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30 Sep:  Ahead of Raqqa, Syria offensive the US destroyed two bridges across the Euphrates at Deir ez Zor this week.  

John Kerry threatens to end all cooperation with Russia in Syria. Obama / Kerry rush home after Peres funeral to deal with crisis, as ending cooperation with Russia would bring a very high risk of confrontation between Coalition and Russian aircraft.  

Inquiry blames Russian speaking autonomy seekers in east Ukraine for shooting down a Malaysian airliner.  Since there is no reason for the Russians or the rebels to want to stir up a storm of international opposition, the event was accidental and not deliberate. The western propaganda machine is blaming Russia itself for the event, and appears to be trying to foment crisis with Russia.  It is more likely that rebels made a mistake, misjudging the aircraft as hostile.  A key question is why the airliner was flying over a battlefield anyway.  It seems to me that this was a tragic combination of failures.


29 Sep:  80 world statesmen – nearly all of them high degree Masons and New World Order folks, from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama – are using the gathering for the Peres [top level Mason] funeral for marathon meetings.  

It is circulating that Obama has tentatively set the Mosul offensive to begin on Oct 19th, advancing the date from the end of the month. While media focus on Syria-Russia operations to liberate Aleppo  Allied planes have been pounding the city for weeks to prepare for the ground invasion.

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday and threatened that Washington will cancel all of its understandings with Moscow regarding Syria if the attempt to liberate Aleppo  does not halt immediately.  The American backed rebels in Syria have decided to abandon all negotiations.  They and the US are blaming Russia.  

615 US combat troops are being deployed to Iraq for the Mosul offensive.  The US will have over 7,000 troops in Iraq together with thousands of mercenaries as well as thousands of troops from other nations.

Congress voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to allow families of Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for its alleged backing of the attackers, handing Barack Obama the first veto override of his presidency.

The Senate vote was 97-1. The House vote a few hours later was 348-77.

Lawmakers said their priority was the 9/11 victims and their families, not the American relationship with Saudi Arabia.  


28 Sep:  Israel’s 9th president, former Prime Minister and 33 degree mason, Shimon Peres, died early Wednesday morning at Sheba Hospital after suffering a stroke. He was 93.  The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday that Friday’s funeral of ex-President Shimon Peres will be attended by US President Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State John Kerry, the presidents of France, Germany, Mexico and Romania, the prime minister of Australia, Britain’s Prince Charles, Holland’s Queen Mother Beatrix and ambassadors and senior officials from many other countries. More world leaders are expected to announce in the next few hours that they will be attending as well. The casket bearing the body of Peres will lie in state at the Knesset on Thursday for people to pay their last respects. The details of the funeral are to be announced following Wednesday morning’s special cabinet meeting to set the arrangements.  

Israeli police and border police carried out simultaneous raids early Wednesday morning in Shuafat and other areas of East Jerusalem, arresting 39 young men suspected of involvement in terrorism, possession of weapons and participation in rioting. The overnight raids also resulted in the seizure of a large amount of weapons including submachine guns, knives, axes and brass knuckles.


27 Sep:  Reports indicate that Russia has given up on cooperating with the United States due the American stonewalling and the repeated breaking of ceasefires by US sponsored rebels as well as abusive American and NATO invective.  

Former Israeli president and 33rd degree mason Shimon Peres is in his last hours. Peres is the main architect of the Mideast peace plan to be adopted after the coming regional war.

The Syrian army began a ground operation to liberate Aleppo today with special commando forces advancing in armored columns from three directions. The forces are taking the main routes into the rebel-held eastern suburbs, as well as from the north and the southeast.  The Farafina district has already been liberated from the American sponsored rebels

Russia places mobile rifle division 60 mi from Ukraine.  

70 IS fighters killed near Mosul.


26 Sep:  Russia which is defending Syria against a rebellion orchestrated by the United States has taken umbrage to the American attacks on it at the UNSC.  The US is attacking Russia for defending Syria against more than 350 ceasefire breaches by the US backed rebels.  It appears that there is now an unbridgeable breach between the US and Russia on Syria and a confrontation between the two is inevitable once the ISIL is finished and the focus moves to Assad.   

Iranian Presidential elections are scheduled to be held in Iran on 19 May 2017, However, they might be held earlier under exceptional circumstances, such as the deposition, resignation or death of the President.


