Kerry Plan at Critical Point

After meeting with Netanyahu and Abbas in Davos,  Kerry is headed back to Washington where he will hold talks with the Israeli and Palestinian teams to finalize his peace plan and set up a signing summit. 

On May 28, 2013 John Kerry announced an economic aid package to be provided to the Palestinian authority if they would sign a peace deal with Israel 

Calling it “bigger, bolder and more ambitious” than any regional plan in 20 years, United States Secretary of State John Kerry announced on May 26, 2013, a blueprint for disbursing $4 billion in privately-raised, privately-donated money to the Palestine Authority (PA).

Kerry made the announcement at a meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) at the Dead Sea region of Jordan. The PA is the official governing body for Palestinians in the West Bank area.

Kerry’s Remarks

Kerry said a group of private business “experts” had already gathered the $4 billion and were in the West Bank. They “are here right now,” said Kerry. “They’re analyzing the opportunities in tourism, construction, light manufacturing, building materials, energy, agriculture, and information and communications technology.

“This group will make recommendations to the Palestinians,” he continued. “They’re not going to decide anything. The Palestinians will decide that in their normal course of governance. But they will analyze and make recommendations on a set of choices that can dramatically lift the economy.”

Kerry said “These experts believe that we can increase the Palestinian GDP by as much as 50 percent over three years. Their most optimistic estimates foresee enough new jobs to cut unemployment by nearly two-thirds – to 8 percent, down from 21 percent today – and to increase the median annual wage along with it, by as much as 40 percent.”

These funds will be provided to the PA once they sign a peace deal with Israel.  They will be “private” funds facilitated by the State Department without congressional oversight.

At this week’s Davos Forum John Kerry laid out his peace plan for the Middle East and conferred with Netanyahu and Peres  also holding talks with Livni.

The Israeli team is now scheduled to hold talks with Kerry again on Monday in Washington and Kerry is to speak with the Palestinian Authority negotiators shortly afterwards, to finalize the parameters of a deal on core issues and set up a summit for a signing ceremony.

Then the two sides will consult their governments and advisors for final approval before the agreement is signed.

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