The New Egyptian Revolution and Islamic Extremism

Update 16:00 EDT:    Egyptian army ousts Morsi.

President Mohamed Morsi has been  taken to a military base as the deadline passed. Muslim Brotherhood leaders are also believed under arrest. Security travel bans have been issued against Brotherhood leaders. Sources in Cairo report that they will be tried for “crimes” committed during their year in office.

Egypt’s state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported on its website that the army told Morsi at 7 p.m. (1700 GMT) that he was no longer head of state.

Egyptian General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi broadcast on national television suspension of  the constitution and the removal of President Mohammed Morsi from office. The new interim president is Adly Mansour, who was until now, head of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

The commander of Egypt’s armed forces, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, announced that the Constructional Court has appointed an interim head of state in place of President Mohamed Morsi, adding that Egypt will have a technocratic government.

The Egyptian army has deployed soldiers and tanks around the Presidential compound.

Sisi called for presidential and parliamentary elections, a panel to review the constitution and a national reconciliation committee that would include youth movements. He said the roadmap had been agreed by a range of political groups.

The Egyptian army, the youth movements and the opposition leader El Baradei, are all financed and controlled by American military and  intelligence agencies and NGO’s.  The Muslim brotherhood was also controlled by the CIA and British Intelligence, but proved ineffective in bringing down Islamic extremism in Egypt. 

Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand imam of the supreme Sunni Islamic institution of al-Azhar, has declared his support for the Egyptian army’s announcement. 

“On the backdrop of the battle against the people and the bloodshed on Egyptian soil, according to the Sharia law, I have decided to support the stand presented in the meeting with Egypt’s military,” said el-Tayeb, who is considered Egypt’s supreme religious authority.

Egypt’s leading Muslim and Christian [Coptic] clerics and the leader of the liberal opposition alliance Mohamed ElBaradei will jointly present a roadmap for a political transition shortly, state news agency MENA said on Wednesday.

Egypt’s leading Muslim and Christian [Coptic] clerics backed an army-sponsored roadmap on Wednesday which suspended the constitution and called for early presidential and parliamentary elections. 

Ahmed al-Tayeb, Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Cairo’s ancient seat of Muslim learning, and Pope Tawadros, the head of the Coptic Church, both made brief statements following an announcement by the head of the armed forces that deposed the elected president, Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood. Tawadros said the plan offered a political vision and would ensure security for all Egyptians, about 10% of whom are [Coptic] Christian.

Salafi extremists and Islamic radicals within and outside he Muslim Brotherhood have pledged to resist the new Egyptian leadership, and Egypt is making arrests of Radicals and sending large reinforcements to the Gaza border and to Sinai in full cooperation with Israel. 

UPDATE 11:25 EDT:   A military source said the army was meeting with political, social and economic figures and youth activists for talks on its draft roadmap for the country’s future.

“The General Command of the Armed Forces is currently meeting with a number of religious, national, political and youth icons … There will be a statement issued from the General Command as soon as they are done,” the army said on its official Facebook page.

The state news agency MENA said civil servants were now occupying the cabinet office and would not let Prime Minister Hisham Kandil enter the building.

Egypt’s high court of justice decided to reinstate Attorney General Abed al-Magid Mahmoud, who was dismissed by President Mohamed Morsi.  The high court is set to convene on Thursday to formally reappoint him

The New Egyptian Revolution and Islamic Extremism

At 3.30 pm GMT the Egyptian army plans to announce the dismissal of President Mohamed Morsi and install a provisional ruling council.

The announcement is expected at the end of a crisis meeting now underway in Cairo during the countdown to its 3 pm GMT ultimatum to the president and government.

In its first challenge to the army, a senior Muslim brotherhood politician said earlier: ” The people will not remain calm in face of ‘military rebellion.’”

This followed President Mohamed Morsi’s televised speech Tuesday night in which he dug in his heels against army-backed opposition calls for him to step down. He declared he had been freely elected and would defend his “constitutional legitimacy” with his life.

This sets the stage for a confrontation between the army and the Muslim Brotherhood under cover of which the army may move against all Islamic radicals in Egypt.

The Egyptian army has already taken control of the official state television and is now in charge of its broadcast. Egyptian security sources reported that troops with armored vehicles have secured the central Cairo studios of state television on Wednesday.

The Egyptian military, backed by an American green light, is preparing to set up a transitional government and topple Morsi.  The army will soon be beginning mass arrests of all Muslim radicals from all sides, in the country.

It now appears that the revolution will result in military rule by a group of three civilian appointees, headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, for nine to 12 months; and the military will take out Egyptian Islamic radicals including the Salafi extremists backing the new revolution.

The Salafi’s who supported the revolution against Morsi because of his suppression of their activities, will quickly back away from supporting the new revolution when the army begins to move against them and all Islamic radicals.

Morsi suppressed some of the activities of Islamic radicals but could not bring himself to root out fellow Muslims from Sinai, even thought they were extremists.  That is what has brought on this American sponsored revolution in Egypt.

An Egyptian senior official in the country’s Interior Ministry told a Maan news agency correspondent that Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim ordered the arrest of senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood for alleged incitement to murder and violence.  Earlier it was reported that seniors leaders of the Brotherhood were placed under house arrest, and the movement’s funds have been placed under supervision.

Meanwhile the Egyptian military is massing tanks, troops and armoured vehicles in Sinai in coordination with Israel; as the Egyptian military prepares to take on the Salafi militants, an action which the Morsi government continually vacillated on undertaking.

Egyptian liberal opposition leader Mohamed El Baradei met army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Wednesday, two political sources said, hours before an army deadline for Islamist President Mohamed Mursi to yield to mass protests or quit.

American asset ElBaradei was chosen to represent the opposition National Salvation Front coalition which is headed by himself and Hamdeen Sabahi.

The NSF is allied with various youth groups funded by the United States, also involved in anti-Morsi street protests.  In the meeting, ElBaradei urged the armed forces to intervene to stop the bloodshed,” .

The new revolution is also backed by Salafi extremists because of Morsi’s suppression of these people in Sinai, yet Morsi is being overthrown by the United States for his refusal to go all the way and destroy the Islamic Radicals in Egypt.

The political wing of Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood refused an invitation to meet the armed forces commander on Wednesday, hours before an army deadline for Islamist President Mohamed Morsi to yield to mass protests or quit, military and party sources said.

“We do not go to invitations (meetings) with anyone. We have a president and that is it,” said Waleed al-Haddad, a senior leader of the Freedom and Justice Party told Reuters.

This is another American revolution in Egypt overthrowing Morsi because of his reluctance to destroy the Islamic Extremists in Sinai. 

If the Egyptian  military takes control and moves against the Islamist Radicals mainly in Sinai; those radicals will likely seek to turn the fight into an Egyptian Israeli confrontation by striking at Israel.  That effort would fail and would result in Israel moving against Gaza while Egypt moves against the radicals in Sinai.

A regional war which will defeat Islamic Extremism and change the regimes in Syria and Iran  is now very close.

History and scripture reveals that Egypt and Judah are together the prophesied King of the South, which is to provoke and be conquered by the New Europe [the King of the North], Dan 11:40-43.

The scriptures also reveal that Islamic Extremism will be defeated and that a peace and safety deal will be reached and agreed and proclaimed; after which it will be Israeli Extremists who will sabotage the peace deal and bring destruction down upon themselves.


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