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31 Aug:  Israel approved construction of hundreds more illegal homes on the West Bank. Also retroactively approves other illegal homes built without government authorization.

The United States killed the Islamic State Number 2, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani in a Tuesday strike on a vehicle traveling in the Syrian town of al-Bab.  As Islamic State’s spokesman, Adnani was its most visible member. He was also head of external operations, in charge of attacks overseas, including Europe, and was the ISIL’s propaganda and organizational head.


30 Aug:  The Turkish Army announced that it’s continuing military offensives in northern Syria has taken at least 10 more villages in the area around Jarabulus.  Turkey is now driving along west the Syrian border carving out an 20 k [12 m] wide Safe Zone for the Western backed rebels.  The Kurdish YPG militia, which makes up a large part of the the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), reports it has withdrawn east of the Euphrates in line with U.S. and Turkish demands after driving Islamic State out of Manbij.


28 Aug:  US and Turkey Trick Russia:  Turkey has greatly expanded its operations inside Syria and has killed about 75 Kurdish fighters who refused to retreat to the Euphrates east bank.  

Turkey is expanding its operations south of Jarabalus as well as towards the Med Sea in the west and is carving out a wide Syrian buffer zone on the Turkish border to serve as a Safe Haven for Western backed insurgents after the Islamic State is defeated.  

Needless to say Russia and Syria are not pleased that the US and Turkey have tricked them into allowing Turkey to enter Syria under the cover of attacking Islamic State, only to have Turkey carve out a Safe Haven – Flight Exclusion zone, to protect the rebels for the post ISIL fight for Syria.


26 Aug:   The “main element” of the Kurdish militia in western Syria  has retreated, but scattered small units remain in the excluded area.  

Netanyahu orders Shabbat work on train lines restricted to potentially life-threatening situations resolving yet another Coalition crisis.  The present Israeli government has already outlasted the one year estimated by Israeli media at its formation and is likely to last for some months yet.  

Syrian insurgents in the town of Daraya  have agreed to evacuate the city.  

A fascinating pictorial of the transformation of a black gown left in the Dead Sea as it is enveloped in minerals over time.


25 Aug:  Religious parties give Netanyahu 24 hours to stop work by railroad construction crews or they will bring down the government.  If there is any work this Sabbath they will bring down the government.

A story of good deeds, the way life should be.

Iraqi forces liberate Qayyarah a key town 35 miles south of Mosul.  

The US is using  A-10 “Warthog” ground attack aircraft and F-16 fighter jets and drone aircraft in support of the Turkish operation in Jarablus.  The town has been liberated but the operation is continuing in the area and many IS fighters are being killed as they flee towards Raqqa.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry announced Thursday that US Secretary of State John Kerry had informed Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu that the Syrian Kurdish YPG militias supported by the US have started withdrawing toward the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.  Turkey has warned that they will engage the YPG and destroy it if they do not pull beck to east of the Euphrates as per their deal with the US.  A few YPG units are resisting the move. 


24 Aug:  BREAKING:  

Washington warns Americans to leave Gaza immediately.  

Israeli’s searching for suspected infiltrators from Gaza in South Israel.

Jarabalus has fallen to Turkish forces fourteen hours after the beginning of the operation 

The first phase of operations in an anti Islamic State deal between the US and Russia and Turkey began today with a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria to demolish the Islamic State along the western Syria Turkish border. 

Just before US VP Joe Biden landed in  Ankara this morning a broad coalition and Turkish operation against the Islamic State in the western Syria Turkey border region began.  

The Turkish air force and artillery began pounding ISIS strongholds in the northern Syrian town of Jarablus just across the Syrian border to clear the way for a ground forces incursion. Tuesday night, Ankara announced the mission to “completely cleanse Islamic State terrorists from its border region with Syria,” preceding the operation by evacuating the Turkish town of Karkamis opposite Jarablus.

At 11:00 local time this morning, columns of Turkish armor including tanks, armored personnel carriers, mobile artillery vehicles and troops started crossing the Syrian border near the city of Jarablus. The offensive began “Operation Euphrates Shield” aimed at liberating the city from ISIS.   

US Marine AH-1 SuperCobra attack helicopters are now providing close air support against Islamic State remnants in Libya.  

Iraqi forces move towards Mosul attacking Qayyarah.


23 Aug:  Israel bombs Syria after one mortar shell lands in Israeli minefield.  Israeli backed militants on the Syrian side of the border only need to send a mortar round into Israel when they get into trouble and Israel will come to their aid by bombing Syria. 

As the Hamas exercises restraint, Israeli defense minister Lieberman threatens.

