Israel Bombs Gaza as Tensions Rise

The Military Wing of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood moved to Gaza when president Morsi was sacked and has been running the anti government demonstrations in Egypt from Gaza.  At the same time the Sinai Islamic  militants also have their headquarters in Gaza.

Egypt is now in a campaign to defeat the Brotherhood and the Islamists in Sinai.  The final success of the Egyptian government hinges on the destruction of the headquarters of these groups in Gaza.

A war in Sinai probably by Israel for political reasons, is essential to wiping out Islamic Extremism in Egypt, Sinai and Gaza.

Egypt has now closed the Rafah crossing into Gaza on Saturday, after it allowed Palestinians to return home from the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

The crossing had been open for a week and an Egyptian source told the German Press Agency that the crossing would now be closed indefinitely.

Except for the brief opening for Hajj pilgrims, Gaza has been completely sealed for moths now and Egypt has destroyed over 97% of the tunnels from Gaza to Egypt; putting Hamas and other Islamic Extremist groups in the strip into extreme stress.

On Saturday, Egyptian security forces launched post Hajj operations, resuming their Sinai offensive,  and arrested dozens of suspects, and  confiscating weapons, Egyptian officials told Ma’an News Agency. Raids took place in several villages in and around El-Arish.

In Israel: Two mortar shells launched from the Gaza Strip landed in the Eshkol Regional Council area on Sunday afternoon, the Eshkol Regional Council spokeswoman reported.  The mortar shells landed in farmland. No injuries were reported.

On Monday residents of southern Israel reported hearing several explosions, as four rockets were fired by Gaza militants at southern Israel.

The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted one of the rockets, and the other three exploded in open areas. There were no physical injuries or damages.

Monday’s rocket fire came just hours after Israel released the names of the 26 Palestinian security prisoners who are slated to be released this week. The prisoners comprise the second group of four to be released as part of the agreement to renew negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. As part of the deal, Israel is expected to release a total of 104 prisoners.

The Israeli Air Force struck underground missile launch pads in northern Gaza Monday shortly after Palestinians fired four rockets at Hof Ashkelon. One was intercepted by Iron Dome. Neither caused casualties. 

According to Palestinian reports, the Hamas government has ordered the evacuation of the headquarters of its security forces in Gaza for fear of another IDF attack.

Palestinian” sources reported that one person was injured in the attack.

The IDF has issued instructions to farmers along the border with Gaza, telling them not to work in the adjoining fields due to the danger of rockets.

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