The Mideast War Plan

UPDATE 12:00 EST:  This will be the last update on this post.  For further updates please go to the link.

Israel declares its north a closed military zone as party heads officials call for war.  Netanyahu is threatening all out war against all fronts [Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Gaza]. I am beginning to fear that this could be very serious and has acquired a life of its own.   Daily News: Jan 2015

Update:  Hezbollah did indeed launch a reprisal for the Israeli murders of twelve men.  Trying to keep it to a minimum and avoid provoking a full scale war; instead of launching missiles they attacked the same kind of Israeli inspection tour that Israel attacked in Syria last week. 

It appears that this moderate response to Israeli aggression failed to balance the equation, as Israeli leaders are demanding a full scale Israeli attack.

They fired four anti tank shells at an Israeli vehicle lightly wounding seven Israeli’s and killing two.  Israel has responded with heavy shelling and air strikes.  Right now UNIFIL is trying to restore calm while Netanyahu is breathing out threats of full scale war on all fronts.  This could be only election rhetoric,  we shall soon see. 

The Mideast War Plan

At the present time Hezbollah has no interest in a conflict with Israel.  They are waiting for the collapse of the Islamic Extremists to enable a transfer of troops to the Israeli front. 

Hezbollah is also still hoping that they can entice Israel to invade Gaza and enter the massive maze of tunnels under Gaza City; enabling Hamas to pin down tens of thousands of Israeli troops before striking from the north. 

Gaza and Hamas are now in desperate straits and not one cent of reconstruction aid has been received while the expected long term truce talks have failed to materialize in light of the intractable demands of all sides.  The Hamas PLO reconciliation agreement is now on life support as well.  The Gaza militants are at the ready to renew the war with Israel as soon as the Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas axis, gives a green light for the regional conflict.

Israel is at the ready but also waiting for the destruction of the Islamic Militants in Syria Iraq.  The reason being that Israel does not want to destroy the remaining power of the Syria Hezbollah alliance until the Islamists are defeated. 

They do not want a Syria Hezbollah war with Israel to take the Hezbollah Syria pressure off the Islamic extremists..  The idea is to destroy the Islamic Extremists be trapping them between Hezbollah Syria and the coalition allies, until they are defeated.

In Syria and Iraq the Islamic State is reeling on multiple fronts, but not yet defeated.  The situation is progressing for the allies and the way is now open for an offensive against the Islamic State capitol in Mosul.  The fall of Mosul is to be used to launch an Iraq wide offensive and an Anbar province uprising which will escalate to include the Extremists in Syria.   

Then after the extremists are defeated; for Israel to destroy the power of Gaza, Hezbollah and Syria; allowing the American/Israeli backed anti Assad forces to take over in Syria. 

How long it will take to defeat the Islamic extremists is anyone’s guess.  It could take six weeks or it could take a few months. Therefore there is no way to determine with any degree of certainty when the Israeli regional war will begin. 

The Israeli elections have been called for March 17, but they could be postponed if war breaks out, or they could be inconclusive in empowering any faction to assemble a coalition and form a government, which could easily mean another election to resolve that issue. 

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