Russia Rushing S-300 Defense Systems to Syria in Race Against Imminent US Attack

UPDATE 12:45 EDT:  President Obama has announced that he will speak to the American people Tuesday about why he has decided to attack Syria. 

At that time he will know if he has the votes to pass a joint resolution of congress approving of the attack.  If he des not have the votes, he may attack early, and not allow the vote to take place.  If congress does approve the resolution he will attack. 

Meanwhile the French president has been convinced to wait until the UN report is tabled.  That report, which will have a analysis of the chemicals used,  will enable a determination of where the chemicals came from; as the chemical signature of the Syrian chemicals and the insurgent chemicals is now well known.

Why is Obama anxious to attack BEFORE the chemical inspectors present their unbiased  analysis of the attack chemicals?

Russia Rushing S-300 Defense Systems to Syria in Race Against Imminent US Attack

The United States has withdrawn all non-emergency embassy workers and their families from Lebanon and Adana, Turkey, and warned Americans against travel to Lebanon and Turkey, amid looming military strikes on Syria; the State Department said Friday.

The US senate and president Obama are working on the language of a bill acceptable to both the House and the Senate, which is expected to be put to a vote on Wednesday.  

With the whole world rejecting the attack: except the Anglo Americans, the French president, Turkey and the Sunni Arab States; Obama has abandoned an appeal to the UN and is expected to strike quickly after congressional approval. Possibly beginning on Wednesday night EDT.

Moscow announced earlier that the Nikolai Filchenkov landing ship was on its way to the Mediterranean, stressing that it would first put in at Novorossisk port on the Black Sea to pick up “a special cargo.”

This cargo was widely identified as the advanced Russian S-300 air defense system for warding off a US attack on Syria.

Russia also has just sent the Smetlivy guided missile destroyer to reinforce the six other ships already arrived in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. 

Western naval sources reported Friday that a Chinese landing craft, the Jinggangshan, with a 1,000-strong marine battalion had reached the Red Sea en route for the Mediterranean off Syria.  Beijing has already deployed a number of warships opposite Syria in secret. If the latest report is confirmed, this will be the largest Chinese deployment in the Middle East in its naval history.

The US State Department announced Friday: “Given the current situation in Syria and the region, as well as potential threats to U.S. Government facilities and personnel, we are taking these steps out of an abundance of caution to protect our employees and their families, and local employees and visitors to our facilities.”  

“The Consulate General in Adana has been authorized to draw down its
non-emergency staff and family members because of threats against U.S.
government facilities and personnel,” the department said, advising US citizens
to defer non-essential travel to southeastern Turkey.

Given the fact that it has been proved that it was the insurgents who made the chemical attack in Aleppo; the source of the Damascus attack is highly questionable.  

The determining factor in Aleppo was that the chemicals were proved to have been home made and not of military manufacture.  Obama is urgent to attack Syria quickly, lest the UN chemical inspectors make the same determination regarding Damascus, and the opportunity for a new World Order war is lost …

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