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18 Nov:   A Sabbath Blessing for All God’s Faithful!


17 Nov:   Germany builds strong ties with Saudi ArabiaThe now rising New Federal Europe is prophesied to ally with the Arab States.  Germany to lead building of European military force at Monday summit.

The American doctrine of “Universal Jurisdiction” by which they claim the right to attack anyone anywhere, is coming back to bite them.  The International Criminal Court is preparing to use that American doctrine to claim jurisdiction over America in relation to war crimes.  Once the now rising New Europe is set up and America declines in power,  many Americans may be tried for war crimes. 

North Korea accepts Russo Chinese freeze for freeze proposal rejects Trump demands.

German coalition talks fail.  They will try one last time and if no agreement is reached a new election will need to be called.

Saudi Arabia which, with the support of Western Agencies and the Sunni States, has been behind the non Islamic State violence in Syria; has summoned a conference of Syrian opposition leaders to Riyadh on Nov. 28. 

The conference is to plan for the coming destruction of Hezbollah, the Shia militias, the Iranian’s in Syria and the strength of the Assad regime, during the looming Mideast regional war. 

The Vietnam Gambit is being seriously considered.  North Vietnam backed off and signed a peace deal with the US, thereby allowing the US a fig leaf cover to declare victory and leave, opening the way for the reunification of the country.  Will the Saudi backed militias now use the same gambit on Russia, by agreeing to a peace so that Russia can declare victory and withdraw from Syria, opening the way for the coming regional war and the fall of the Assad regime?

The London Daily Mail reported Thursday from a “a source close to the Saudi royal family” that King Salman is planning to give up most of his royal prerogatives next week and name his son, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, 32, as his successor. 

Prince Salman plans to ally with the Sunni States and Israel against Iran, Shia militias, Hezbollah and Hamas, and support Israel and the US coalition in the coming war against Iran and its proxies.  This anti Iran alliance is a big part of the Trump Middle East peace initiative. 

Other points of the peace initiative include

  1. declaring Jerusalem an international UN Trusteeship, 
  2. granting citizenship to Palestinian refugees by their host countries,
  3. allowing Jewish  construction inside settlement blocks while freezing it outside of the settlement blocks.
  4. billions in aid from the Saudi’s and Sunni States and 
  5. a regional Middle East Peace Summit after the conflict.
  6. Additionally the Saudi’s will use the present American push to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula to demand the denuclearization of the Middle East [only Israel possesses nuclear weapons].

Prince Salman has masterminded a purge of all resisters to the plan in the government and defense establishment in Saudi Arabia during the past two weeks ordering more than 500 notables, including princes, former ministers and business leaders detained on charges of corruption.

The peace initiative is to be presented to Israel in late Dec and is expected to fail in cabinet forcing an election call, with a regional war coming between the call and voting day.  Then after the regime in Iran changes and Hamas and Hezbollah are destroyed, and a new peace oriented government is installed in Jerusalem, there would be a regional Mideast Peace summit.


16 Nov:    China [including Russia] rejects Trump on North Korea and insists on a freeze of American military exercises in Korea for a freeze in the DPRK nuclear program.  The US has consistently rejected the Russo Chinese plan for resolving the Korea issue and is threatening war if the DPRK does not immediately denuclearize.

Both North and South Korea are nearing the conclusion of intense winter training for their armies.  

After completing a four day three carrier strike force exercise with Japanese and South Korean forces off Korea on Tuesday, the US and Japan launched a 10-day naval drill Thursday off Okinawa southern Japan.  Taking part are some 14,000 US servicemen, the carrier strike group USS Ronald Reagan and the guided-missile destroyers USS Stethem, USS Chafee and USS Mustin, among others.  The US currently has five carrier strike groups massed in the Pacific, with three in the immediate Japan [7th fleet] area. 

  • USS Nimitz (CVN 68) – 7th Fleet
  • USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) – Pacific
  • USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) – 7th Fleet
  • USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) – Pacific
  • USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) – 7th Fleet

In an effort to push through the Bibi Bill before Israeli police recommend corruption indictments, the bill is being changed to allow police to make recommendations to state prosecutors privately but would be forbidden to release their findings publicly.

Cairo has notified the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and Hamas in Gaza that the Rafah crossing will stay closed for the near future. Their representatives will be called to Cairo to discuss the situation.  The closure was a backdrop to an Egyptian sweep of Sinai for militants and a divide between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority over the backing of Hamas by Iran / Hezbollah, while the PA is backed by the Saudi’s and Sunni States.