25 Sep:  Delegation of Jordanian generals visit Israel – The secret visit by the delegation included a tour of the country, meetings with high-ranking government and IDF officials, and attending a conference at Netanya Academic College (Yedioth/Ynet)  Jordan will be a key country in invading the Jewish State in the very near future (Psalm 83).

Syrian government forces liberated the rebel-held Palestinian refugee camp of Handarat in Aleppo as airstrikes pounded rebel-held eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo. Syria is making big strides against the foreign backed rebels while they can, as the US Coalition is occupied with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Speaking to the US Senate, the Pentagon’s leaders blamed Russia for the Aleppo aid convoy attack, but admitted they “had no facts.” Only US coalition planes should be allowed over Syria, they said, though that would require war against both Syria and Russia.  In other words they can do nothing against Syria as long as they are tied up with the Islamic State conflict, but once the ISIL is eliminated it will be a new game and the US will be ready for a confrontation with Russia..


24 Sep:   Pope Francis will on Saturday hold a multi-faith meeting of grieving relatives and survivors of an attack in France in July.  Muslims Catholics and Jews will meet as the Pope continues to work to establish the Vatican as the world’s ultimate moral authority.

Syria continues to pound rebels in Aleppo today in advance of an operation to liberate the city.  Government tells civilians to evacuate ahead of overwhelming offensive.

Coalition begins massive bombardment of Mosul ahead of operation to liberate that city in Iraq.


23 Sep:   Because of the breakdown of the Syria ceasefire the deployment of the 4th Armored Division to the Golan was rescinded so that the unit could take part in a major offensive in Aleppo launched  yesterday.  The Syrian Golan operation will now be delayed for some time.

America prepares to deploy 500 combat troops for Mosul offensive this brings permanent deployments to about 5,00 with another 1,000 temporary duty forces deployed.

22 Sep:   Russia claims 30 Israeli, American and other foreign officers killed in Aleppo as they directed rebel attacks.

Police killings of black men in Tulsa and Charlotte bring condemnation from Trump / Clinton, while Charlotte goes to State of Emergency over protests.

U.S. drone was in area where U.N. convoy was struck in SyriaNo Russian planes were in the vicinity and the strident US accusations against Russia may be an attempt at a cover up.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault distributed a document on Wednesday to the U.N. Security Council outlining a new mechanism to monitor a U.S.-Russia brokered truce in Syria that it wants major powers to discuss this week.  If the plan is successful it could save the US Russian agreement to go after the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State together. Kerry Lavrov meet to discuss details.

Iran, Hezbollah and Syria have decided to henceforth defend their forces and hit back at any Israeli air or artillery strikes defending the Israeli backed rebels on the Golan.

It is being reported that  Iraqi forces on Wednesday liberated Shirqat district from Islamic State (IS) that was the last position held by the extremist group in Salahaddin province.  Iraqi forces are also making rapid advances in Anbar province.

by , September 21, 2016

In Shirqatfive security personnel and one civilian were killed during operations.Twelve security personnel and three civilians were wounded. A Daesh military official and two aides were killed in artillery fire. Five Daesh guards were killed, and 40 of their prisoners were liberated at a jail. At least 22 more militants were killed in fighting, but the number is likely much higher. Several civilians reported being lashed after waving white flags to Iraqi forces.

A bomb killed two security personnel and wounded four in Mashada.

Fifteen militants were killed during fighting in Kasarat.

Security personnel left four militants dead in Baghdadi.

Gunmen at a Rashidiya checkpoint killed three militants.

In Mosul, unidentified men killed several guards and then burned down a Daesh publishing company.

Dozens of militants were killed in Doulab.

21 Sep:  There are many conflicting stories about the aid trucks in Syria.  One thing is sure, there are no bomb craters and no evidence of explosions. 

Two more suspects are being sought in the NYC bombings.

The Palestinian electoral commission confirmed that the October 8 date for local elections “is no longer applicable.” It set no new date.

Islamic State leaders retreat from Sharqat after shifting their families to Hawija, local fighters fleeing.

The IS is planning a suicidal defense of Mosul and it may be a prolonged fight, with little chance of escape and no intention to surrender.  It is the large contingent of Foreign fighters who will fight to the end.

Syria is defeating the foreign backed rebels who are making agreements for safe passage to retreat towards the Safe Haven created by Turkey.  The US backed rebels in Homs province retreated to Idlib under a safe passage agreement this week.


