Syria Launches Anti-Terror Offensive in the South

While Syria has already been credited by John Kerry with exemplary conduct for beginning the destruction of its chemical weapons so quickly; Syria, free from the threat of foreign attack, deployed two armored brigades to the south Monday night.

They are linking up with existing loyalist forces in southern Syria for an offensive to destroy infiltrators who entered from Jordan, led by foreign special forces officers and commanded by US officers based in Jordan. 

The Syrian air force bombarded insurgent-held areas as 200 tanks, plus APCs, armored vehicles and self-propelled artillery are moving into the area.

Syrian forces appear to be moving to liberate areas contested by foreign supported and commanded insurgents, from the Hermon Mts. just north of the Golan heights, down to the Syrian-Israel-Jordanian border junction opposite the southern Israeli Golan.

The main body is presently on the move in the area between the Yarmuk River which marks the Syrian Jordanian border and Quneitra. 

Jordan has responded to the heavy Syrian military movements in the region by putting  two army divisions, Nos. 60 and 40, on a state of preparedness at the border.

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