Israel launches large scale operation against weapons production on the West Bank.

American backed Kurdish forces attacking Syria in Hasakeh have agreed to withdraw from the city, prompting a Russia pause in airstrikes from Iran. 

Russian talks with the US on Syria cooperation enter their final days.

Canada rejects Europe’s ban of modest swim wear.  I ask: How far will fear go? Will France ban winter coats next?


22 Aug:  Israel carried out dozens of airstrikes on Hamas late Sunday night and into early Monday morning.  Apparently the attacks were planned in advance at a meeting between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Defense Minister Avidor Lieberman, Dep. Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, and the Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel last Wednesday Aug. 17 during a visit to the Israeli Air Force Base at Tel Nof east of Tel Aviv, and Israel was just waiting for an excuse to launch.  

Within a two-hour period, the Israel Defense Forces conducted approximately 50 strikes against Hamas installations in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday night, accompanied by heavy tank and artillery fire, according to a military source.

The Israeli onslaught comes ahead of and may be an attempt to influence or force another Gaza crisis, to cancel Palestinian municipal elections in Gaza and the West Bank, which Hamas is expected to win handily.   

While Israel made the usual statement that they do not want an escalation, they have in fact drastically escalated the violence and there are likely to be more rockets fired in response. Apparently even another one or two rockets could bring another massive Israeli response.  

This appears to be a well planned Israeli attempt to start another round of Gaza Israel war, and this time Israel is pledged to totally eradicate the Gaza militants.  


21 Aug:   The Israeli air force hit multiple Hamas targets in Beit Hanoun and Jabalya  Gaza Strip for the second time Sunday after Ansar al-Maqdis aka ISIS-Sinai took responsibility for the rocket attack on the southern Israeli town of Sderot that morning.  

The Israeli strikes perpetuate the rocket fire by damaging Hamas which is trying to prevent rocket fire, while giving the other organizations a means to bring Israeli attacks on Hamas by lobbing a rocket anytime they choose.

The two claims may reflect a budding alliance between the Islamic State and PFLP in Gaza.  The rocket which exploded between two houses caused damage but no casualties.

The Russians are taking NATO’s saber-rattling and muscle-flexing in Eastern Europe seriously, French journalist Victor Ayoli noted in his recent article for Agora Vox. Therefore, Moscow will do whatever it takes to secure Russia’s borders to prevent a repeat of the Wehrmacht’s Operation Barbarossa invasion in 1941,the journalist stressed.

Russia’s new RS-28 Sarmat (SS-X-30 by NATO classification) ICBM —The state-of-the-art heavy liquid-propelled intercontinental ballistic missile which is currently being developed for the Russian army is designed to carry up to 24 nuclear Yu-74 glide bombs, each Sarmat ballistic missile will be able to hit any 24 targets located within a 6.2 thousand mile radius in one hour.  The new ICBM and Y-74 glide bombs are capable of penetrating any existing or planned NATO missile defenses. 

Russian air – missile defenses are up to the task of stopping any attack from Europe and then counterattacking in strength, as per the prophecy that the New Europe will attack Russia – Asia in the third year and that the Asian nations will counterattack destroying Europe and pouring through the Middle East to Jerusalem where the European leaders have fled. 

A rocket fired by the PFLP from Gaza struck on Hanehalim Street, near the Sderot Train Station and Sapir College.  In response Israel struck two Hamas sites in Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip.


19 Aug:  US military makes trillions of dollars in accounting “mistakes”.

Russian warships of the Black Sea Fleet conducted three launches of the Kalibr cruise missiles on al-Nusrah Front targets in Syria.  The strikes destroyed an al-Nusrah command center and a base Dar-Taaza, as well as a major plant producing mortar ammunition and a large arms depot in the Aleppo province,

Today president Putin flew to Crimea to hold a Russian Security Council at an air base near the naval port of Sevastopol.  He warned the Ukraine to back down from its provocations and aggression’s ahead of a huge Russian military exercise planned months ago for the September – October time frame.  The Serbian Army is to hold two military exercises with the  Russian armed forces, Slavic Brotherhood 2016, which starts in September, and BARS 2016 in October. 

Today the United States scrambled fighter jets to protect Syrian Kurdish forces, as Syrian warplanes bombed the American backed Kurdish Alliance attacking government positions in the northeastern city of Hasakeh for a second day. The American fighter planes arrived after the Syrian bombers had left avoiding a confrontation. 300 US Special Forces are embedded with this Kurdish force and it is unclear why they were attacking Syria and not the Islamic State.  This saber rattling serves to reveal just how quickly a confrontation between the US and Russia could burst open.  
Here the US provoked, Syria responded to save its people and the US then responded to the Syrians.  The media will then fail to report or play down the first act of the US and blame Syria. This is a well known process through history, for example the Korean war started when the South fired on the North, a fact neglected in the press when the North responded by attacking the South.  

