Netanyahu Prepares for Early Elections

In Israel PM Netanyahu has moved up the date for Likud Party primaries, resolving to begin preparing the primaries immediately after the Feast by 19 Oct.

In Israel voters vote for a party, then seats are assigned according to the number of seats a party has received in the vote.

Each party prepares a list of candidates in their primaries and the candidates receive seats according to their position on the list and the number of seats won in the election.  For example if Likud wins ten seats, then the first ten candidates on their list from the primaries are allocated seats in the Knesset.

By pushing up the Likud primaries Netanyahu is getting prepared to call an early election. 

This does not mean an election call right away as the primary process could take many weeks.  All Israeli political parties are expecting and preparing for an election call early in 2015.  

This ties in with the expected defeat of the Islamic State and the preparation of the American backed Anti Assad insurgents to make their move next summer, after Israel softens up Hezbollah and Syria. 

The overthrow of the Islamic State and Assad, along with a change of government in Israel will open the way for a genuine dialogue for peace in the region, with a very high probability of a peace agreement sometime in 2016.

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