The Middle East Peace Plan

Senator Kerry is making giant strides in establishing a genuine Mideast peace after the coming war.  The war will motivate all sides towards a real peace agreement and intense preparations are under way to establish that peace.

To entice Palestinian agreement they are being offered a 4 billion dollar infusion of cash and the establishment of Jericho as a major economic hub with its own airport and access to Jordan.

The Israeli defense minister has  resisted but a deal has been made with Netanyahu for the defense minister to control the Hereidi draft ;which was what the recent squabble in the coalition was about; and he has now agreed to the plan.

 After a two-week freeze, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has removed his opposition to the plan to establish a new Palestinian city in the Jordan Rift Valley, Maariv reported. According to the plan, Israel will expropriate land from the settler Jordan Rift Valley council and transfer it to the Palestinian Authority’s civilian control [Change it from Area C to either Area B or A].

The approximately 2000 dunams [about 495 acres] of land is located near Jericho. Following Maariv’s first report on the plan two weeks ago,

Yaalon asked Israel’s Civil Administration in the Palestinian Territories to freeze the transfer. But has now decided to allow it to continue. But the head of the settler council said the settlers in the valley “will not accept the establishment of a city on such a big piece of our land.”

The Palestinian president Abbas has told advisers that as the US tries to restart Mideast peace talks, he is under intense international pressure to return to negotiations with Israel and drop demands for a Jewish settlement freeze in the West Bank, officials said Wednesday.

Approval of the Jericho plan is a very positive substitute for demands of a freeze on illegal construction in many areas that all agree will be given to Israel anyway.  

In a closed meeting, Mahmoud Abbas lamented his difficult choice: Rebuff the Americans and alienate Washington, or cave in and face an uproar at home. Aides say Abbas expects a formal proposal to renew talks from US Secretary of State John Kerry in the coming weeks.

Abbas will be required to agree by his financial sponsors, the US, EU and the Gulf States; while Israel will be required to agree, as a part of the plan for international regime change in Iran and support against Hezbollah and Syria.

Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are likely to be agreed within weeks.  That may trigger conflict with Gaza who is being excluded from the plan.  Meanwhile the northern border can erupt at any time although probably not for a few more weeks yet.

The coming peace talks will be based on the Olmert Abbas general agreement and the Arab Peace Plan.  The overall peace deal has been agreed for years; what was lacking was the public demand and the political interest in completing the deal. 

Also needed are the thousands of foreign peacekeepers to separate Israel and Palestine; occupy and rebuild south Lebanon and Gaza; and garrison Jerusalem as an international city.

The Olmert Peace Plan

“On September 16, 2008, [Olmert] presented Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] with details on the Israeli proposal for borders between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that had been prepared based upon dozens of conversations that the two held in the course of the intensive negotiations after the Annapolis summit.

The proposal that was presented was designed to solve the problem of the borders between Israel and the future Palestinian state. Abbas took the proposals to the Palestinian Authority for a response, however Olmert resigned before a response came, and Netanyahu has reneged on the offer and has done everything in his power to scuttle any serious talks [because of coalition constraints] since his first election. 

Giving Abu Mazen an actual map signed by both men was conditioned upon signing a comprehensive and final agreement with the Palestinians, so it would not be used as an ‘opening position’ in future negotiations.

Click here to view the map detailing Olmert’s peace plan

The implementation of the Olmert plan would require the evacuation of tens of thousands of settlers and the removal of hallmarks of the West Bank settlement enterprise such as Ofra, Beit El, Elon Moreh and Kiryat Arba, as well as the Jewish community in Hebron itself. 

Olmert wanted to annex 6.3 percent of the West Bank to Israel, areas that are home to 75 percent of the Jewish population of the territories. His proposal would have also involved evacuation of dozens of settlements in the Jordan Valley, in the eastern Samarian hills and in the Hebron region.

In return for the annexation to Israel of Ma’aleh Adumim, the Gush Etzion bloc of settlements, Ariel, Beit Aryeh and settlements adjacent to Jerusalem, Olmert proposed the transfer of territory to the Palestinians equivalent to 5.8 percent of the area of the West Bank as well as a safe-passage route from Hebron to the Gaza Strip via a highway that would remain part of the sovereign territory of Israel but which would be internationally supervised.

Olmert reached a verbal understanding with the Bush administration to the effect that Israel would receive heavy American financial aid to develop the Negev and Galilee to absorb some of those settlers evacuated from the West Bank.

Other evacuees would have been resettled in new apartments to be built in the settlement blocs that Israel would annex.  This accounts for the thousands of new apartments recently approved for the major settlement blocs.

While details may still be adjusted, the plan for the borders is close to completion, however the public mood needs to be reset to accept the plan.  That will come with the imminent regional war which will not only reset political realities but create a strong public desire for peace.

The city of Jerusalem is to be set up as an international heritage and diplomatic center, a kind of District of Columbia combined with a Geneva as a secondary UN headquarters, with an international UN governance and the capitol of  the Palestinian Authority in the Old City and the capitol of Israel in the New City.

In Jerusalem the holy sites are to come under UN trusteeship and overseen  by religious authorities from Catholicism, Islam and Rabbinic Judaism.

These final issues can be resolved in a very short time as they are already agreed behind the scenes by the power elite.

Israel will get a peace deal and be able to withdraw its economically burdensome occupation forces, saving it billions with which to rescue its failed economy. 

Israel will also get real security as foreign peacekeepers and nation builders secure the borders of the West Bank and take full control of Gaza and south Lebanon [somewhat like the Kosovo situation. 

In addition Israel will also have the relocation of its citizens from the illegal outposts paid for by American and international contributions.

These agreements have already been made and supported by the international establishment.  All that remains is a major war to create the necessary attitude of most people in the region towards passionately desiring and accepting real peace; and the completion of a few final details.

Such a peace deal, after a bloody and painful conflict will cause rejoicing throughout the region. 

Then when the peacekeepers are in place and the abomination [last pope] goes to Jerusalem to declare peace; the only remaining problem will rear its head to sabotage the deal and bring the anger of the Islamic nations, Psalm 83, and the new Europe.

The Jewish Settler Extremists who reject giving up their outposts according to the signed deal will sabotage the deal; possibly by demonstrating and perhaps attacking the pope in Jerusalem..

The extremist Settler Movement will sabotage the peace deal, forcing the peace keepers to take action. 

Dan 11:40   And at the time of the end shall the king of the south [the Jewish state and Egypt] push at him: and the king of the north [the New Europe] shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

4He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown:

This will escalate into the full captivity of Judah and the defeat of her allies by the New Europe and the Islamic countries and with the support of the whole world which is tired of the continual violence.  


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