20 Sep:  VIDEO:  Obama 2016 UNGA speech.

World Day of Prayer for Peace unites 500 religious representatives in talks and prayers at Assisi.

The 79-year old pope meets for talks today with faith leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I.  The Vatican said he would also meet one-on-one with unnamed Muslim and Jewish representatives, as well as Koei Morikawa, the Supreme Head of the Tendai Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism.

Iraq begins final offensive to cleanse Iraq from the Islamic State

After meeting with US President Obama Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the launching of a military operation to liberate  Shirqat, an Islamic State bastion 100 km (60 miles) south of the jihadists’ Mosul stronghold.  Abadi said in a televised message from New York, where he is attending the United Nations General Assembly, that Iraqi forces would also move to retake two areas in western Anbar province.

“These operations pave the way for cleansing every inch of Iraqi land and God willing its end will be the liberation of Mosul city, … the liberation of all Iraqi lands and the end of Daesh,” he said.  The complete eradication of Islamic State is hoped for by the end of the year.

Ahmad Rahami appears to have had various problems with the law and became influenced into violence out of frustration finding justification in Islamic violence, however he backed off after the first bomb exploded and ditched the other bombs.; then deeply depressed he apparently sought suicide by police. 

Efforts continue to organize a Middle East peace conference; this time the French Foreign Ministry is working at the UN General Assembly summit to organize an international Middle East peace conference.  After the pending regional Mideast war a peace will be achieved.


19 Sep:   Suspect in NYC and New Jersey bombings, Ahmed Khan Rahami, is reported to have been apprehended in a shootout with police at Linden, next door to Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Syria ceasefire expires tonight and will not be renewed after it was broken over 300 times during the week by US backed rebels who also used the time to regroups and prepare for another round of combat in Aleppo and other areas. 

There is now intense distrust – even anger – between Moscow and Washington, as the US has covered up massive rebel infringements of the ceasefire, while carrying out a propaganda blitz against Syria and Russia.

Nine stabbing attacks in Israel in the past few days.

Merkel suffers loss in Berlin elections.  Merkel has suffered a massive slump recently and may even decide not to run for reelection in 2017.

Five bombs found in New Jersey on commuter line.  The bombs all in the same backpack appear to have been abandoned by a nervous suspect.  Camera footage of the NYC perpetrator is now available.

Iraqi and Kurdish troops are now within six miles of Mosul as hundreds of US special forces begin arriving near that city.


18 Sep:   As Islamic State approaches collapse in Mosul that organization appears to be striking out in the US giving Obama even more cause to annihilate the ISIL.

A man injured eight people in a stabbing attack in a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota before he was shot dead by police. Witnesses reported hearing him shouting Allahu Akhbar! 

Saturday night, a pipe bomb exploded on the Seaside Park boardwalk in New Jersey, just before a Marine Corps charity run which was cancelled. No one was hurt. Two more pipe bombs were found in the same trash can but did not explode.

Bomb explodes in Chelsea area of New York injuring at least 29 people.   A second bomb with a cell phone attached was found in New York early Sunday planted in a pressure cooker on 27nd Street, four blocks from the device that exploded in a dumpster in Chelsea.

US Coalition air strike kills 88 Syrian soldiers fighting the Islamic State and wounds many more.  In spite of this debacle Syria launches push against Islamic State.  Russia and Syria furious at the US for not coordinating strike in their area with them, thus causing the accident.


17 Sep:   International coalition airstrikes on Tuesday and Wednesday destroyed gathering points and a headquarters of the Islamic State in the forest areas in Mosul, and also destroyed another ISIL headquarters in alImam alAzam College.

Iraqi troops, Kurds and allied militia are closing in around Mosul and the Islamic State has declared a state of emergency in Mosul after a series of assassinations of IS leaders in the city.

The Islamic State appears to be in a state of panic after waves of assassinations this week and has begun to cut off the main roads to residential neighbourhoods after declaring a state of emergency in the city.  The group banned women from wearing burkas in Mosul – having previously forced them to wear them – after a number of its top brass were reportedly killed by veiled women.

ISIL also deployed the ‘Gray Battalion’- an elite security formation, founded by al-Baghdadi, at the main entrances of Mosul to oversee the processes of inspection of vehicles and people.

