Pro Russia Counter Coup in Crimea

UPDATE: Russia informs NATO of its intention to restore order to the Crimea. 

The new western backed Ukraine regime has ordered the mobilization of its military forces.

A new report prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on the telephonic conversation held earlier today [25 Feb] between General Staff Chief, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov and Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO Allied Command Operations, US Air Force General Philipp Breedlove, states that Russia has “informed” the Western Alliance of its “full intention” to protect the Russian citizens of Crimea, even if it means all-out war.

Important to note, this report says, is that top Putin advisor with responsibility for relations with Ukraine, Sergei Glazyev, had previously warned the Obama regime that blatant  US “interference” in Ukraine breached the 1994 treaty under which Washington and Moscow jointly guaranteed Ukraine’s security and sovereignty after Kiev gave up its Soviet-era nuclear arsenal.

Even more critical to note, this report continues, is Russia’s obligation to abide by the terms of the 1774 Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca signed between the Russian and Ottoman Empires which saw the Crimea formally annexed into the Russian Empire in 1783.

Despite the 1954 “illegal action” of ceding Crimea to Ukraine by former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev (in what has since been described as a “Greek Gift” power play meant to shift the rebuilding cost to the Ukrainian republic from its World War II devastation from the USSR), this report says, Putin had previously warned the US of its “official position” in 2008 when he told then President George W. Bush, “You understand, George, that Ukraine isn’t even a state.”


In concluding their report, the MoD further warns that Ukraine will face bankruptcy within the fortnight unless the US and EU give it and immediate $35 billion.

Most perplexing of the Obama regimes moves against Ukraine, this report continues, has been their “embrace” of the ruthless and corrupt  Neo-Nazi former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who aside from her Hitler –like obsession with horoscopes and psychics, was also an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a 2006 corruption trial held in the US that jailed another former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Pavel Lazarenko, for embezzling $200 million.

As to the Obama regime being the lead instigator in Ukraine’s present crisis there is no doubt.


Pro Russia Counter Coup in  Crimea

Russian flags flew over Crimea’s regional government buildings Thursday after their capture by armed men in an apparent pro-Russian coup. 

In Kiev, the Ukraine coup’s western backed leaders said they were sending military units to restore order in the Russian majority population of the Crimea.

The Russian defense ministry then announced that fighter jets stood on combat alert along its western borders with Ukraine.

“Constant air patrols are being carried out by fighter jets in the border regions,” Interfax quoted a ministry statement as saying. “From the moment they received the signal to be on high alert, the air force  in the western military region left for the … air bases.”

Armed men carried out a pro-Russian coup in the Crimean capital, by seizing government and parliamentary buildings and hoisting Russian flags – in response to the pro-European coup in Kiev.

The pro-Russian coup came on the heels of a day of violent clashes between pro-Russian and pro-European protesters in the Crimean capital, which prompted a Russian military alert yesterday.

Earlier Wednesday, acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced that a riot police force used against anti-government protesters in Ukraine had been disbanded.

This led to a special session in the Crimean Parliament, which  convened a previously unscheduled session Wednesday, amid local media reports that secession might be on the agenda.  That led to minority Tartar protests and some fighting, which brought today’s counter in the Crimea.

The Crimea then to offer the police refuge.  The new, pro-Russian mayor of Sevastopol said Tuesday night at a rally in the city that he had secured funding to keep paying Berkut riot police there even after the force was disbanded.

Russian forces have been redeployed from the Sochi games to the Ukraine border and Wednesday  President Vladimir Putin  ordered his armed forces to full combat readiness  in western and central Russia in the face of clashes between pro-Russian and pro-European protesters in Ukraine especially the Crimean Peninsula where the huge Russian Black Sea naval base is located. 

The United States has briskly warned Russia not to interfere in Ukraine.  It is understood that the West will attack Syria and Iran at some point soon, and that Russia could respond with its own action either in Ukraine or the Caucasus and Georgia or both.

Russia has placed 150,000 troops, 880 tanks, 90 aircraft and 80 navy ships, on full combat alert, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in remarks carried by Russian news agencies.

A senior Russian lawmaker on Tuesday told ethnic Russians in Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula that Moscow will protect them if their lives are in danger.

Yesterday in Moscow, defense minister Gen. Shoigu said the forces “must be ready to bomb unfamiliar testing grounds” and be “ready for action in crisis situations that threaten the nation’s military security.”

Wednesday, events escalated when pro-Russian and pro-European protesters clashed violently in the Crimean town of Simferopol, the Peninsula’ss financial and highway hub. Most of the protesters against Moscow were members of the minority Tatar community, who had gathered from around the region to demand that Crimea accept Kiev rule. The majority population is Russian speaking and fought the Tatar demonstrators. 

Even if Russia does not want to take on the occupation of all Ukraine, they cannot afford to lose the Crimea which hosts the huge Russian Black Sea naval base and is the center for its entire Middle East policy. 

Ukraine said on Thursday it would regard any movements by Russian military in Crimea outside the Russian Black Sea fleet’s base in Sevastopol as an act of aggression.

Acting Ukraine President Oleksander Turchinov issued a warning to Russia that any involvement in the Crimea would be considered an act of war on Ukraine.  

The warning was issued in the national parliament after armed men seized the regional government and parliament buildings in Crimea.

With unrest growing in the Crimea over western backed coup in the Ukraine, a group of armed men seized the local parliament and the regional government headquarters in Simferopol early Thursday morning, barricaded themselves inside both buildings and raised Russian flags, news services reported.

They were reported to be wearing plain uniforms without designating marks. The Interfax news agency quoted a local authority as saying the men were from a Crimean self-defense group.

Forces loyal to the new provisional government in Kiev have now surround the buildings taken by the Russian ethnic majority in Crimea saying they were occupied by “criminals in army fatigues.” Prompting the Wednesday night entry of Russian military forces  into the peninsula.

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