations over the economy threaten governments like France that are close to Israel.   

Quite simply Europe will be in political and economic turmoil until a pope is empowered as the abomination that desolates and final false prophet. 

This man will have power to do miracles, and will be set up in his power at the most opportune time to present solutions to Europe’s woes. 

He will be a person that appears meek and harmless and will be doing miracles to deceive people into thinking that he is a great man of peace and of God.  He will then call for, and because of  the crisis and his popularity, will bring about; a New Order in Europe based on the Holy Roman Empire system of the past. 

This will be a democracy in the sense of the American State national system and president, but due to the crisis he may be chosen by the member states, as the president of the EU is chosen today, and not by popular vote. 

This Beast Emperor will have power over the economies and militaries of the ten nations which will join this new system, yet they will remain autonomous in many other areas.

When this miracle working pope is set up; and this present pope could be the empowered:   or quite possibly a new pope might be set up; he will quickly present his plan for the new Europe and while this is taking place, the Mideast peace deal will be finalized and ratified and foreign peacekeepers brought in to keep the peace. 

When this final pope goes to the holy place, mass protests by the Israeli Settler Movement will break down in violence and the peacekeepers will be forced to intervene, taking control of Jerusalem.

Watch For:

1.  Continued deadlock in the peace talks until John Kerry presents the American Framework deal and the Israeli government is changed.

2.  An Israeli coalition crisis over the US Framework deal.

3.  A coalition reshuffle, or more likely a new Israeli election.

4.  A regional war breaking out, bringing victory over Islamic Extremism, including regime change in Syria and Iran; and serious pain to the Jewish State.

5.  A reset of the public mood in the entire region including Israel, towards a genuine dialogue for peace and a real peace agreement.

6.  The setting up of the miracle working pope and his call for a New Order in Europe.  IF IF IF this is indeed the year, he should be set up in late September and he will go to the holy mount about 75 days later.

7.  A real peace deal will be completed and ratified, with peacekeepers coming in and surrounding Jerusalem, Luk 21:20; by the time the son of perdition goes to the holy place.

8.  The immediate breakout of the tribulation Mat 24:15, when this man goes to the holy place; with the occupation of Jerusalem; will quickly escalate to the defeat of Israel and her allies.  REMEMBER that only Jerusalem is to be occupied for 42 months; the defeat of the entire Jewish state and her allies might take a little longer after Jerusalem is occupied.

As I wrote a year ago, the timeline is highly probable to have the abomination going to the holy mount and the tribulation beginning by the end of 2014.  However the rush of events may slow and take a little more time. 

The time of our correction is very close at hand: WATCH,  and be zealous for the whole word of God!

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