The Islamic Police, whose task is to supervise the checkpoints near Mosul, have been replaced by the Gray Battalion, a unit fanatically loyal to the Islamic State leader   The deployment of the Gray Battalion comes because of a growing internal collapse in the ranks of the Islamic State in Mosul. 

The US has deployed 40 special-operations troops to work for the first time alongside Turkish forces and “vetted” Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State in northern Syria. The joint mission will take the forces east toward the northern Syrian town of Dabiq, a strategically important ISIS stronghold. Dabiq is 24m northeast of Aleppo and its fall will bring extreme pressure on the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa province Syria.

Obama will meet Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the margins of the U.N. General Assembly on Monday, to finalize plans for the final liberation of Mosul and the extermination of the Islamic State in Iraq.


16 Sep:   American troops are working with Turkish forces and Syrian Kurdish rebels to isolate Islamic State fighters in Raqqa province Syria.

Moscow and Tehran are actively working on opening a joint bank with plans to abandon the US dollar.


15 Sep:  Israel to hold nationwide war exercise from Sunday to Wednesday to prepare public for expected 230,000 rocket assault two front war.  Hundreds of Israelis are expected to die in the looming conflict and the exercise is preparation for all out war including attacks on multiple fronts simultaneously, namely Gaza, Lebanon, the Syrian Golan Heights and Iran. 

The war could begin if the final offensive against the Islamic State planned to begin next month brings an IS attack on Israel and Israel responds against Gaza and Hezbollah militants.

Syria informs Israel – with Russian approval – that from henceforth Syria will defend its airspace and shoot down intruding Israeli warplanes.

Soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade, currently stationed in the north, conducted a large-scale combat exercise in the Golan Heights intended to simulate an operation on the Syrian side of the Golan. 

Israel bombs Gaza after one mortar shell fell on unused land near Gaza.  The mortar shell was fired in self defense at an invading force as Israeli bulldozers leveled lands in the southern Gaza Strip – Witnesses said that four Israeli military bulldozers entered some 50 meters into Palestinian lands from the Sufah military site between the districts of Rafah and Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.  

Israeli Hamas prisoner swap update:   Contrary to Israeli disinformation that Hamas rejected prisoner swap offer,   Hamas official Ahmad Youssef told Ma’an that al-Qassam Brigades had insisted that Israel release all prisoners who were freed as part of the Shalit deal but have since been re-detained, before starting talks in a new prisoner swap deal. 


14 Sep:   As Israel and America sign the defense aid deal in Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu visited the Gaza border region on Wednesday morning and received intelligence and operational briefings from the IDF chief of staff, Lieut. Gen. Gady Eisenkot, as well as the head of the Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir, and the commander of the Gaza Division. The prime minister was accompanied by members of the Security Cabinet  Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. 

Moscow tells Israel to back off on its attacks on Syria.  The Israeli attacks came after an Israeli backed militia fired mortars into Israel to be blamed on Syria and used to justify Israeli bombings of Syria. 

Iran warns off two American warplanes headed for Iranian air space.

Peres in Intensive Care in critical condition, the 33rd degree mason had a pivotal part in putting together the planned Israeli Palestinian peace deal to be agreed after the coming war.

13 Sep:  Former Israeli  president Shimon Peres, aged 94, was described Tuesday night as in serious condition shortly after being taken to hospital with a stroke.  He is not expected to recover. 

Israel bombed Syrian positions on the Golan for the second time today over allegations of mortar rounds landing in Israel.  The shells were probably launched by desperate Israeli backed Syrian rebels to bring on the bombing of Syria as massive forces gather against them.  See 7 Sep report. 

Hamas recently rejected an Israeli offer to free 18 Palestinians and hand over 19 bodies seized during the 2014 war in Gaza in exchange for the bodies of two IDF soldiers.  Three mortar shells landed on the Israeli Golan today and with tensions mounting in the south and on the northern border the IDF 91st Division today conducted a civilian evacuation drill in the western Galilee region. 

Israel and the US agree on a 38 billion dollar aid deal over ten years, to be signed tomorrow. From 2017 to 2117.  This continues a practice of America guaranteeing Israel’s security since 1977, the first forty years of which will expire in fall 2017.

After Israel attacked Syrian positions on the Golan for the fourth time in ten days in support of rebel militias, Syria fired two S-200 anti air defense missiles.  Syria claim one plane and one drone were hit, Israel denies any aircraft were hit.

