Syrian Kurds Declare Autonomous Region; Syria Launches Offensive on Al-Qaeda

Kurds in northeastern Syria have officially announced the creation of an autonomous Kurdish government in the region.

The move follows a series of military victories against Islamist rebel groups. Kurdish leaders announced plans to create an autonomy in July, but were delayed by heavy fighting with Al-Nusra and other Al-Qaeda linked rebel armies, which also sought control of the northeast.

The government that was revealed Tuesday will be a transitional government tasked with forming a civil administration for the region and preparing for elections.

Kurds in Iraq currently enjoy autonomy, with their own police and armed forces.

Syrian government forces backed by foreign Shi’ite Muslim militia advanced on rebels in the northern city of Aleppo on Tuesday, in an offensive to recapture districts from al Qaeda linked brigades weakened by infighting and defeat by the Kurds.

The threat of President Bashar Assad destroying Islamic Extremists in Aleppo is so grave that Islamist brigades, including al-Qaida affiliates, have declared a state of emergency and summoned all fighters to head to the fronts.

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