Israel Readies for Mobilization

BREAKING NEWS 21:00 EDT:  Israel Air Force (IAF) aircraft targeted 15  sites in Gaza on Thursday morning after a rocket landed on an apartment building in Sderot close to 1 AM.  According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the airstrikes targeted concealed rocket launchers, training compounds and weapons storage sites, all of which belong to Hamas.

Israel Readies for Mobilization

After 7 incoming mortars, the IDF struck multiple sites in Gaza.

In response two rockets were fired on Ashkelon after the IAF attack. One was shot down by the Iron Dome system and the other fell in an open area causing no damage. Another two rockets fell in open areas near Eshkol. Then, a barrage of 8 rockets were fired at Ofakim and Sdot Negev. One was shot down, the rest fell in open territory and no injuries were reported. 

A third volley of 10 rockets and more mortar rounds was fired simultaneously Wednesday night at Ashkelon, Netivot, Sdot Negev and Sderot. Iron Dome batteries intercepted two over Ashkelon and one over Netivot. There were no casualties. A total of 30 projectiles were fired against Israel from the Gaza Strip in today. 

Thousands of IDF reservists have been alerted for call up and have reported receiving calls from the army to update their personal details including telephone number, address, and bank account numbers and family support details. 

It is reported that the only cabinet holdout from a Gaza invasion is Livni; who has been told to join the consensus or resign from the government.  Israel is expected to continue its extirpation of militants from the West Bank for the next few days, trading air strikes with rockets, while preparations are being made for the invasion

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