Israel Attempts Assassination of Islamic Jihad Man

After giving Hamas an ultimatum yesterday evening to stop all rocket strikes from Gaza or Israel will end the ceasefire, Israel attempt to assassinate an Islamic Jihad man this morning. 

The Jihad Islami operative thought  responsible for the missile barrage on Ashkelon last Thursday was seriously injured in an Israeli air strike over the Gaza Strip early Sunday. 

Saturday evening at 23:00 local time one rocket landed in Israel and at 03:00 Israel responded wi9th two airstrikes and an ultimatum to Hamas. See: Israel Sends Ultimatum to Hamas: Kerry to Arrive on Monday 

Late this morning the IAF struck a motorcycle seriously injuring  the Islamic Jihad man and also injuring a 12 year old bystander.

It is only a matter of time before more rockets are launched from Gaza and the Israeli ultimatum to end the ceasefire with a crushing attack becomes reality.

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