Kerry Plan Shaking Israeli Coalition

Likud Convention president Danny Danon recently  took the Likud party leader Netanyahu and the Likud party to court after decisions by Likud’s internal court, which barred the Likud from making changes to its regulations or holding debates on controversial issues at its convention.

Only Netanyahu could call a Likud Convention meeting and only he controlled the agenda; while Danon as Likud Convention president was virtually powerless.

Danon petitioned the District Court in December after Netanyahu managed to block  a vote  on cancelling the party’s alliance with Yisrael Beiteinu at the last minute.  Danon was forbidden by the Likud internal court from bringing the proposal to vote without the consent of Netanyahu.

The proposal was meant to prevent Netanyahu from advancing a full merger between Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu, creating a single party.

Danon’s extraordinary petition, overturned a series of decisions by Likud’s internal court, which barred the party from making changes to its regulations or holding debates on controversial issues at its convention. Judge Daphna Avnieli also ordered Netanyahu and Likud to pay Danon 40,000 shekels in court fees.

The Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday accepted Likud MK Danny Danon’s petition to allow Likud to discuss any issue at its convention beginning on Wednesday, paving the way for Likud’s central body to debate United States Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace plan and potentially block Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from making controversial decisions regarding the plan.

Likud members will also be able to vote on a future split from their party’s electoral ally, Yisrael Beiteinu; and approve far-reaching changes to the party’s regulations.

Sources in Likud said Tuesday that they intend to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court which is unlikely to succeed and appears to be a delaying tactic; and ask for a stay on carrying out some of the District Court judge’s recommendations until the Supreme Court rules.

A key part of the Kerry plan is a freeze on illegal construction outside the major settlement blocks on the West Bank, in exchange for continuing peace negotiations to the end of this year.  This is a make or break part of the Kerry Plan

Despite the Palestinian’s repeated declaration that they don’t have an intention to extend the peace talks, Army Radio says that after Kerry presents the framework for extending peace talks, Washington will reportedly insist on a construction freeze in isolated West Bank settlements. [Could the freeze be in exchange for the extension? – OH]

Now that the far right members of Likud can stop Likud approval for the Kerry Plan; the far right parties have declared that they will not accept any construction freeze dooming the present governing coalition, as any such sabotage of the Kerry Plan could bring the resignation of Yesh Atid from the coalition.

The Lobby for Greater Israel is sending Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a letter in wake of reports that Israel has been asked to freeze settlement construction in the West Bank as part of US brokered peace talks.

The letter is signed by members of the Likud-Beiteinu and the Bayit Yehudi party, including Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin and MK Ayelet Shaked.

The letter noted that “the lobby objects to a freeze – including one outside the settlement blocs – and any Israeli commitment along those lines will be a deal breaker.”

Now after the deep offenses to the orthodox / ultra orthodox with the National Service bill; any attempt to accept the Kerry Plan would be stopped by the far right; and any attempt to stop the Kerry Plan would result in the 19 Yesh Atid MK’s leaving and bringing down the present governing coalition.

This may look bad for the Kerry Plan, but the peace parties are likely to win a majority in any new election, and then be in a position to make a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority.

It is presently impossible to tell exactly how long this process will take.  We are warned in 1 Thess 5:3, that when peace is declared, sudden [surprise] destruction will come on the Jewish state and her allies; probably triggered by the Israel extremist far right, sabotaging the deal.

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