Israel Bombs Lebanon: Brotherhood Calls March for Friday

The Israeli Air Force struck a “terrorist” target south of Beirut early on Friday morning. The air strike targeted the Naama underground base complex, 15 km south of Beirut, which houses two radical Palestinian organizations – Ahmed Jibril’s PLO-General Command and the pro-Iranian Jihad Islami. Both operate in Lebanon, Syria, Sinai and the Gaza Strip under direct Iranian command.

Israel considers this a one off incident for now, but Egyptian pressure in the Sinai may lead to more strikes by these groups from all its locations.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and other anti-coup groups have called for mass demonstrations against the military-backed interim government, as crackdown against Brotherhood leaders continue.

On Thursday authorities detained Ahmed Aref, a spokesman for the group, and Hassan al-Brins, a member of parliament representing the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, reported Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith in Cairo.

Supporters of the anti-coup alliance have dubbed the latest protest a “Friday of martyrs”, with 28 mosques in the Cairo area named as points of departure for the demonstrations.


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