15 Nov:   Trump demands URGENT denuclearization of North Korea.  Song Tao, who heads the Chinese  Communist party’s external affairs department will visit North Korea Friday as a special envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping who’s power was consolidated at the 19th CPC National Congress.  The official will deliver a personal message from Xi to Chairman Kim.  

The Israeli Labor party has doubled its strength in recent polls and is now pushing a Mideast peace deal.  Labor set to build peace making government after coming elections.  Netanyahu to be questioned on corruption investigation for the sixth time Sunday.  The official also said Netanyahu’s investigations were in their ending phase and that at this point the interrogators were planning to confront him with testimony and evidence collected in recent months; which is the final step before recommending an indictment.   The police are now in a race to present an indictment before final passage of a Bill preventing them from revealing the evidence to the public.  

Zimbabwe’s military carried out a “bloodless correction” in the country today to restore stability after political infighting for control threatened to break down into civil war.  Soldiers and armored vehicles blocked the roads to government offices and the parliament and arrested finance minister Ignatius Chombo.  A short time later, three explosions rocked the center of the capital.

Chombo heads a faction of the ruling ZANU-PF party that is led by Mugabe’s wife Grace, 52, who has been bidding to succeed her husband.  The southern African nation has been on edge since Monday, when Chiwenga, Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, said he was prepared to “step in” to end a purge of supporters of the sacked vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.  Only a few months ago, Mnangagwa, a former security chief nicknamed “The Crocodile”, was the favorite to succeed Mugabe, but was sacked a week ago to pave the way for Grace Mugabe’s bid.


14 Nov:   Substantial numbers of Islamic State fighters are fleeing Iraq / Syria through Jordan into Sinai where they are trying to take over, and the various Bedouin tribes are resisting.   Banding together and calling themselves  Jund al-Islam they announced that their fighters had attacked ISIS forces, calling them “Al-Baghdadi’s Kharjites” (infidels), A leaflet calls on ISIS commanders in Sinai to surrender or stand trial before a religious court for “crimes against Muslims.”

President Donald Trump is skipping a second Asian summit which opens in the Philippines Tuesday night and returning home.  The move is explained as due to a 90 minute delay in the summit’s progress.   Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will stand in for him at the Manila summit.  It seems very strange that a 90 minute delay was considered a good reason for slighting the leaders of the more than a dozen other nations who remained.

Trump to give address on Wednesday focusing on North Korea and recent Asia trip.

The Israel Defense Forces will hold an exercise today in the Lower Galilee region.  Apparently yesterday’s alert and deployment of missile defenses was also a drill.  

Netanyahu corruption investigations roll on.


13 Nov:   Israel may have miscalculated by rounding up Islamic Jihad men and threatening to assassinate leaders.  Israel went on high alert Monday night and deployed Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries at key points in the center of the country as well as in the south, following intelligence reports that Hamas and the Jihad Islami, are preparing missile strikes against towns in southern and central Israel.  

IDF reshuffles military leadership.  Maj. Gen. Hertzi Halevi is transferred from Intelligence to head the Southern Command in a new round of IDF appointments announced Monday. He is replaced as IDF Intelligence chief by Maj. Gen. Tamir Hyman, hitherto commander of the Northern Division and military colleges. Maj. Gen Nadav Padan, head of Teleprocessing and Cyber Defense units, takes over as OC Central Command and Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliya. Head of the Technology and Logistics Directorate, is the new Head of the Operations Division in the General Command. The outgoing Operations chief Brig. Gen Itzik Turgeman is appointed head of Technology and Logistics and Brig. Gen. Lior Carmeli moves into Teleprocessing and Cyber Defense.   

Calls for Israeli elections rising.   Member of Knesset Michal Rozin (Meretz) opened a special Knesset session requested by 40 MKs in the presence of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and attacked his government’s policy.

Rozin cited Netanyahu for undermining the the police commissioner and attorney general he appointed before attacking his policy beyond the 1949 Armistice Line, saying that thousands of housing approvals mean that Israel is not a partner for peace. Citing Netanyahu for making demands that make renewed negotiations with the Palestinian Authority difficult, she closed by saying Israel needs a government that is not driven by the narrow sectorial interests of “the settlers.”

This coming Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s visit to Israel, which eventually led to the signing of the peace treaty with Egypt.