Dems seeking an alternate candidate solution just in case she reaches a point where Clinton cannot continue.  It is really rather amazing that the possibility of a candidate dropping out has not been foreseen and arranged for in the past.


12 Sep:   France and Germany are to set up a core united defense system and then invite other EU nations ot join them.

Deeply divided EU leaders will meet in Bratislava, the Slovak capital on Friday in the hope of presenting an  appearance of unity as they prepare to use the next six months to try to resolve differences and save the present EU.


11 Sep:   Things are once again heating up on Korean peninsula as the UNSC prepares to table further sanctions and the US is threatening unilateral action against the North.  It must be understood that North Korea is part of the overall Mideast crisis. 

Iran does not and has never had a nuclear weapons program, however the Revolutionary Guards are deeply involved in the North Korean nuclear weapons and ballistic weapons programs.  The guards have supplied financing to the cash strapped NK programs and whatever expertise they have and  North Korea is sharing what it learns in return. 

The strong possibility that if and when the North manufactures several viable nuclear weapons a few could be quickly exported to Iran is a serious worry.


10 Sep:   The US and Russia have agreed to a seven day ceasefire in Syria beginning at sunset ending Monday.  The ceasefire is to:

  1. Allow the delivery of compassionate aid 
  2. The US and Russia have agreed to use the week to define which militant groups Russia and the US will target in a coming offensive. 
  3.  The US backed militants are then to disengage from association with other groups subject to attack during. 

This agreement is about the various militias and has nothing to do with the final resolution of the Assad issue.


9 Sep:  Russia holds large scale military exercise.

Islamic State expected to be extirpated from Iraq this year and from Syria by spring.  As the ISIL collapses over the next six months Israel expects hostilities to begin in the southIsrael claims that Hamas is working with the Islamic State and Israel will attack Gaza in response.

400 more US troops arrive in Iraq for the coming Mosul offensive this week. Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the new commander of the US-led coalition, told the Wall Street Journal late Wednesday that the assault could begin within the next month. 

Turkey launches anti PKK operation and suspends 11,000 PKK linked teachers to blunt their propaganda machine.

US, European and Chinese agencies reported a 5.3 magnitude tremor originating from the North Korean nuclear test facility was recorded at 0030 GMT.

South Korea called an emergency meeting of its National Security Council on suspcion that the North had conducted a nuclear test, and China’s environment ministry began emergency radiation monitoring along its borders with North Korea in northeast China.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said such a nuclear test could not be tolerated. Japan’s foreign minister lodged a protest and Tokyo also sent two military jets to begin measuring for radiation.


8 Sep:  US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are holding in Geneva Thursday – after talks between presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin at the G20 agreed on a three-part agenda: 1. Russian-US cooperation to combat ISIS in Syria; 2. wider aid corridors to Syrian cities; 3. a new round of talks to try and  negotiate a long-term peace accord for ending the Syrian war. 

The US backed rebels have just released their negotiating conditions and transition plans which the US will use as its own negotiating position with Moscow and Syria. 

Now that Turkey has cleared its border region President Erdogan has announced that he is now ready to join the US in a full anti Islamic State campaign in Syria including the liberation of Raqqa.  This means that Russian cooperation against Raqqa and the IS is no longer needed by the US. 

The Israeli Air Force bombed Syrian positions on the Golan this morning in support of the Israeli backed rebels now under threat in the region.  The excuse given was a stray mortar shell landing in Israel.  All the rebels need do when under pressure is lob a shell into Israel and Israel blames and attacks the Syrians. 

Palestinian elections may be postponed, decision next week.


7 Sep:   France deploys Carrier and ground troops for looming Mosul offensive against Islamic State

After successfully surrounding Aleppo, Hezbollah forces have been detached from that front and sent to the Syrian Golan to liberate the Israeli border region from Islamic State and other militias including groups backed by Israel.

A large Hezballah force, backed by the Syrian army and pro-Iranian Shiite militias, is building up outside Quneitra, just 2km from Israel’s Golan border. The Lebanese Shiite fighters, under the command of Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) officers, are streaming into southern Syria, armed with tanks and artillery.

Monday night, Sept. 5, Iranian media reported that the combined force had “completed preparations necessary for an extensive operation in southern Syria,” adding, “Hezbollah aims to put an end to the presence of armed men in the area close to the border.”

