Israeli Gaza Invasion Plans: Sunni / Kurds Split From IS Caliphate

Today the IDF warned all Gaza residents to evacuate their homes and make their way from villages and rural areas to the Strip’s major cities.  This time the warnings are about an imminent Gaza invasion by Israel instead of previous warnings of bombing attacks.

Close to 100,000 leaflets containing the message were dropped over the territory and hundreds of thousands of citizens from all over Gaza received recorded phone messages warning them to vacate villages. 

In the coming days or hours the IDF is to invade Gaza and take control of the villages and countryside, to root out the mazes of concealed tunnels, headquarters and bases there.  After which they will call on the population to evacuate the cities back to the countryside so the IDF can then enter the cities to take out the final remnants of the Gaza militants. 

The final Israeli objective is the militant war room, a  complex running under the buildings at the center of Gaza City, including the Shifa Hospital. This maze of tunnels and underground rooms, secure the top Hamas military personnel, the  elite Hamas big shots, affluent Gazan’s and other militant elite; including the leaders of the Sinai and Egyptian Islamic Extremist organizations.

This underground headquarters contains a large and elaborate system of conference rooms,  command and control centers; with electricity and communications systems, security, and storerooms for food, drink and medicines to support the hundreds of top personnel operating and sheltering in the facility.

From the beginning the Allied / Israel plan was to completely destroy the Gaza militants and at the same time secure not only Israel but also Egypt, from the Gaza militant Islamic Extremist organizations. Now that the political groundwork has been laid and the bombing campaign is near completion the time for the invasion has arrived.

Once Israel has exhausted its aerial target list, which is almost completed, with well over 1,750 Gaza sites destroyed; the next phase is to take over the countryside and villages and destroy militants and militant infrastructure, house by house, plot by plot, which could easily take another week or two.

The final phase of moving into the cities and destroying militants and militant infrastructure will be the most difficult and could easily take a month or two, unless the militants give up and accept their dissolution and the complete demilitarization of Gaza.

Iraq: In the meantime the Iraqi Kurds and Sunni have refused to swear allegiance to the IS Caliphate and heavy fighting has broken out between the IS and the Kurds, while the Sunni backed by the Iraqi army and CIA drones is also fighting the IS in various areas.

As a result of the IS Sunni split, the Iraqi army today broke off its attack on the Sunni city of Tikrit and the Sunni and Iraqi army are taking steps to join forces against the IS Caliphate.


Once the Islamic Extremist Al Qaeda / IS Caliphate and the Gaza militants are destroyed, the plan is for Israel to move north and engage Hezbollah and Syria, while the US and Allies take on the Revolutionary Guard in Iran.

Which will then allow the US controlled Syrian opposition to change the regime in Syria; and spark a Made in the USA “grassroots revolution” in Iran; well planned by various NGO’s including the National Endowment for Democracy.



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