The Babylonian Mysteries Through the Ages

A careful examination of Scripture should make it easy for us to identify the Babylon Mystery religion.

To do so we must develop a basic understanding of the biblical meaning of “Babylon.” This word occurs 290 times in the Bible. 

We learn that the founder of Bab-el or Babylon, was Nimrod [Ninus] from the 10th chapter of Genesis. He was the arch apostate of the immediate post flood period. He persuaded his associates and followers to join together in “building a city and a tower which should reach unto heaven.” Not a tower by which they might climb up into the skies, but a tower of renown, to be recognized as a temple or rallying center for those who did not walk in obedience to the word of the Lord.

This was a new religion [perhaps a renewing of pre flood beliefs] which is today called astrology and which considered the planets and stars of heaven to directly affect the live of humans. The higher initiates understood that the sun moon and stars were only symbols for angels and god; and know that they are truly worshipping Satan as Lucifer the light bringer, when the worship the sun, and that they are worshipping demons as revealing the way to personal godship and liberation from God as Satan taught Eve in the garden of Eden.

The founder of this pagan religious system was Nimrod and Semiramis who used this system to focus the people on the heavens and create a person dictatorship in the name of the gods.

This was a church-state system that was carried on throughout the history of Babylon and its successor empires

They called their city and tower Bab-El, “Gate of God”; but it was soon changed by divine judgment into Babel, “Confusion”. 

The historical drama of Babylon began on the plains of Shinar, where the first world dictator established the world’s first religious center. The dictator’s name was Nimrod, which means “a mighty man before [in place of] the Lord”. The beginning of this kingdom was Babel, or Babylon (Gen. 10 v.8-10) Under this leader, the first united religious act was performed, the building of a tower [Ziggurat pyramid] ”whose top would reach [or see into] into the heavens.” (Gen 11 v.4)

These people were smart enough to know that they couldn’t build a tower through which they could climb up to where God lives. That wasn’t of interest to them. They were already studying the stars and the moon and were codifying the first system of astrology. The tower was to aid them in better observation of the stars. It was, in essence, an astrological observatory.  This was the woman [the Babylonian Mysteries religion of Zechariah 5].

Many centuries later, when God pronounced future judgment on Babylon, He said that “She had labored with sorceries and astrology from her youth,” indicating that these were practiced in Babylon from her very beginning in history. (Isaiah 47 v.12-13)

When the angel told John that he would tell him the mystery of the woman, he was referring to the fact that this Harlot, this false religious system, would have as its main teachings the same occultic practices as ancient Babylon. It would be a religion of rebellion against the law of God and a worshiping of human leaders who lead men away from God’s commandments to gain followings after themselves. We know that the ancient city of Babylon was ruled by this occultic influence, but not many people are aware that the religion of Babylon passed from empire to empire until the days of ancient Rome.

The mystery that John was seeking to unveil for his readers was that religious Babylon would control the last great world power in the last days of history. This religion will be an occultic amalgamation which is the original source of all the world’s religions.

When God confused the races and languages at babel the people spread across the world with this same religion, only using different names for the same gods. For example Saturn became Apollo to the Greeks and Ra to the Egyptians. The same gods, only different names.

Is it such a surprise then, that all these cosmetically different religions would once again look to their core center of Babylon the Great in the last days?

For the years of the Tribulation, an Empire married to the Babylonian Mystery religion will  dominate and be a terror to the world.

Nimrod, or Nimroud-bar-Cush, was a grandson of Ham, the unworthy son of Noah. Noah had brought through the flood, knowledge of the true God.

Ancient lore now comes to our assistance, and tells us that the wife of Nimroud-bar-Cush was the infamous Semiramis the First. She is reputed to have been the foundress of the Babylonian Mysteries and the first high priestess of idolatry.

Semiramis the First started the Babylonian Mysteries and became its mother goddess called cyble, Astarte, etc etc; whose worship overwhelmed the world in her many many names. She was renamed Mary during the third and fourth centuries A.D. by those who wanted to apostate “Christianity” and is worshiped today by apostate paganized “Chirstians”.

When a person supposedly prays to Mary, they are praying to the DEAD high priestess Semiramis

Thus Babylon became the fountain head of idolatry, and the mother of every heathen and pagan system in the world. The mystery religion that was there originally, spread in various forms throughout the whole earth and is with us today.

Building on the Scriptural promise of the woman’s Seed who was to come, Semiramis bore a son whom she declared was miraculously conceived! And when she presented him to the people, he was hailed as the promised deliverer.

This was Tammuz, whose worship Ezekiel protested against in the days of the captivity. Thus was introduced the mystery of the mother and the child, a form of idolatry that is older than any other known to man. The rites of this worship were secret. Only the initiated were permitted to know its mysteries. It was Satan’s effort to delude mankind with an imitation so like the truth of God that they would not know the true Seed of the woman when He came in the fullness of time.