The US is in the process of moving about fifty nuclear weapons from Incerlik, Turkey to Deveselu, Romania.  The cover story is that they are no longer secure in Turkey, however the choice of Romania places those weapons within minutes flying time from Crimea and South Russia.

Congress is trying to tie the hands of Don Trump if he should be elected by tabling a new bill called the STAND for Ukraine Act aiming to make temporary measures imposed during Ukraine’s regime change permanent, and hamstring all future governments from a diplomatic rapprochement with Russia.  


18 Aug:   Obama and Turkey have backed down on Assad overthrow to work with Russia in eradicating the Islamic State, however the next US president will turn US policy back to regime change for Syria, bringing confrontation with Russia after the ISIL is demolished. 


17 Aug:  Israel arrests senior Hamas election official and Fatah arrests of opposition campaigners threaten to delay Oct 8 municipal elections in Palestine.  

Today for the second time Russian bombers from its new Iran base  struck Islamic State targets in Syria’s Deir al-Zor province, destroying two command posts and killing more than 150 militants.


16 Aug:   Russia and the US are close to joint operations against the Islamic State  

An agreement on the anti Islamic State operation near Aleppo and Turkey appears to have now been reached after the recent Russian Turkish summit.  The offensive in Syria appears to be planned in coordination with an Iraqi Coalition offensive to liberate Mosul and finish off the Islamic State inside Iraq.  A heavy bombing campaign has now begun.

In anticipation of the operation Russia has  deployed 22 heavy bombers to the Hamedan Air Base in western Iran. The 22 strategic TU-22M3 bomber deployment to Hamedan, Iran reduces the 2,150km flight distance from Russia’s Modzok airfield to Palmyra, Syria to 900km. Russia’s Khmeimim Airbase in Syria is not equipped to serve the massive Tupelev, one of the largest bombers in the world.  In addition Russia has also requested the use of Iraq and Iranian airspace for launching cruise missiles into Syria.

Russian warplane flew out from the Iranian air base today conducting strikes against jihadist groups in war-torn Syria, the defense ministry in Moscow announced.  The raids are the first Russia has reported carrying out from a base in Iran.

“On August 16 Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and Su-34 frontline bombers, flying with a full bomb load from the Hamedan air base (Islamic Republic of Iran), conducted a group air strike against targets of the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups in the provinces of Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and Idlib,” the ministry said in a statement.

The strikes resulted in the destruction of “five large warehouses with weapons, ammunition and fuel” and jihadist training camps near Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, the village of Saraqeb in the Idlib region and Al-Bab, an ISIS-held town in Aleppo province, the bombing also targeted three command centres near the village of Jafra and Deir Ezzor, killing “a large number of fighters”, Moscow announced.



15 Aug:  Interfaith gathering to be held in Jerusalem Sep 4 – 11.  The Prayer Service is designed to focus on world peace by adherents of the Monotheistic Religions so that a “Spiritual Synergy” can be created in world religions to accept the soon coming miracle working pope as a great peacemaker and the world’s ultimate moral authority.  This man will appear on the scene as a great peacemaker with his plans to resolve the threat to human existence by proposing a New Europe as a counterbalance between East and West.   That presupposes that we are on the brink of a major confrontation between East and West which will make the nations amenable to such a plan..

Kurdish and Iraqi forces begin creeping advance towards Mosul, liberating several villages.  

Israel holds surprise military exercise in Gaza region.


14 Aug:   Turkey joins Russia American cooperation against Islamic State.

Russian bombing cuts water supply to Islamic State capital Raqqa. 

Six Russian Tu-22M3 long-range heavy bombers have hit Islamic State positions outside the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, destroying two Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) command centers, six large ammunition depots, two tanks, four infantry fighting vehicles, seven SUVs with mounted machine guns,  while decimating the terrorists’ manpower

Target date of October for the offensive to liberate Mosul may be intended to influemce US elections.  Plans and details

Islamic State abandons Manbij, Syria as American backed Kurdish fighters liberate the city.  Manbij was a key logistics center and supply route from Turkey for the IS.

