Israel Blames Hamas for Abductions

UPDATE 08:00 EDT:  Following the IDF’s situation evaluation, the military has decided to deploy an additional infantry battalion to the Hebron area, and has simultaneously started a limited recruitment of reserve soldiers.

Hundreds more fighters from the Shimshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade have already stopped their training session in the Golan Heights, and are making their way to the Judea region. The fighters are expected to impose closures on various cities, towns and villages in the West Bank.

Also on Sunday, the air force deployed a number of Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries in southern Israel. 

It is logical that any rescue attempt would result in loss of much life, and that Netanyahu will be in a position to attack Gaza with the West Bank locked down and the psychology of the nation ready for such action.

Israel Blames Hamas for Abductions

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the first time laid the blame on Hamas for the kidapping of three Israeli boys last Thursday. He spoke at the weekly cabinet meeting taking place in Tel Aviv Sunday. After the latest round of detentions “it is possible to say definitely what I couldn’t say before that Hamas was responsible for the abductions,” he said. “And this will have grave consequences.” 

Israel is deploying rocket defense systems to the Gaza region and preparing to mobilize troops. 

Israel locked down the Hebron area and is conducting mass arrests of militants particularly Hamas members. 

All of the arrested persons were from Hamas and among the more than 80 persons arrested were senior Hamas activist Hassan Yousef, a former spokesperson for Hamas who is considered one of the organization’s spiritual leaders; and elected members of the Palestinian Parliament Fathi Muhammad Ali Qar’awi, Hassan al-Bourini, Abdel-Rahman Zidan and Khaled Abu Arafa.

According to a senior military official, the arrests took place throughout the West Bank, including in Hebron, Ramallah and Tubas.

A closure has been imposed on southern Judea and Bethlehem, following a closure made from midnight on Hebron.

The abduction is being used to round up Hamas [apparently as a measure precondition for an assault on Gaza] and is to continue throughout the West Bank. 

Israel is blaming Hamas claiming that there is little room for doubt that the abduction was the work of a secret Hamas operational cell on orders from its ringleaders, who are identified as Salah Arur, working ut of a secret base in Istanbul, Abdul Rahman Raymanat, Mazen Fuka’a and Ibrahim Hamad, who is serving time in a high-security Israeli jail. The man Israel sees as pulling the strings in Hebron and most likely of the operation itself is Yusari al-Jamal.

According to the local Palestinian radio station Hebron FM, the investigation has narrowed down to three local Palestinian clans, Al Jamal, Abu Zaina and Abu are being ransacked one by one. 

Once Israel finds these men they are likely to be killed in a shootout, and if they are miraculously rescued Hamas is still being blamed.  All Hamas people are being arrested in the West Bank and an Israeli attack is at the ready after the abducted people have been found.


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