Islamic Extremism Now Facing Destruction.

BREAKING NEWS 08:00 EDT:   In response to the Israeli roundup of militants across the West Bank, all the militant organizations operating in the Gaza Strip, led by Hamas and the pro-Iranian Jihad Islami, have declared full mobilization of all their forces and set up a common war room.

Islamic Extremism Now Facing Destruction.

Hamas / Fatah reconciliation unraveling   A ‘senior Palestinian Authority source’ told both Maariv and Israel Hayom that “if the kidnappers are Hamas, we will disband the unity government.” The source said that “The more evidence is collected, the more it appears that Hamas betrayed the trust it was given and that the organization exploited the reconciliation agreement to throw sand in our eyes.”

Obama tells congress US deploys combat troops to Iraq. 250 Marines from the Mesa Verde are in Iraq to help evacuate Americans from the country, as large US forces are on their way to the Syria, Iran, Iraq region. 

Secretary of State John Kerry Tuesday phoned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah today to warn them of the now imminent American aerial assault on al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. 

The US can carpet bomb troop formations with B52s and then mop up with fixed wing planes, attack helicopters and drones, destroying Al Qaeda which has made the fatal mistake of trying to carry out conventional warfare without the means.

The threads are now all coming together as if choreographed.

This destruction of Al Qaeda in the region will allow the US backed Syrian National Congress to take over the insurgency in Syria and open the way for the coming takedown of Assad in Syria by American Allied backed forces. 

The Israeli destruction of Hamas and other militants on the West Bank will soon be completed and the way for an invasion of Gaza will be open.  Once Hamas and the other militant groups in Gaza and on the West Bank are taken care of,  Israel will be ready to move north to fight Hezbollah.

The Syrian regime’s military will then be facing destruction, either by Israel or by the United Sates and Allies; allowing the American backed insurgent group to take over Damascus. 

Iran ‘s Revolutionary Guard is also in the Allied crosshairs.

After last weeks Karachi airport attack, Pakistan has launched its long awaited full scale offensive against Islamic Extremism. 

With Hebron locked down, a very large Nahal Brigade forces arrested over 40 Hamas suspects in the city of Shechem overnight. According to the senior official, roughly a thousand Nahal Brigade soldiers were operating at the Balata refugee camp and town of Awarta, and weapons, explosives, guns and ammunition were found.

A senior military source said that the activity focused on Shechem and the refugee neighborhoods in its vicinity following intelligence information that was obtained in the course of the last few days.

With the total arrests of over 200 in the past three days. A senior IDF source said forces were now refocusing their efforts on “cleaning house” in the West Bank city of Nablus, which they described “the terror capital.” 

It is obvious that Israel is taking down the militants in the West Bank in preparation for an invasion of Gaza, while searching for their young men.

Four Hamas bases in the southern and central Gaza Strip as well as Gaza City were bombed early Tuesday by the Israeli Air Force, after Palestinians fired rockets at Ashkelon.


Be very careful not to get too excited by these wars and rumors of war progress.  They are very important in setting the stage for a genuine dialogue for peace 1 Thess 5:3, but are not the final signs for the tribulation to begin.

After these things ,the political dust must settle and peace seeking governments installed in Israel and the other countries; then a peace deal must be concluded not only with the PA but with Syria and other nations, then the deal must be ratified and then implemented to the point of deploying peace keepers surrounding Jerusalem. 

The really major sign that the tribulation will begin within 75 days is the empowering of the man of sin [a miracle working pope] to do miracles.  While there is a possibility to conclude all of these things this year, it could well take another year for this process to conclude. 

As Jesus said:  “In your patience, possess ye your souls” [lives] Luk 21.  We are now so very close, but we need to remain patient and not be discourage by the ups and downs of the process, and wait for the setting up of the abomination to do miracles in the Vatican and then be scheduled to go to the holy place. 

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