The United Nations refugee agency reports that the build up and operations for the liberation of Mosul have, so far, displaced about 100,000 people. Camps have been set up to accommodate them, but they are already over capacity


12 Aug:  Putin and Erdogan have agreed to begin negotiations on Syria,  The talks endorsed  by the United States will cover the Islamic State and Kurdish situation as well as Turkish influence inside Syria near the Turkey Syria border in exchange for Turkish cooperation against Islamic State.  

Ukraine is trying to take advantage of Russian involvement in Syria to advance its position against its eastern provinces and in Crimea, but the US is pressuring Ukraine to back down on Russia confrontation for now.  


11 Aug:  

Update 11:00 EDT:   Ukraine is requestiung direct crisis talks with Russia

Breaking 09:00 EDT:   Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed all military units near Crimea and the eastern Ukrainian Donbass region to go to the highest level of combat readiness.

Ukraine is massing troops and heavy military equipment along the border with the Crimean Peninsula today, following reports from Russian officials of an attempted infiltration of the peninsula, which the Russians identified as a Ukrainian government incursion, and attempted terrorist plot. A Russian soldier and a member of the FSB security service were reported slain in that weekend incident.

Details of the weekend incident are still emerging, but Russian officials reported gunfire, and having captured several of the plotters, who are with Ukrainian intelligence, who were aiming to attack key infrastructure in advance of a Ukraine military operation

Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko confirmed the buildup, He added that Ukrainians “should understand that at any minute” a large-scale war with Russia could begin.  

Suicide subs?  Israel reports that several mini subs previously used by drug smugglers in Latin America are now operating off its coasts and could be used to land attack squads or be rigged to blow themselves up alongside Israeli shipping.

Aaron Driver, a 24-year-old Canadian supporter of ISIS who was being monitored by the local police was killed on Wednesday night when counterterror forces raided his home in Strathroy, Ontario. He was suspected of preparing an explosive device for a suicide bombing in a crowded area of a major city. 


10 Aug:  Russia foils Ukrainian attacks on Crimea.


9 Aug:  Netanyahu son to be questioned in corruption probe of pm father.

Talks between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Reccep Erdogen in St. Petersburg scheduled for today  

Republican Party Infighting:  50 GOP former national security leaders (mainly from Bush administration) who wrote an open letter saying he “would be the most reckless president in American history.” Trump responded on his website calling the letter “politically motivated” by the “owners of the disastrous decisions to invade Iraq, allowing Americans to die in Benghazi … [and allow] the rise of ISIS.” Among the 50 signers were former NSA and CIA Director Michael Hayden and former undersecretary of state John Negroponte.

Clinton email insecurity blamed for execution of Iranian turncoat who returned to Iran after detailing Iranian secrets to the US.


8 Aug:  In an extraordinary televised address on Monday, the popular Emperor Akihito of Japan, 82, spoke publicly for the first time about his age, his rigorous daily schedule and what he called his increasing physical limitations:“I am concerned that it will become more and more difficult for me to fulfill my duties as a symbolic emperor,” he said. For Akihito to retire and hand the 2,700-year old title to his son Crown Prince Naruhito, 56, parliament would have to change the Imperial Household law under which an emperor must reign until his death (Debka). 

Scientists at the Technion in Haifa have proposed an innovative system for harvesting drinking water from air. It has been found that the atmosphere contains water vapor in amounts comparable to all the surface and underground water on the planet. Although systems already exist to extract water from the atmosphere, this new system would result in 20 to 65% energy savings over systems currently in use. (The Indian Express)

Rebels have made some gains against Syrian forces in Aleppo recently mainly because Russia is withholding its air strikes and only Syrian planes are supporting government troops.

Russia is withholding its war planes so as not to jeopardize the approaching  cooperative anti Islamic State offensive with the Americans.  Once the IS is demolished [probably by next spring – summer] the US and Russia will turn to the larger Syria question.


7 Aug:  Local rail service was briefly suspended Sunday for a massive manhunt by reinforced police forces for a suspected terrorist in the North Tel Aviv, Bnei Berak, Ramat Gan and Ayalon districts.  

Memorials are being held for the victims of the American nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki  In a series of war crimes ranking among the greatest in history the US began fire bombing Japanese cities in April 1945 AFTER Japan had offered to surrender in March.  The nuclear attacks were made after nearly every major city in Japan had already been destroyed by relentless fire bombing. 

The nuclear attacks were demonstration strikes for Stalin, as a warning to stop his forces from overrunning all of Europe, but could have been made on any uninhabited island or site.  

The Olympics are underway after the torch was lighted by vestal virgins in the temple of Hera in Olympus Greece and arrived in Rio.  