In honor of the occasion, the State Archives are re-publishing a selection of documents about the events preceding the Sadat initiative and the course of his visit to Jerusalem. 

Some of the material is online. To view it, click here.

Israel further provokes Islamic Jihad, knowing that they cannot respond until the Syria situation allows Hezbollah to support them.  Last night Israel began mass arrests of Islamic Jihad people on the West Bank, arresting 13 including top commander Tariq Qa’adan.

Six days ago Saudi Arabia summoned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to Riyadh and instructed him to either accept an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal being put together by the Trump administration, or resign, according to an Israeli report Sunday.  The move implies that the Saudi’s have already accepted the plan now being put on paper.  Trump wants to get the approval of Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinians and the Arabs first, to pressure Netanyahu to sign on next month.


12 Nov:   US Russia agree that there is no military solution to Syria conflict.  This means that the US has agreed to hold back its proxies in their safe havens,  This agreement will permit Russia to withdraw its forces defending the Assad regime.  The agreement is a trap for Russia / Syria since the rebels will pour out of their sanctuaries once Israel destroys Hezbollah.

Sunday the IDF launched a military exercise around the Gaza Strip practicing an invasion of Gaza through this Wednesday.  Netanyahu also threatened to attack Hamas and Jihad wherever they are found including Beirut and Damascus. 

Islamic Jihad is now ready to respond to the Oct 30 Israeli attack, but is holding back.  The probable reason is that the Iranian commander of the Syria, Hezbollah, Gaza alliance ,wants to give Hezbollah time to bring its forces – now victorious over the Islamic State – back to the Israeli northern border.  Mopping up the Islamic State and returning Hezbollah forces to the Israeli border could still take until early next year. 

Watch for an Israeli election call and a regional Mideast war bursting onto the scene as the Trump peace initiative and the final mopping up of the ISIS progresses.

Trump team begins putting Middle East Peace Initiative together for presentation to Israel and Palestine by VP Pence in mid December.  The plan calls for initial confidence building measures to get the process rolling.  Once agreed by the two sides a kick off summit would be announced early next year, unless elections are called which would likely delay the summit until summer.

For Israel, it could include limiting settlement construction to current blocs without taking over more land, recommitting to a two-state solution and redesignating a small part of the West Bank to give Palestinians more control.

For the Palestinians, it could include resuming full security cooperation with Israel, holding off seeking further international recognition and ending payments to families of Palestinians imprisoned for terrorist attacks. Arab states, particularly Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, could add their own commitments, like overflights by Israeli passenger planes, visas for business people and telecommunications links.

As I have been writing for years the biggest problem is the Netanyahu government, which has been obstructing peace in every way possible.  Right now the far right coalition parties are saying that they cannot support any peace talks and Israel is expected to call elections in the coming months. 

North Korea is outraged at the virtual ultimatum issued by US president Trump on his Asia trip.  In a propaganda speach the president invited the North Koreans to talk, but failed to mention that the American’s were demanding that the North Koreans agree to all US demands before beginning such talks.  The Trump speach seems to be setting the conditions for a military attack by making an offer which looks reasonable publicly but has hidden strings attached making the offer impossible to accept.

Israel is maintaining its closed military zone on the Gaza parameter  and is threatening a severe response to any reaction, as reports circulate that the Islamic Jihad is now ready to launch a reprisal for the killing of its men.


11 Nov:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful!


10 Nov:   Trump / Putin may finalize an agreement  between the US and Russia over Syria soon.   Negotiating teams could clinch the deal on the Syria war as soon as today.  An announcement may be coming when the two meet in the Philippines this weekend.

Trump makes economic deals with China and agrees to consider Taiwan as part of  “One China”,   What has China agreed to as its quid pro quo?


9 Nov:   The three US carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan, the USS Nimitz and the US Theodore Roosevelt Strike Groups  I have been reporting on, will hold joint air defense drills, sea surveillance and close-in coordinated maneuvers with Japan on Saturday and Sunday, followed by drills with the South Korean Navy on Monday and Tuesday.

Kuwait has called on its citizens in Lebanon to leave the country immediately, just hours after Saudi Arabia published a similar announcement to its citizens.

Syrian troops have liberated the last Islamic State held town – Abu Kamal -linking up with Iraqi troops on their mutual border.  

French President Emmanuel Macron Thursday toured a French naval base at Abu Dhabi’s Port Zayed. 

