Israel Attacks Site in Syria

UPDATE 21:45 EDT:   Israel has launched another bombing attack on Syria early Sunday morning.  Heavy explosions shook Damascus early on Sunday and Syrian state television said Israeli rockets had struck a military research center on the outskirts of the capital. For video and more.

The research center in Jamraya was the target of an earlier Israeli strike in January. Video footage uploaded onto the Internet by activists showed a huge ball of fire rising into the night sky.

UPDATE15:45 EDT:   An American official told the New York Times Saturday that the Israeli air strike over Syria Friday targeted a consignment of Fateh-110 missiles from Iran that was waiting at Damascus International airport for dispatch to Hezbollah. He was quoting intelligence reports. The solid-fuel missile could reach Tel Aviv and much of Israel from southern Lebanon. An Israeli official earlier confirmed that Israeli warplanes had struck a shipment of advanced long-range surface missiles.

 Israel Attacks Site in Syria

The United States confirms that Israeli warplanes had struck targets in Syria, firing missiles remotely from Lebanese air space and the Golan starting Friday and continuing up until early Saturday.  An Israeli spokesman confirmed only an air strike in Syria against a shipment of long-range surface missiles. 

Israeli officials confirmed Saturday the country’s air force carried out a strike against Syria and say it targeted a shipment of advanced missiles bound for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.  Israeli planes also buzzed Assad’s palace in Damascus and are flying over Syria.

Initial reports of air defense missiles being struck have given way to reports of chemical capable long range missiles.  This may simply be propaganda in line with the accusations of chemical use inside Syria. 

Israeli warplanes are now flying “at a medium altitude over the Eastern and Western Mountain ranges of Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley.”  Hezbollah strongholds are located in this region which is close to the Syrian border. Other warplanes were described as heading north over Beirut.

The attack was mounted in a series of three raids over several hours.

The IDF has now gone to high alert on the northern border.

It is quite possible that there will be no immediate reaction and that the tension will continue to build for some days.





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