Israeli Coalition Crisis Expands as Kerry Prepares to Present Plan

Instead of visiting the region, US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet Israeli negotiators in Washington on Monday; and Palestinian officials next week in US-brokered peace talks to end their decades-long conflict, the State Department said.

Kerry and US negotiator Martin Indyk will meet with Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and envoy Itzik Molho later on Monday “to continue the discussion on a framework for negotiations,” the State Department said in a statement.

Meetings between Indyk and Livni, who heads the Israeli negotiating team, will continue on Tuesday when Kerry travels to Switzerland for a Syria peace conference.

“We expect the Palestinian negotiating team to travel to Washington early next week,” the State Department said.  The goal is to hold a summit to announce acceptance of a framework agreement in Aqaba by the end of January.

Netanyahu has enough clout in the cabinet to force through acceptance pof the Kerry plan, but Naftali has formally declared that if that happens his Jewish Hole party will leave the coalition.  Not content to stop there Bennett is working to bring all of the Extremists together to defeat any peace plan in the Knesset.

“An  alliance with the Right inside Likud is an important mutual interest,” Bennett  revealed in closed conversations. “The goal is to torpedo any agreement  and prevent deterioration to pre-1967 lines.”

While no MKs have signed  any written commitment, Bennett is confident he will receive enough support from Netanyahu’s Likud Beytenu MKs, to reject any possible agreement with the Palestinians by making it clear to Netanyahu that he would be left without a government. “Bibi will realize he has no choice,” a source close to  Bennett said.

More than 200 anti peace right-wing extremists met with Deputy Transportation  Minister Tzipi Hotovely and other MKs in Ofra Sunday to strategize how to  prevent concessions to the Palestinians. The activists vowed to pressure MKs not  to support any steps that would lead to the creation of a Palestinian  state.

“The way to stop such destructive plans is via the Likud [to gain the support of extremists within the Likud] and the  coalition. The prime minister must understand that he will have no coalition and  he will have no party if he accedes to a diplomatic agreement.”

This coalition crisis may end up breaking apart the Likud Beiteinu party, as well as breaking up the coalition and bringing elections to Israel.the coalition.

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