NATO Masses in Europe as Russia Seeks Syria Exit

In Israel Netanyahu is coming under increasingly heavy pressure as the corruption investigation advances into his activities and the large sums in gifts he and his family have been receiving for years.

In Iran certain agitators have turned the funeral of former moderate president Rafsanjani into a protest against the regime. The move is intended to influence the coming May 19 Iranian presidential elections.

3,500 troops from the Third Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based in Fort Carson, Colorado, are deploying – arriving this Sunday –  with 87 Abrams Main Battle Tanks, 144 armoured vehicles and dozens of helicopters and aircraft to Poland, with more forces being deployed to Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania. The UK and other countries are also deploying troops in a huge buildup of NATO forces in eastern Europe.  

The moves are intended to entice Russia into leaving Syria in response to the NATO buildup in Europe. 

Russian talks with the Syrian rebels are planned for next week in Astana Kazakhstan as a prelude to UN sponsored talks in Geneva on 8 February.  The Russians are seeking a peace deal – even if it means forcing Assad to abandon Idlib province –  so that Russian troops can be withdrawn from Syria and redeployed in Western Russia on the Ukraine border.

Israel is planning to eradicate the Hamas Military Wing and other Gaza militants in the near future and that war is expected to spread to include an unambiguous defeat of Hezbollah and the destruction of the remaining strength of Syria, allowing the rebels massing in Idlib province to change the regime in Damascus while the Allies work to change the regime in Iran.  

Russia could act to remove the NATO coup government in Ukraine in response to planned Allied moves against Iran, and the NATO buildup is to prevent any Russian reaction in Ukraine from spilling over into NATO areas of Europe, it is not intended to protect the Ukraine.  

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Meanwhile the Trump team is onboard for action against Iran and a crisis in Europe, to bring about a New World Order with a New Federal Europe as a balance between east and west and the US being relieved of responsibilities in Europe.  

Trump nominees are backing the moves and Trump himself  said Wednesday that nothing was off the table. “I don’t know that I’m going to get along with Vladimir Putin. I hope I do. But there’s a good chance I won’t.”  Trump wants to be tough on Russia to give the lie to all the claims that he is a Russian puppet.  US Secretary of Defense designate James Mattis said Thursday at his Senate confirmation hearing that the world order is “under the biggest attack since World War II…from Russia, from terrorist groups and with what China is doing in the South China Sea.”

Everything is now falling into place exactly as I have been warning for years, and Trump is the man to support the rise of the New Europe and extricate the US from NATO; abandoning the US NATO assets to the New Europe.

As soon as peace is made; sudden [Strong’s immediate and unforeseen] destruction will come (1 Thess 5:3 and Mat 24:15) beginning the 42 month tribulation with the fall of Jerusalem and Judah.

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