Syria War Winds Down, What’s Next?

After two weeks of heavy pounding from Syrian forces and  militias the insurgents and rebels of Deraa have agreed to a 48 hour ceasefire to negotiate a more permanent ceasefire.  

The American approved Russian plan called for five rebel safe havens to be established inside Syria and rebel fighters from across Syria to be evacuated to those five safe havens. Deraa is the last major rebel bastion inside Syria and once a deal is struck will be the last of the five safe havens to be established.  

If all goes as planned the Syrian war against foreign supported militias will end in a few weeks and following that the war against the Islamic State is also coming to an end.  

The next phase of the Western plan calls for an Israeli attack on Gaza to then escalate to destroy Hezbollah and the remaining strength of Syria, so that the rebels can storm out of their safe havens and seize the regime.  The US Coalition will also destroy the Iranian Revolutionary Guards breaking up their stranglehold on that country.  

Following the war, a new government in Israel and new regimes in the region will join a genuine dialogue for peace and a peace deal will be achieved as soon as sometime in late 2018 or a short time after that.

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