Kerry Makes Security Proposals to Jerusalem and Ramallah

The United States has developed a plan for security arrangements in the West Bank following the establishment of a Palestinian state.

US State Department officials declared Wednesday that US Secretary of State John Kerry is planning on presenting a new security proposal regarding Judea and Samaria to Israel this Thursday. 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will receive the proposal Thursday through John R. Allen, the former American commander in Afghanistan and a retired Marine general who serves as an adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry on Middle Eastern affairs.

It will be the General’s first briefing to Netanyahu, and will be provided when Kerry meets with the Prime Minister.

“It will include many details and specifics,” said a State Department official, who asked to remain anonymous. “He will be presenting a piece of what will be a larger whole.”

Kerry will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday followed by meetings with ministers Tzipi Livni and Moshe Ya’alon.  Kerry will then meet with Abbas in Ramallah and then back to Netanyahu.

The security proposals are party of a forthcoming American roadmap containing the parameters for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.  The State Department is working on an American memorandum that will address all core issues.

The proposal is allegedly still under development as an initial part of the larger peace talk outline to be dictated b y the United States.

The State Department is demanding a yes-or-no answer from Israeli officials, although Netanyahu may delay his answer, saying that it would have to be approved by cabinet. 

At the same time the Likud party convention is coming the week of Dec 15 and another release of long term prisoners is scheduled for mid January.  There is considerable concern that the far right will scuttle the pece talks by rejecting any further prisoner releases or by rejecting the American parameters for peace talks to be finalized in January. 

Sources close to Netanyahu raised the possibility that the next round of prisoners release would not go as smoothly as in the previous two had. “Nothing is set,” the source said. “I’m not saying there won’t be a release but I’m emphasizing that it’s not a done deal yet and this warrants attention.”

The Israeli far right has stated repeatedly that it will not give up its control over the Jordan Valley region.

Deputy Minister Danny Danon responded Wednesday with a warning that Israel will not accept “a horrible [interim] deal like the deal in Geneva” from the Secretary of State, referring to the agreement over the Iranian nuclear program which has been denounced by Israeli leaders, and added that while Israel understands that the US wants to effect change in the region, “it will not come at the price of Israel.” 

Danon added, “an interim arrangement is dangerous – the next step is American pressure on the Prime Minister to include concessions and the release of more terrorists. Clearly we say we do not support U.S. pressure and that this will not come to pass.”

An Israeli coalition crisis is likely to come over the situation, with an early election call by Netanyahu.  The peace parties are working hard to form a peace coalition to challenge the far right Settler Move3ment in the coming election, and are also working to bring this far right government down.

Deri [Shas] and Herzog [Labor] agree: we will overthrow the government from the opposition – At a meeting between the chairmen of Labor and Shas parties, the two decided to topple the Netanyahu government through parliamentary cooperation. Herzog’s spokesman: “(We) can rally around common themes, such as the fight against poverty or protecting the rights of workers.” (NRG Hebrew)

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