Netanyahu faces his fifth police corruption interrogation today just as coalition factions reach a compromise on the “Bibi Bill”   which cleared its preliminary reading in the Knesset plenum with 52 lawmakers in favor, 42 opposed, on Wednesday.  The bill will prevent the police from making the results of their investigations public.  This will allow Netanyahu to plead “no contest” and reach a plea bargain in the court with little political fall out.  The Bill could pass second and third readings soon, opening the way for an election call.  US VP Pence is to visit the region in mid December to finalize plans for the Trump Mideast Peace initiative and Bibi needs an election in an effort to try and broaden his mandate.

Investigators of the National Unit for Combatting Economic Crime will also  interrogate  close Netanyahu associates, attorneys David Shmron and Yitzhak Molcho today in connection with allegations of bribery by Thyssen Krupp in Israel’s purchase of submarines from Germany.

British government thrown into crisis after cabinet minister Priti Patel resigned yesterday and Michael Fallon quit as defense secretary last week.


8 Nov:   Voters in Virginia and New Jersey gave Democratic gubernatorial candidates large victories Tuesday and sent a clear message of rebuke to Republican US President Donald Trump.

In Virginia’s hard-fought contest, Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie. In New Jersey, front-running Democrat Phil Murphy trounced Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno to succeed unpopular GOP Gov. Chris Christie.

US President Donald Trump  issued a warning to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un in an address to South Korea’s parliament. “Do not underestimate us. Do not try us,” he said, “The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer.” He meets his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping for talks  on trade and North Korea today. 

Trump, a highly divisive force in America,  unable to get any of his agenda through Congress and  facing intense pressure is in a delicate political position where a large distraction would be welcome in preparation for the November 2018 midterm congressional elections. 

Entering the equation;  A take out of North Korea, followed by a complete reset of Middle East realities and a genuine Middle East peace deal.  The “peace in our time” moment will be short lived.  See this outline of approaching events


7 Nov:   It is becoming clear that Donald Trump’s tour of Asia is to hand out trade and economic rewards for support or at least military neutrality, for his planned attack on North Korea.  See our North Korea article explaining the background of the Korean dispute.

It now appears that Trump will attack the DPRK  before attacking Iran next spring/summer.

Once the DPRK’s military assets are demolished it is probable that China will move in to restore order and negotiate an American withdrawal from the South and a united and neutral Korea

In addition to three US supercarrier strike groups off North Korea 

  • USS Nimitz (CVN 68) – 7th Fleet
  • USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) – 7th Fleet
  • USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) – 7th Fleet

two US submarines have also been reported in the region, the USS Tucson, with 12 vertical launch tubes for Tomahawk cruise missiles, and the USS Michigan, equipped with Tomahawks and a team of Special Forces operators. 

Along with that massive power base two other supercarrier strike groups are also in the general area. 

  • USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) – Pacific
  • USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) – Pacific

Large numbers of American and South Korean troops are also based in the south or on board ship in the armada.

Is Trump’s Asia tour preparation for an existential American attack on the DPRK? 

Syria pledges its forces will soon advance against the Kurds and Americans occupying Syrian land east of the Euphrates.

Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will hold talks on North Korea when they meet at the Asian Economic Forum taking place in  Da Nang Vietnam later this week.  Trump also called on the DPRK to make a deal.

One wonders whether this statement by Trump is genuine or a propaganda ploy, since the US has recently repeatedly rejected DPRK requests for talks and the US masses power in the Seventh Fleet and Pacific region which is headquartered in Yokosuka Japan.


6 Nov:   In moves designed to prepare for the looming regional war, Iran and  Saudi Arabia both made big changes in their military leaderships on Sunday.  In Arabia the National Guards chief Mutab bin Abdullah, son of the late king, who is replaced with Prince Khalid bin Ayyaf. The commanders of the air force and navy have also been fired. 

In Iran Brig. Gen. Mohammad Hossein Dadras was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff, with orders to boost the intelligence and operational preparedness of the Army. He came from the post of commander of ground forces. Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi was promoted to commander of the Navy, replacing Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, was elevated to Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army for operational coordination.   Sayari now joins the Army’s General Staff as head of operations of Iran’s armed forces, and hands control of the Iranian Navy and Revolutionary Guards in the Gulf to Rear Admiral Khanzadi. All these appointments were approved by the chief of staff, Maj.-Gen Abdolrahim Mousavi.

US Navy embroiled in massive corruption scandal.  Under investigation is the conduct of more than 440 active-duty and retired personnel — including 60 current and former admirals. 

