The Syrian Conflict, the Coming New World Order and Messiah

Once the American Coalition completes the demise of the Islamic State they will turn their attention to the conflict inside Syria between the elected government and the American backed rebels.  

Faced with this reality the Syrians and their Russian allies have no choice except to make as much progress as possible against the foreign backed rebels as they can, while the US is still occupied with ISIL.  

Iraq and the US have begun their big push to eradicate the Islamic State from Iraq in the Mosul offensive – which is expected to take several months – during or after which they will move on the ISIL east of the Euphrates inside Syria.

While the US is thus occupied, Syria is pursuing a major offensive to liberate Aleppo and northern Syria from the foreign sponsored rebels.  In anticipation of this move, Turkey with US help, has carved out a safe haven for the rebels along the Turkish / Syria border and the rebels are expected to retreat to that safe have as the Syrian offensive advances.  

As the various battles progress a situation is developing where the Syrians will have liberated most of the northern areas of their country from the foreign sponsored insurgents while the US Coalition will have demolished the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria.  

This may take several more months but by sometime next year Syria will turn to engage the remaining foreign backed rebels in the south, this time the Israeli-Jordanian-American backed rebels and the remnants of the ISIL and the Al Nusrah Front in the Golan Heights on the Syrian border with Israel and Jordan.  

At that point several major issues will come to the fore:  

  1. After their ISIL victory the US Coalition will turn all of their attention to Syria and removing Assad,  
  2. Any Syrian offensive against the rebels on the Golan is likely to spill over onto the Israeli side and bring a military conflict between Israel and Syria-Hezbollah-Iran,  
  3. An Israeli operation to annihilate the Hamas military wing and other militants in Gaza is planned,
  4. The Israeli government is likely to hold new elections next year, and after a bitter, bloody and costly regional war, a new peace oriented government is highly likely to be elected.
  5. Russia, enduring the humiliation of losing in Syria and a regime change in Iran, may well respond in Ukraine; nevertheless, whether she moves in Ukraine or not, there will be a major east – west confrontation and crisis,  

This series of events will bring a serious east – west crisis of existential proportions for humanity – perhaps as soon as 2017 – which will bring a long planned New World Order.  

A pope will call for a new federal Europe to become a balance between east and west; and this man will be so impressive and the crisis so seemingly dire, that ten European nations will respond, giving over their sovereignty to one leader to form a new federal Europe, while a security arrangement is agreed in Europe and a regional peace deal the Middle East.

The New World Order plan already exists at least on paper, but it will be this miracle worker and the deceptive power of Satan which will cause the nations to agree to the plan.

The New Europe will probably be given the massive quantities of American military supplies already prepositioned in Europe, making Europe an instant superpower.

This new Europe being a Catholic creation will be allied to all the Catholic nations including Latin America, and will also quickly become allied with Turkey and the Islamic nations (Psalm 83) except for Egypt, which will remain in the Judeo American orbit for a very short time longer.

Along with the rise of Europe there will be a general peace deal which will include the Middle East. This peace deal will bring many peacekeepers into Palestine and around Jerusalem from various nations including a strong Turkish contingent (Psalm 83).

When peace and safety is declared and this pope goes to the temple mount approximately 75 days after being set up in the Vatican doing miracles, the Settlement Movement Jews will sabotage the deal.

Mainstream Judaism will approve the peace deal but the minority Settler Movement people will sabotage the peace.

The world will rejoice at the apparent achievement of real peace and safety and most Israeli Jews will be supportive of the deal, however the Settler Movement people will be dismayed.  

This pope will visit the temple mount approximately 75 days after being set up and the Settler Movement extremists will strike out, bringing the occupation of Jerusalem by peacekeepers; which will quickly escalate as the enraged neighboring nations flood into the land and a great blood bath takes place.

The Fifth Book of Moses [Deuteronomy] tells us plainly that possession of the land is entirely dependent on living by every Word of God, which neither Israel nor the Jews do today.

God tells us that because of our sins God will give us over to the enemy for our correction.

When the peace is broken, the Turks and neighboring nations will pour into Jerusalem and Judea, because God has given them over to severe correction for not living by every Word of God.

There will be a tremendous bloodbath as Palestinians, enraged after decades of mistreatment, give out much worse than they received.

The New Europe will be forced to act in the name of peace to secure the Israeli nuclear weapons and main military sites, and the mainstream Jews might well beg Europe to stop the blood bath.