The Hezbollah forces have arrived at Madinat al-Baath and Khan Amabeh, the main Syrian army bases on the Syrian Golan with tanks and heavy artillery. Seen for the first time in the Quentra sector were heavy, self-propelled KS-19 artillery batteries, which are Russian anti-air guns adapted to ground warfare. They have a range of 21km and a firing capacity of 15 shells per minute. 

After securing the area these forces will be in position to confront the Israelis with Gaza for a two front war in Israel.

Suspicion of a plot to blow up the famous Paris cathedral of Notre Dame after the discovery of a Peugot packed with gas cylinders nearby. Police say the car’s owner and a second person, now in custody, is on an intelligence watchlist of people suspected of radical Islamism. 

American, British and Israeli defense ministers meet in London


6 Sep:  Donald Trump gains endorsement from 88 retired US generals, aghast at establishment plans to use Clinton for a military confrontation with Russia.

Israeli High Court rules against God, supports work on Sabbath.  The majority of Israeli’s demand work on Sabbath and Netanyahu had recently approved the Sabbath work only to back down under pressure from the religious parties holding the balance of power in the Coalition.  Working on Sabbath is preferred by the High Court over working nights to complete the job.

US begins bombarding Islamic State in Syria with mobile artillery rocket system.


5 Sep:  US Russia talks on the future of Assad and Syria fail,  Any serious new efforts will probably have to wait for the new US president.    

The Russian Defense Ministry announced Monday a military exercise in Crimea — called Caucasus 2016  including the Russian Black Sea and Caspian fleets has begun. 12,500 troops are taking part including armoured units, infantry and paratroopers.  The exercise will take place under the command of Col. Gen. Alexander Dvornikov, head of the Russian southern military district and, until a month ago, commander of Russian forces in Syria.  This is in addition to the much larger exercise Kavkaz-2016 planned for later this month.

Largest Lutheran body takes giant step to reconciliation with the Vatican.

Two confirmed dead, and 24 injured Sunday at the collapse of an underground parking facility on Habarzel Street, in southern Tel Aviv‘s Ramat Hahayal.


4 Sep:  Turkey working with the American backed Free Syrian Army rebels have cleared the area between the northern Syrian border towns of Azaz and Jarabalus. Turkish troops and allied Syrian rebels have now expelled the Islamic State group from the last strip of territory it controlled along the Syrian-Turkish border on Sunday, effectively sealing the Islamic State off from the outside world,

From Azaz to Jarablus, 91 kilometers (57 miles) of our border [up to 15 miles deep] has been completely secured. The last two border villages that IS held were Mizab and Qadi Jarablus, which were taken Sunday afternoon.  

This advance completes sealing off of the supply routes of the Islamic State and the setting of the long discussed Safe Havens for anti Assad forces in Syria.

Germany’s anti-immigrant party the “Alternative for Germany” party won 21 %  of the vote compared to the Merkel Christian Democratic party which  dropped to an estimated 19 percent in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.  The State election results in Merkel’s home area indicate her chances for victory in next year’s national elections are fading.

Turkey has crossed the Syrian border in the west and that force is surging east to link up with the first Turkish force moving west from Jarabalus.

Syrian forces have now regrouped and are again advancing around Aleppo, liberating  Ramussa from the insurgents.

Assyrian Catholics advance against Islamic State in Iraq; they are called Assyrians, not because they are Assyrian, but because they live in the former Assyrian area of Mesopotamia.


2 Sep:  Israel issues stop work order on railway terminal just minutes before Sabbath preventing government’s fall.

Turkish forces are pushing south from Jarabalus towards Manbij to link up with fighters there and cut off the Islamic State forces on the western Turkish Syria border from their main body in Raqqa.  A second prong of the Turkish offensive is pushing west to remove the Islamic State and secure a 90 km (56-mile) long stretch of Islamic State-held border territory that Ankara has touted as a potential border buffer zone.

US Treasury expands Ukraine sanctions against Russia just before G20 meet in China.  The sanctions come because Russia is building a bridge between Crimea and the Russian mainland.


1 Sep:   On Tuesday, the Ukrainian military announced that during the previous 24 hours, Russian speaking separatist forces had attacked Ukrainian positions with more than 690 mortars and 250 artillery shells, including a Grad rocket attack near the southern port city of Mariupol.


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