The Issues Behind The Hezbollah/Israeli crisis


Israeli denials of targeting an Iranian general have turned out to be false propaganda designed for Western ears.  Israeli intelligence was able to locate and keep track of Iranian General Mohammed Ali Allah Dadi, who was killed in an Israeli air strike on the Golan, because he persisted in keeping his cell phone switched on, according to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Gumhuriya. Israeli eavesdroppers listened in on his conversations and were able to pin down his exact whereabouts.  It was the Israeli tracking of the Iranian officer which enabled the attack on the general.

Western NGO’s backed by western intelligence agencies which began the Syrian troubles.  Since then a group of insurgents trained by the United States in Jordan and backed by Israel have managed to seize the Syrian Golan Heights on the border with Israel.  Now with the American anti Islamic Extremist coalition attacking the Extremists in northern Syria and temporarily relieving the pressure on Syria; it was decided to prepare for an offensive by Syria and Hezbollah to liberate the Syrian Golan from the US/Israeli backed insurgents.  The Hezbollah commanders and the Iranian General were on an inspection tour to decide what would be needed to defeat the American/Israeli backed insurgents on the Syrian Golan. 

The Israeli assassinations were a message to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah that Israel will not tolerate Syria or its ally Hezbollah liberating their own territory of the Syrian Golan.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is on visits in Russia and China today. In Moscow, he will meet Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. 
Lieberman plans to discuss the tense security situation in the north, and is expected to send a message through Russia that Israel will not tolerate any move to reassert Syrian authority on their side of the Golan .

Lieberman reportedly intends to convey that Israel is not interested in escalation, but that Israel would not accept the establishment of a terrorist base [Reasserted Syrian sovereignty through her Hezbollah proxies] on the Golan Heights border.  The issue is about  the proxies controlling the Syrian Golan, as a buffer zone to prevent any use of the area by Hezbollah/Syria in any conflict with Israel. 

For the Iranian, Syrian, Hezbollah Gaza axis the immediate issue is the murder of the officers; which was a huge provocation that cannot go unanswered.  After all Lieberman could have been sent to give the warning months ago without Israel breaking the ceasefire and murdering 12 people; and of course the American/Israeli proxies seizure of the Syrian Golan. 

Israel has now proclaimed that they will hold teh entire Syria, Hezbollah, Iranian, Gaza axis responsible for any incident anywhere in the world and it appears that the killings were intended to start a regional war.  The Lieberman trip seems to be just window dressing and an opportunity to explain Israel’s reasons before the conflict begins. 

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is to give his response to the Israeli provocations in a major speech on Friday 30 January.  In the meantime Israel continues to build up a massive military force in the North.  Such a huge military concentration in the North almost begs for an incident with Gaza in the South.  Even if carried out by a renegade any incident could potentially spark a very difficult and bloody regional war.

On Sabbath Israeli military sources reported that heavier military traffic than usual, including tanks, were to be seen on the Golan and Israel’s borders with Lebanon, amid high tension on in these areas. Saturday, the IDF instructed people living near the Lebanese border to practice dousing lights and blacking out their windows – a directive to which the IDF has never resorted before.

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