European forces will secure areas and herd Jews into those ghettos for their own safety, and will begin to deport them from Palestine to other nations at the insistence of the Palestinians, Turks and local nations, completely reversing the Jewish movement into Palestine of the past one hundred years.

The Fall of America

The United States has been over spending at a furious rate for decades now and the only thing saving the dollar and the US economy is the use of the dollar as the world’s international reserve currency, especially in energy transactions where it is widely known as the Petro Dollar. 

For the past two decades America has also sought to internationalize its economy with the goal of creating an interdependent world controlled by the Judeo Anglo American Establishment.  

These two things are now America’s Achilles Heel. 

Scripture tell us that the tribulation will begin with the occupation of Jerusalem and Judea, and while we are told that Israel – primarily the US and Britain – will fall with Judah (Hosea 5:5); nowhere does the scripture say that the US will be nuked and instantly destroyed, or even occupied.  

This idea is absolutely wrong, for the scriptures do say that Israel will fall in a process over 3 1/2 years. 

Daniel 12:7  And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half [42 months]; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished

Over the past few years the present world financial system has been slowly readjusted from being solely dependent on the US Dollar, to a basket of currencies and Special Drawing Rights.  This may be further adjusted over time but the situation is now already set up for a departure from the dollar. 

Once the New Europe is set up, and in Palestine the surrounding nations rush in on a Jewish State from which God has withdrawn his protection, there will be a bloodbath. 

Many of the mainstream Jews will urgently call for international intervention to stop that blood bath, at the same time it would be imperative for international forces to act immediately to secure the Israeli nuclear arsenal and massive stockpiles of armaments. 

European forces will move to carry out those tasks, very probably with the consent of the US and mainstream Jewry. 

How will God bring America down?

Very simply! 

The Muslim countries would be grateful to Europe and would agree with its ruler to abandon the US Dollar as the Petro Dollar, and to use the Euro [or any possible new European currency] for all their energy and international transactions. 

The Catholic nations [I am thinking of Latin America] as well as Asian nations would quickly jump to follow suite  – if they want to buy energy – and that would bring the end of the US Dollar and economic collapse with all its attendant catastrophes would come to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain.  

For example the inability to import oil or other products upon which the US has become dependent would result in a cascading collapse of the ability to grow food; as well as distribute food, medicine and other essentials. 

No more water bombing wild fires, no more emergency help in case of hurricane, tornado, earthquake or flood. Riots are coming over race and limited resources – especially food – that will make Watts seem like a picnic. 

Thinking of the National Petroleum Reserve?

The maximum total withdrawal capability from the SPR is only 4.4 million barrels per day (700,000 m3/d), so the entire inventory would be exhausted in 158 days, or about five months. 

If oil imports were interrupted due to a collapse of the dollar, the United States would have less than one half of its daily import needs [or 3/4ths of its consumption needs] for only about five months.

After that, emergency oil supplies would run out and consumption would have to be reduced to the approximately 9 million bpd of domestic production, or about one half of the present rate of consumption. 

This does not take into account the possibility of interruptions in domestic production which would be quite likely in a chaotic environment.

Here is a short quote from our “Bible Prophecy” book:

“Take away those welfare cheques and food stamps; cut off the flow of cocaine from the noses of, and end the flow of heroin into the veins of millions; take the fuel out of the cars and the food out of the mouths of the masses; then see what happens.

Riots will further disrupt any remaining distribution centers and overwhelm medical facilities, which will already be overwhelmed by a population weakened with hunger and afflicted with many diseases. The escape of deliberately engineered diseases in the turmoil and then entering the population cannot be discounted.

Little fuel to plow, till, sow, cultivate, harvest, process and transport crops; and much of what is sown will be lost to drought, pests and disease, or be demanded by the victors bringing starvation to the masses.

A starving population will be afflicted by diseases such as influenza, or one of the more modern treatment resistant diseases. Mass epidemics, and depleted medical facilities will not be able to cope; hence massive deaths from disease and pestilence.

Pestilence is the crop eating insects and rodents that eat the crops in the fields and will enter the storage bins and eat up much of the stored foodstuffs while spreading disease as well.

Judah shall be occupied for three and one half years while America will collapse over a period of three and one half years.

In the third year God will begin to deliver us as Europe goes to war against Asia; and at the end of three and one half years Messiah the Christ will come”. 


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