Palestinian Authority president Abbas visits Riyadh for consultations. 


5 Nov:    Twenty-five people were killed today in a shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs in Wilson County, about 30 miles east of San Antonio.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Lutheran World Federation issued a joint statement as Lutherans and Catholics concluded the first-ever ecumenical commemoration of the Reformation.

President Trump is now in Japan for his 12 day Asian trip to discuss his plan for North Korea.

Syrian forces are now advancing rapidly on about 2,000 disorganized and demoralized, Islamic State troops holding out in the last ISIS held town in Syria/Iraq, Abu Kamal.    

Israeli Science, Technology, and Space Minister Ofir Akunis (Likud) warns  “If the coalition’s current state continues, we will have no choice but to hold elections in the middle of 2018.”  This is a heads up call to Likud to prepare for an election.  In Israel an election must be held within 120 days after an election call, a June election would therefore have to be called in the Feb to May time frame. 

An Israeli election in June or later would allow time for Russia to withdraw the bulk of its forces from Syria before a spring or summer regional war, to be followed by a Middle East peace summit and a broad peace agreement possibly as early as in late 2018.  See An Outline of Events for the Next few Years.

After Lebanese PM Hariri’s flight to Riyadh, the Saudis persuaded Kuwait to call off a visit by Lebanese President Michel Aoun scheduled to have begun Sunday.  The Lebanese president is considered to be an Iranian and Hezbollah appointment, the Lebanese army is cooperating and coordinating with Hezbollah.

The Saudis have invited the prominent Lebanese Sunni leader Ashraf Rifai, from the northern town of Tripoli, who is a former justice minister and intelligence chief, to come to Riyadh for talks about the present Maronite Christian alliance with the Shia Hezbollah.

Considering the present power of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon there is little hope that the Maronites can be broken off from the Shia to align with the Sunni against the Shia until Hezbollah is destroyed in the coming regional war and the regimes in Syria and Iran are changed.

A series of purges has taken place in the upper ranks of the Saudi hierarchy, including National Guards chief Mutab bin Abdullah, son of the late king, who is replaced with Prince Khalid bin Ayyaf. The commanders of the air force and navy have also been fired.


4 Nov:   A Blessed Sabbath for all God’s Faithful! 

Breaking!  Flushed with victory in Syria and solidly backed by Iran and Syria, the Hezbollah Shia are flexing their political muscles in Lebanon.  Today, Lebanese prime minister Hariri fled to Sunni Riyadh Saudi Arabia resigning his post in the Lebanese government.  As thousands of Hezbollah troops return home Hezbollah may take control of the Lebanese government including the army for the coming war with Israel.  


3 Nov:   German coalitions talks struggle over the Finance Ministry

Thousands of Ethiopian troops swarm across the border into Somalia to join other African nations in a massive US backed effort to exterminate the Al-Shabab group,  Our Oct 29 article: A massive offensive backed by American air power looms in Somalia to eliminate ISIS linked Al-Shabab once and for all.

Syrian forces completely liberated Deir Ezzor city and are now within 25 miles of Abu Kamal, the final Islamic State held town,  which is under heavy Russian aerial bombardment.

Iraqi forces liberate Al-Qaim, the last IS bastion in Iraq.  The Islamic State is now in its final battle in the Syria area and its fall will open the way for a Russian withdrawal from Syria, except for a caretaker force at its bases in Tartus and  Khmeimim.


2 Nov:   Yair Lapid’s Party Poised to Double in Size as Netanyahu’s Party Weakens, Latest Polls – The center-left and right-wing blocs are still running neck and neck in two new opinion polls. Polls indicate: The left-center has the option of forming a bloc against a right-wing government. But the Arab ‘Joint List’ faction and Kahlon’s Kulanu party can bring about a turnover to a peace making government. (Haaretz and Maariv)

Russia and China working to integrate financial payment system and break from US dollar.  Ultimately, after a Mideast peace deal which will collapse;  India and Iran as well as most of the rest of Asia will join the Russo-Chinese system.  Moves such as this along with the Arab states abandoning the US Petrodollar for the rising New Federal Europe’s currency [after the coming peace deal collapses], will bring any American Dollar dependent nations into catastrophic economic collapse.

Israeli war planes fired seven missiles at the “industrial zone” 18 Mi south of Homs last night, the Syrian Air Defense Forces 72nd Brigade fired “several” high altitude S-2 and S-75 air defense system missiles “at the raiding warplanes.”  The air attack targeted the Hisya industrial complex in the countryside of Homs, on Al Qusay in the Qalamoun Mountains which straddles the Lebanon Syria  border.


