Israel provokes Hezbollah with hours of mock air raids

Lebanon’s official news agency reports that Israeli warplanes have been  conducting “mock raids” in Lebanon over Hezbollah strong holds at Nabatieh, al-Tufah, Marjayoun and Bint Jbeil since 9:30 pm local time and ongoing through midnight   Israel seems to be doing its best to provoke a strong Hezbollah reaction to justify an Israeli blitzkrieg.

This morning Lebanon’s El Nashra news website reported Friday that Israeli fighter jets were carrying out sorties in south Lebanon. It was further noted they are circling over the Shebaa area and Mount Hermon. According to the website, the IDF is also conducting activities along the border. The Lebanese National News Agency (NNA) also reported the incursions. According to NNA, IAF planes flew over Nabatieh and Iklim Toufah.

This mornings air incursions were obvious reconnaissance for tonight’s mock raids, which could turn into a real attack at any time.  Clearly Israel is trying to discomfit Hezbollah forces and provoke a response.  How long can Hezbollah tolerate being mocked like this before someone fires either at the planes or at Israel?

This Israeli challenge is coming right after they attacked a convoy on the Syria side of the Lebanese border as a diversion; while attacking more trucks and facilities only 12 kilometers [7 miles] from the presidential palace in Damascus. 

American TIME magazine reported Friday evening that Israeli warplanes struck several targets inside Syria in raids Tuesday night, TIME explained that only two of the airstrikes had been publicly reported, amid a flurry of conflicting initial reports

“A Western intelligence official indicated to TIME that besides the two reported strikes, at least one to two additional targets were hit the same night, without offering details. Officials also said that Israel had a ‘green light’ from Washington to launch yet more such strikes.”

One Western intelligence official told TIME the US military was poised to carry out similar airstrikes around Aleppo if rebels threaten to take sites associated with weapons of mass destruction in that region.

Hezbollah, Syria and Iran have warned of consequences for this aggression, and now Israel is doing its best to add more fuel to the situation.

This has been planned for a very long time and is the beginning of the end for the Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, Iran axis. 

Now that the Syrian forces have been weakened by prolonged guerrilla war, Israel is to move against Hezbollah, citing a need to pre-empt the reception of CW and advanced weapons by Hezbollah.  Hezbollah bases in Syria could also be attacked, leading to a general regional war, with Iran probably being attacked by the US and Allies in support of Israel.

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