Middle East Peace Initiative Planned for September 2017

Update 15 Sep:   Trump to push Mideast peace initiative as hard as he can to all nations at UN General Assembly meetings.


5 Sep:   Trump envoy’s say that the Trump Peace Initiative will be finalized after the September UNGA meetings between Trump and Netanyahu / Abbas.    The Israeli Knesset is in summer recess until late October and the Trump plan is now expected to be tabled after that.

The Israeli government is working on a Bill to allow the full cabinet to delegate war making powers to the Security Cabinet, which Bill is to be presented to the Knesset as soon as the summer recess ends and could possibly pass by mid November.  Meanwhile the Islamic State is shrinking by the day and and is expected to completely collapse by sometime on October.  

These trends seem to be converging on an Israeli election call.  The reason for elections being that Netanyahu would  need a much broader level of support before entering peace talks.  

If these trends work out then Bibi is likely to go to war with Gaza and Hezbollah between the dissolution of his government and polling day.  Please see the August News Blog and the September News Blog  for updates on military preparations for this long planned war.


27 Aug:  Trump to meet Abbas during UN General Assembly in late Sept to finalize Trump Mideast Peace Initiative.  Trump will meet Netanyahu Sep 17th.

Donald Trump is planning to launch his major Middle East Peace Initiative at the Annual United Nations General Assembly Conference in New York this September.  

Faced with the Palestinians agreeing to peace talks and the entire world demanding such talks, the present very unstable far right Israeli coalition will be backed into a corner and an election call to try for a stronger mandate is highly probable.  

Presidents Trump and Putin moved to crush the Islamic State as soon as possible in their Friday July 7, 2017 Summit, by agreeing to a ceasefire in south Syria on the Jordanian and Israeli borders.  

While Westerners may look at this as an end to Syrian attempts to defeat the rebels there, the ceasefire is multi-sided and the rebels are also committed to stop their attacks on Syria, thus freeing up the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Russia to concentrate on the Islamic State.  

This will also free up the American Coalition to concentrate on the final destruction of the  Islamic State in Syria/Iraq.  

As the Islamic Sate reaches its final end in the region, the attention of the world will turn to the Israeli / Palestinian and regional Middle East problem.  

  1. Watch for the presentation of the Trump Peace Initiative.
  2. Watch for the Netanyahu government to call for an election in the hopes of gaining a stronger mandate.  
  3. Watch for Israel to invade Gaza and then go to war with Hezbollah/Syria to reset the regional realities before they are forced into a peace deal.  
  4. Watch the reaction  of Iran and Russia as this war progresses.
  5. Watch for the Syrian rebels to topple the elected regime once Hezbollah has been eliminated and the the power of Syria has been crushed.  
  6. Watch for a new peace oriented government to be elected in Israel after the bloodshed and expense of the conflict.  
  7. Watch for a genuine peace deal to be agreed, ratified and begin to be implemented.  
  8. Watch for a New World Order, with a now rising New Federal Europe to be set up as a counterbalance between East and West in Europe;  in tandem with the Mideast peace talks.  
  9. Watch for a miracle working pope to be set up in the Vatican and call for the nations of Europe to join this New Federal European system, and for ten nations to respond and set up a New Federal Europe .  
  10. Watch for this miracle worker to schedule a visit to the Temple Mount about 75 days after he is set up.
  11. Watch for the extremist Settler Movement folks to do all they can to stop the peace deal and then to riot and sabotage the deal when this religious leader visits the Holy Place.
  12. Watch for the armies of peacekeepers to immediately occupy Jerusalem and then for the nations of Psalm 83 to rush into and take over the Jewish State (Mat 24:15, 1 Thess 5:3, Daniel 11:40-43, Psalm 83)  
  13. Watch for the collapse of the United States as the Islamic nations turn to the New Europe and abandon the Petrodollar.  
  14. Watch, as the New Federal Europe becomes incredibly prosperous during the first two years.  
  15. Watch, as this New Federal Europe becomes alarmed at advances in Asia and goes to make war on Russia and many nations in Asia in its third year.  
  16. Watch, as Asia counterattacks and overwhelms Europe to gather to attack the last remaining garrison from Europe at Jerusalem
  17. Watch, as after 42 months [1260 days from the occupation of Jerusalem] of great tribulation, Messiah comes to save humanity.  

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