The mythology of the fire is that fire or [light of the knowledge of good and evil] was stolen from God and given to mankind by Lucifer [Satan] as represented by Zeus and Prometheus. The Olympic games are a celebration of man and the wisdom and glory of man.  The modern torch, run and ritual were created by the NAZI party in 1936 Germany.


6 Aug:  New “ethics” guidelines allow Americans to mix human and animal genes.  This is very far along. Also search:  Transhumanism and singularity

Our proud wicked abominations have become unbearable and our correction is at hand. 


5 Aug:  The US asks for and receives permission from Italy to use air bases in Sicily for sustained operations against the Islamic State in Libya

Putin prepares for confrontation with Hawkish Clinton presidency; Clinton calls Putin Hitler and is very clear about her intentions to confront Russia.

US Marine Harriers continue to bomb Libya from the pocket carrier USS Wasp.  

Obama Pentagon briefing turns out to be public relations affair to claim progress, in attempt to bolster democratic presidential campaign. 


4 Aug:  

BREAKING 15:00 EDT:   Thursday evening Israeli Air Force planes attacked a convoy of four alleged Hezbollah weapons trucks traveling in the area of Maarba, north of the Syrian capital Damascus. 

A 19-year-old man stabbed a 60-year-old woman to death and wounded five other passers-by in London’s Russell Square on Wednesday night. The attacker was tasered and arrested by police.  The London Police said the man’s mental health was a significant factor.  

Unstable people could easily be swayed by calls for attacks.

Obama to hold meetings and press conference at Pentagon today as US continues bombing in Libya.

Two days ago Israel began removing Hamas and other security related prisoners from their prison and scattering them to other prisons around the country to prevent the prisoners collaborating together and to forestall any joint action by the prisoners. Hundreds of Hamas prisoners have now gone on hunger strike in protest.


3 Aug:  Despite many crazy ideas Don Trump has a far saner approach to Russia than Clinton who is avidly seeking confrontation with Russia. 

Israel in major subway building program.


2 Aug:  US Presidential contender Hillary Clinton foreign policy to finish off Islamic Extremism and overthrow the governments in Syria and Iran while pursuing confrontation with Russia.  Her policies seem to be about the same as Trump which is no surprise given that both are owned by the same establishment.  Clinton gaining in the polls after Trump puts foot in mouth again by criticizing parents of dead soldier.

Egyptian air strikes destroy an Islamic State explosives factory in northern Sinai Monday killing at least 46 terrorists and wounding many more.  

A last ditch offensive by extremists trying to break the siege of Aleppo was crushed last night.


1 Aug:   Breaking News: 12:00 EDT:  In the last hour the US has begun launching heavy airstrikes on the Islamic State in Libya.  After weeks of fighting the UN created Libyan government has liberated much of Sirte but has been unable to dislodge several entrenched IS units in parts of the city.  Today the United States began an aerial bombardment of Islamic State positions in Libya, beginning the final phase of eradicating IS from Libya before the Mosul operation in Iraq.

US Israel agree on ten year aid deal, signing expected next month. 

Massive fire in Acre Mosque   

A Russian Mi-8 military transport helicopter was shot down killing five Russian soldiers after delivering compassionate aid to the city of Aleppo and was returning to Russia’s main air base in Syria. The rebel group Jaish al Fateh claimed responsibility

Ankara has captured all but one of the fugitive soldiers accused of trying to seize the president during last month’s failed coup. 11 more soldiers were located Sunday and Monday in a forest near the southwestern resort of Marmari, where President Reccep Erdogan was on holiday at the time. Among them was Major Sukru Seymen, their commander, according to Anadolu news agency. More than 20 other members of this squad had already been captured and placed in custody.

Thousands of civilians have fled the northern Syrian city of Manbij in recent days, as US-backed Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) launched new offensives, pushing deeper into the city, and claiming to have control of around 70% of the city.  The SDF, dominated by Kurdish YPG forces, have been attacking Manbij since May, backed by heavy US airstrikes.

Syrian rebels start surrendering in Aleppo as the first militia agreed to surrender to the Syrian Army under the terms of an offer last week by the Assad government, which promised pardons to those that willingly disarmed and surrendered.Iran and Russia to increase military ties.

The Al Nusrah Front’s rebranding could allow it to take part in negotiations over the country’s future, while opening a stream of Qatari and Saudi funds. Now, even the U.S. may see it as a partner.  

Isaac Herzog wins delay of Israeli  Labor Party primary until July 2017, 750 to 402 against; tells those opposed to leave opening the way for a split of the Zionist Union Movement. 

Kidnapping and stealing of children of Yemeni Jews by other Jews in Israel scandal reopened.

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