1 Nov:   A senior IDF officer has warned that the destruction of a Jihad Islamic tunnel, may not be over. He updated the casualties sustained by the group as 14 members dead and five still missing in the wrecked tunnel. The officer estimated that it would be hard for the jihadist group to hold back from retaliating for the Israeli attack and he reckoned that Hamas would also be hard put not to provide back-up.  However they may bide their time and attack at a time of their own choosing.  Israel had been watching the tunnel for weeks and only bombed it when senior officials came to inspect the progress of construction 

Lebanese sources are reporting that Israeli planes have bombed a military storehouse near Homs by firing rockets from Lebanese airspace. The Syrian army’s 72nd Brigade fired anti-aircraft missiles at the Israeli Air Force jets, though there were no reports of planes being shot down

Latest poll shows peace making oriented Zionist Union gaining.  According to the Channel 2 poll, the ruling Likud Party would get 24 seats, the Zionist Union would win 21 seats and Yesh Atid would be the third largest party with 19 seats. 

Six Tu-22MZ Russian heavy bombers [similar to the B-1, B-2] pounded Islamic State positions outside the militant-held town of Abu Kamal on the border with Iraq where fierce battles are raging over the final redoubts of the ISIS on the Syria Iraqi border..

American sponsored Syrian rebels are resisting the call for talks in Sochi as an attempt to increase Russian influence in the region, but agreements have been reached in Astana today solidifying the ceasefire zones without agreeing on a new Syrian national government.  The agreements open the way for a Russian withdrawal from Syria but leave the present regime in place in Damascus with the rebels holding several “safe haven” locations. 

Russia seems ready to withdraw leaving a de-facto dismembered Syria. 

If Russia withdraws, the coming Israeli war on Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria will destroy the power of Hezbollah and Syria and allow the US backed rebels to surge out of their safe havens and overthrow the Assad regime. 

Russia is expected to react asymmetrically and move against the US backed coup regime in Ukraine.  In preparation for containing any spillover from such a possible Russian operation NATO is reinforcing the areas near Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived in Iran on Wednesday for a trilateral summit, with Azerbaijan and Iran.  Talks between Russia and Iran on Syria and regional security issues and economic cooperation discussions were at the top of Putin’s agenda. Specifically the completion of a rail link along the North-South Transport Corridor that runs through Iran and Azerbaijan and connects Russia to India is the main topic.  This Russian project is coordinated with the Chinese New Silk Road project from China into Russia and East Europe.   

Russia is in partnership with Iran and Syria at this time, but that process will likely be set back by the coming made in America regime change in Iran, after the looming regional Middle East war. 

Such a set back will be short lived as the now rising New Federal Europe allies itself with the Arab countries (Psalm 83) and takes world economic leadership as the American Petrodollar collapses, thus opening the way for Russia to solidify its relationships with Iran, the Stan countries and India.

Scripture tells us that ultimately the Asian nations will make such progress in coming together that a now rising New Federal Europe will turn and attack them (Dan 11:44) only to be counterattacked just before Messiah comes.

Russia Seeks Syria Exodus: Now that the foreign backed Syrian rebels have been removed into safe havens, Russia is looking for an exit strategy from Syria.  The Russian foreign ministry website on Tuesday listed 33 Syrian organisations invited to a “Congress of Syrian National Dialogue” in the Russian city of Sochi on November 18.

Ultimately only military police units and military advisers as well as a contingent necessary for the protection of the Russian facilities in Hmeymim and Tartus will remain in Syria, Russia’s Kommersant newspaper reported Monday citing its military and diplomatic sources.  Russian officials are calling the reports premature since no official decisions have been made yet.

The Kurdish president who sought independence from Iraq is resigning and the Peshmerga and Kurdish civil servants are being assimilated back into Iraq.

Iraqi troops are rolling up the Islamic State in Anbar province on the Syrian border  and are already within six miles of the center of the town of Qaim.  Iraqi forces have liberated nine villages in addition to the town of Ubiedi, and cleared large areas of the Akkaz gas field southeast of al-Qaim.   Iraqi forces have also surrounded the city of Rawa about 45 miles from Al Qaim. 

A new Israeli bill is being proposed which would retroactively prevent police recommendations to indict a prime minister for corruption.

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