Babel, or Babylon was built by Nimrod (Gen.10 v.8-10). Babel was the place of original post flood rebellion against God, and the original post flood start of the Babylonian Mysteries; it was also the seat of Satan.

Here the “Babylonian Cult” was invented, a system claiming to possess the highest wisdom and to reveal the divinest secrets. Before a member could be initiated he had to “confess” to the Priest. The Priest knowing his weaknesses then had him in his power. 

Once admitted into this order, men were no longer Babylonians, Assyrians, or Egyptians, but members of a Mystical Brotherhood over whom was placed a Pontiff or “High Priest,” whose word was law. The city of Babylon continued to be the seat of Satan until the collapse of infighting of the Hellenist Empire of Alexander, when Satan shifted his seat to Pergamos in Asia Minor, where it was in John’s day. (Rev. 2 v.12-13)

In 205 BC, following the “Peace of Phoenice”, Rome turned to Attalus king of Pergamos, as its only friend in Asia, for help concerning a religious matter.

An unusual number of meteor showers caused concern in Rome, and an inspection was made of the Sibylline Books, which discovered verses saying that if a foreigner were to make war on Italy, he could be defeated if the Magna Idaea, the Mother Goddess, associated with Mount Ida in Phrygia, were brought to Rome.

Hoping to bring about a speedy conclusion to the war with Hannibal, a distinguished delegation, led by M. Valerius Laevinus, was dispatched to Pergamon, to seek Attalus’ aid. According to Livy, Attalus received the delegation warmly, and “handed over to them the sacred stone which the natives declared to be ‘the Mother of the Gods’, and bade them carry it to Rome.” In Rome the goddess became known as the Magna Mater.

In Rome, Cybele was known as Magna Mater (“Great Mother”). The Roman State adopted and developed a particular form of her cult, and claimed her conscription as a key religious component in their success against Carthage during the Punic Wars.

When Attalus, the Pontiff and King of Pergamos, died in 133 BC, he willed the Headship of the “Babylonian Priesthood” to Rome. When the Etruscans came to Italy from Lydia (the region of Pergamos), they brought with them the ture core Babylonian Mysteries, religion and rites. And they set up a Pontiff who was head of the Priesthood. Later the Romans accepted this Pontiff as their civil ruler.

Julius Caesar was made Pontiff of the Etruscan Order in 74 BC. In 63 BC he was made “Supreme Pontiff” of the “Babylonian Order,” thus becoming heir to the rights and titles of Attalus, Pontiff of Pergamos, who had made Rome his heir by will. Thus the Roman Emperor became the Head of the “Babylonian Priesthood”, and Rome became the successor of Babylon.]

Rome became Babylon BOTH by political succession to the Greeks and by succeeding as the religious successors of the seat of Satan.

The Emperors of Rome continued to exercise the office of “Supreme Pontiff” until the Ruler of the “Roman Church”was proclaimed the “Supreme Pontiff” Head of the “Babylonian Order”

Thus Satan united Rome and Babylon into the same political religious system that came from Babylon.

In 378 the “rites” of Babylon began to come to the front. The worship of Semiramis as the Virgin Mary was set up in 381 A.D.

All the outstanding festivals of the Roman Catholic Church are of Babylonian origin. Easter is not a Christian name. It means “Ishtar,” one of the titles of the Babylonian Queen of Heaven, Semiramis; whose worship by the Children of Israel was such an abomination in the sight of God. The decree for the observance of Easter and Lent was given in 519 AD. The “Rosary” is of Pagan origin.

There is no warrant in the Word of God for the use of the “Sign of the Cross.” It had its origin in the mystic “Tau” of the Chaldeans and Egyptians. It came from the letter “T”, the initial name of “Tammuz,” and was used in the “Babylonian Mysteries” for the same magic purposes as the Romish Church now employs it. Celibacy, the Tonsure, and the Order of Monks and Nuns, have no warrant or authority from scripture. The Nuns are nothing more than an imitation of the “Vestal Virgins” of Pagan Rome.

The statue of Daniel two showed the Babylonian system being taken over by Medo-Persia, and then by Greece, finally was taken over by the Romans both politically and religiously; to become the heir of Babylon politically and the Roman Catholic Church being the heir of the Babylonian Mystery religion.

Hostorically it is to Rome that these things came; it is Rome [Lateinos in the koine Greek of Revelation] which bears the number 666, and it is Rome which had seven revivals of a church state Holy Roman Empire and is about to unite in an eighth and final such union.

The acknowledged Supreme Pontiff is the Roman Pope, who sits on the seat of Satan in the Vatican!

It is the Roman Catholic Church and all others who stand on her teachings to pay lip-servioce while rebelling against, God’s commandments and to compromise with the Word of God; who shall be destroyed by Christ if they do not repent.


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