Israel Threatens Destruction on Gaza; Threads of Conflict in the Middle East

Update 25 Oct, 2016

In Israel, the Israeli governing coalition is tottering over the budget and the Amona demolition ordered to be completed by December 25th, and may fall soon; the Jewish Home party threatens to bolt the coalition  bringing down the Israeli coalition if the Amona outpost built on stolen private land is demolished as the supreme court ruled two years ago.

A new Israeli election may depend on the Amona situation and whether the Zionist Union will join the coalition and save the government.

Israel is at the ready to demolish all of the Gaza militant groups probably before any new Israeli election; since they cannot be sure of winning another term.  In an interview with the Palestinian East Jerusalem paper Al Quds; to quote Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman: “The next war in Gaza will be the last, because we will completely destroy them.”

Last week the Israeli Defense Minister backed by the government, laid out a peace plan for Gaza which was published on Monday.  

In an interview with the Palestinian Al-Quds paper published Monday, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman offered to finally negotiate  “reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, build a Palestinian seaport and airport,” and restore the joint industrial zones at the Karny and Erez crossings, which had been destroyed some years ago.

These proposals, Lieberman stressed, were “contingent on Hamas stopping its construction of terror tunnels, firing rockets and smuggling arms.”  In other words her was offering a peace deal which would be impossible for Hamas to fulfill at this time since nearly all rockets are being fired by other groups and not by Hamas.

The defense minister emphasized that “If the Palestinians of Gaza force another war on Israel, Gaza [militants] will be completely wiped out,” he warned.  

This offer is setting up another war in Gaza in which the Gaza militants and Hamas Military Wing will be completely destroyed, while also setting the parameters for a coming peace agreement with the Hamas Political Wing and Gaza after the coming war.  

This offer is actually the Zionist Union party position and is more about trying to lure the Zionist Union into joining and saving the government if the Jewish Home party leaves over the approaching Amona demolition date, then it is about appealing to Hamas Military Wing.

The Mosul Operation is now well ahead of schedule with Iraqi and Kurdish forces now arriving in the city itself.  78 towns have liberated and 772 ISIS fighters killed and 23 detained, 127 vehicle-borne explosive devices destroyed, two bomb-making factories discovered and nearly 400 improvised-explosive devices remotely detonated so far. Hundreds of ISIS fighters are fleeing Mosul in Iraq and crossing into neighboring Syria as coalition forces close in on the city

Raqqa Syria; The US Def Sec is now calling for an immediate operation against the Islamic State inside Syria to liberate the IS capital at Raqqa and finish off the IS.  Such a move would mean that the Islamic State eradication process is about two months ahead of schedule.  Carter has mediated an agreement between Turkey and the Kurds for the Raqqa operation and the Coalition is meeting Tuesday for an update on the situation.   US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited the KRG capital of Irbil Sunday, Oct. 23, arraging a deal for the Turks to back up the Kurdish fighters in Iraq in exchange for the Kurds allowing the Turks to assist them in the coming battle for Raqqa and the offensive against the IS in Syria. 

This agreement will effectively separate the Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria from the respective nations into a post war independent entity under the protection of Turkey.

The defacto breaking off of the Kurdish regions of Syria and Iraq into a Turkish protected entity would also solve the Turkish Kurdish problem; at the same time expanding Turkish influence in the Middle East.  Which is why the Shia dominated Iraqi government is so against the plan.

Right now it appears that Hillary Clinton is set to win the US presidential election with a strong majority in the electoral college.  She is the Neocon New World Order candidate and is intent on creating a crisis with Russia to bring about the rise of a New Federal Europe which they hope to control.  

The establishment really wanted Hillary in the presidency and pulled out all the stops to help this ordinarily unelectable person win the prize, by setting up a straw man opposition candidate.  

A person does not get to be a billionaire by being stupid or by not being backed by and connected with the establishment. Any thinking person must realize that behind all the slick media this is a put up job and this very intelligent man is playing stupid and being used to make Hillary seem to be the better candidate.  

Why they want Hillary so badly – when they own both candidates in the race – is not known, and it will not really matter which candidate wins.

Syria is working to defeat the foreign backed insurgents over the coming months as the Islamic State is being defeated by the Coalition; while thousands of other Coalition trained fighters are massing inside the Turkish established safe haven on the Turkey Syria border.

When northern Syria is mainly secure, Syria plans to move to defeat the Israeli / Jordanian backed insurgents on the Golan Heights.  Such a move could easily bring an Israeli war with Hezbollah and Syria; then after Hezbollah and Syria have been trounced by Israel, the American coalition backed Syrian rebels would come rushing out of their safe haven on the Turkish border to complete the overthrow of the elected Syrian government.  

Iran is likely to support Syria – or at least be accused of intervening – against any Israeli attack on Hezbollah or Syria; and the US Coalition is planning to attack the Revolutionary Guards and change the regime in Iran  

These events could easily bring a Russian reaction in Ukraine and would at least bring the US and Russia to the point of a serious confrontation, which will bring the rise of a New Europe, while a Mideast peace deal is finalized (1 Thess 5:3).

A new president is to be elected in France in April [runoff in May] and elections for a new government in Germany after that, and a new peace oriented government is coming to Israel [with or without an election].  

I have been warning of these events for years and they could easily take place between now and the end of 2017, or very quickly thereafter.

Turn to Almighty God in wholehearted Christ-like zeal to live by every Word of God and watch for the biblical signs!

Threads of Conflict in the Middle East Today

The long expected operation to liberate Mosul from the Islamic State began in the very early hours of Monday 17 Oct Iraqi time.

The initial advance quickly liberated thirteen villages and brought the Iraqi forces up to the city limits.  Once they enter the city the going will be slowed by the extensive mines and booby traps needing to be rendered safe.  The operation may take from one to two months.  

Once Iraq is cleansed of Islamic State fighters the allied coalition will back the Kurd’s in cleansing Syria east of the Euphrates – including Raqqa – from the IS and setting up a Kurdish autonomous region, which operation may take another two or three months or more.  

Unless something unexpected intervenes, the Islamic State is expected to be thoroughly defeated in Iraq / Syria by next spring.  

Alongside these battles a second thread of activity is taking place, as Syria with Russian help is using the coalition preoccupation with the IS to liberate large chunks of Syria from the Western allied backed insurgents that have wreaked havoc on that nation.  they may succeed in driving the rebels into the Turkish established safe haven on the border with Syria by the time that the Kurds cleanse the Islamic Sate from Raqqa province.  

At some point Syrian forces plan to move south and eradicate the Israeli backed insurgents presently occupying the Syrian Golan Heights.  

The third thread is the Israeli situation, with an impending collapse of the present coalition and another government coming in Israel in the near future and an Israeli operation to destroy the Hamas Military Wing and other Gaza militants ready to be implemented as soon as the conditions are right.  Then at some point Israel may attack Hezbollah and Syria, setting up the conditions for a new regime in Syria.  Any such war on Syria by Israel would bring in Iran which would then be attacked by the US coalition leading to regime change there as well.  

The fourth thread is the intention of the American neocons – represented by candidate Hillary Clinton –  to create a confrontation with Russia of such magnitude as to bring the conditions in Europe to the point that a new federal Europe will be set up as a counterbalance between East and West to keep the peace; in other words to set up their long planned New World Order. 

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