Putin signs accession act with Crimea

Russian president Putin has signed the Crimea accession bill after addressing a joint session of the Duma.

Putin started his address with a review of the profound historical, national and religious significance of Crimea as the cradle of Russian civilization and went on to say that the Ukraine is also a Russian historical sphere of influence: “Our relationship with our brothers in Ukraine will always be a key issue for Russia,”

Then, after voicing sympathy with the protesters of Maidan Square against a succession of corrupt Ukrainian governments, and the present US backed NAZI coup; he said Moscow would have no truck with the people who had seized  power in Kiev.

Putin stated the well know facts that the illegal coup was carried out by “fascists, anti-Semites, nationalists and radicals who seized power in a coup d’etat backed by western patrons, and do not legitimately represent the people of Ukraine.”  

He accused them of plots against the people of Ukraine and the ethnic Russians of Ukraine, starting with Crimea; after which they planned to serve the West by bringing NATO right up to the historic borders of Russia and into Sevastopol.

The Russian president repeated that Russia will always defend the interests of ethnic Russians and the people of the Ukraine “diplomatically, through laws and other means.”

Putin asked why Kosovo’s legitimacy in breaking away from Serbia was recognized by the UN and US while Crimea’s referendum is deemed illegal.

This is a double standard, he said. In 1999 Western troops invaded Serbia to separate Kosovo and NATO bombed Serbia and  Belgrade, whereas Crimea saw no military showdown and not a single person died, he legitimately boasted.

So why was Western military action in defense of Kosovo’s rights legitimate, while Russia was accused of aggression in support of Crimea, Putin asked?

The Russian leader then spoke about about Washington’s flouting of the UN and Security Council in pursuit of its own interests, breaking international laws by attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, and sponsoring an “Arab spring” which turned into an “Arab winter.”

The West calls Russia an aggressive power which must be contained, Putin noted and added: “We have to stop this cold war rhetoric and assert our interests and you have to respect us and our interests as an independent nation.”

He mocked the sanctions against Russian and Crimean officials that the US and European Union approved Monday, saying that Moscow was used to sanctions in the form of dictates to fall in with their policies.

Putin also declared that Russia was ready to take on NATO forces in Crimea and Ukraine at any time,.

While NATO is ready to defend its members should any Ukraine conflict take place and spill over to NATO countries; there is no way that EU NATO countries would come to the aid of the Nazi thugs who have taken over Ukraine.

The session ended with Putin and Crimean leaders signing the treaty to again make Crimea part of Russia.


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